Can Resin Preserve a Pumpkin Carving?

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We wanted to see what would happen if we covered a carved pumpkin in resin… and boy did we find out. Thanks Raycon for sponsoring us, go to for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon. Check out the tools / materials we used below! 👇
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- Things we would have done differently
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EvanAndKatelyn Před 2 měsíci
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pastel kitty
pastel kitty Před 8 hodinami
Ive watched before. I know internal youth is BULL POOP.
pastel kitty
pastel kitty Před 8 hodinami
@Andrew Clayson 9
T is Singing AGAIN
T is Singing AGAIN Před dnem
Umm who r they anyways I’ll go for gronk
James Palmer
James Palmer Před 2 dny
Okay so I know its been months, but I'd love to see this redone using the penetrating resin you used for the toast coasters. Because the UV resins sealed the moisture in, I'd be interested to see if penetrating resin allowed the moisture to get out before the resin sealed! The toast coaster looked and performed well.
HexagonMaths Před 10 dny
ZombieGoddessxi Před 15 hodinami
Francis wasn’t able to dry out so all his sweat and juices got stuck under the resin and he just melted to goop. Gronk was able to just dry out and sort of just became like those dried gourds you get at the craft store. The carrot was fine cause carrots are kinda dry.
Orian But pronounced as Orion
Orian But pronounced as Orion Před 16 hodinami
17:16 relatable
Ty Chiasson
Ty Chiasson Před 20 hodinami
Gronk the stronk
EAS MCMLXXII Před 21 hodinou
25:50 reminded me of the opening scene of season 5 episode 2 of the big bang theory.
Dante Doughty
Dante Doughty Před 22 hodinami
Her hand became so smol 19:32
Stephen Graham
Stephen Graham Před 23 hodinami
Is 'unicorn' Evan's safe word? 😈
Liz Cman
Liz Cman Před dnem
Kim Magruder
Kim Magruder Před dnem
my birthday is in haollween
Jake W
Jake W Před dnem
Thanks for this, it was disgusting
Watermelon Helmet
Watermelon Helmet Před dnem
Science adjacent: Baby carrots are washed in chlorinated water before packaging, meaning they're more or less sterile when you open them. Then, their smaller size and smaller surface area means any remaining bacteria on the surface will likely be killed by the UV light and heat from the curing resin. The pumpkin hasn't been sterilized, it's much larger, has way more surface area and more porous. Basically, the carrot is okay because it's basically like you canned it: It was sterilized then sealed in an oxygen free environment. The pumpkin was like just sealing the pumpkin in a hotbox. A nice warm, moist environment for bacteria and mould to grow.
Pharsa Sky
Pharsa Sky Před dnem
The grouchy bite willy cause because mother-in-law jointly cheer except a warlike otter. rigid, lavish grip
Abbagail Gantt
Abbagail Gantt Před dnem
i love the goo
Stew Před dnem
When it comes to putting stuff in resin like flowers or fruit it's not going to work if it's got moisture at all trapped water = mold there's no way around that. Perishable items in resin MUST be dried, no matter what I've seen some people say.
aliifghjkl Před 2 dny
I think maybe you guys need to dry him first before covering it in resin? Put him in a freeze-dyer for a day.
ginger bi42069
ginger bi42069 Před 2 dny
Evan: how are you breathing? Katelyn: through my mouth! Me: 🤢🤢🤮🤮😳 NOOO Katelyn you're basically eating all the mold Francis is growing!!!
Nutty Bombs
Nutty Bombs Před 2 dny
i think it smells good... -.-
steve newland
steve newland Před 3 dny
So dang cool 😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍😎😎😎😎🤗🤗🤗😮
Iuvlyfaerie Před 3 dny
the thing is ur shirt says " words r hard" but then u guys r talking for 28 minutes
Nina Bayad
Nina Bayad Před 3 dny
This video was posted on my sisters birthday
K Al-Muzel
K Al-Muzel Před 3 dny
I wonder how it would be if you let both of them dry up normally Okay maybe outer coat of resin and the inside is left untouched for a week or two before you cover it with resin at least that way there won't be any moisture inside the resin causing it to mold
Beasty 90
Beasty 90 Před 3 dny
ive come up with a strange idea while watching this there any way you could make a mold of some pumpkins & see if you can make a True Enternal pumpkin please? that way, no more pumpkins will go to waste & instead can be eaten fully 😊 xxx
Lifestyle. Jessi
Lifestyle. Jessi Před 4 dny
“YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE” Francis = Harry Gronk = Neville 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mary Green
Mary Green Před 4 dny
I mean,,, Gronk’s facial expression makes much more sense after seeing what happened to Francis,,, I think i’d be suspicious of that juice too.
J Warner
J Warner Před 4 dny
Katelyn is such a smol bean 🥺🥺
Temperance B
Temperance B Před 4 dny
It’s from the moisture of the rain it was trapped in the resin because of the cracks because mould needs heat and moisture
Amber Heart Gacha!
Amber Heart Gacha! Před 4 dny
17:11 teenagers of gen z: haha. I feel that way.
Insomniatic Prattle
Insomniatic Prattle Před 4 dny
eeww... i could practically feel the mold spores dispersing through my computer screen and into my nose! BLEGH! here is my f in chat for Francis! f.
Insomniatic Prattle
Insomniatic Prattle Před 4 dny
... was the lime not deteriorating inside the resin as well in the beginning? It looked like it was too about to start rotting... when they first found the mold in Francis, I was confusion on their confusion! or was i just seeing things in the lime that wasn't there?
Zombeenom Před 5 dny
Ive been binging your channel for like 5 days i love you both so much pls adopt me. Im almost 30 but youd be the best parents ❤
francisco xavier rodigues suares
francisco xavier rodigues suares Před 5 dny
i had all my hopes in francis
Justin sangalli
Justin sangalli Před 5 dny
LOVE IT want it to be able to watch this every day but my mommy and daddy don't like it so i only watch it sometimes but I've probably watched this 100 times
Rebeccawood1980 music and games Shorts
Rebeccawood1980 music and games Shorts Před 5 dny
Naina Gill
Naina Gill Před 6 dny
The greatest thing, is that when Evan doesn’t know she is recording, he acts the same he does on and off camera, GOOFY
Erica fanfic
Erica fanfic Před 6 dny
The difference between the pumpkin and the carrot in resin is how much percentages of water that each one has, that is what affects that it decomposes easily.
Rnbwqt314 Před 6 dny
Did you know: technically, pumpkin is a berry :D
kletrix Před 6 dny
D Robbins
D Robbins Před 7 dny
I wish i had resin last halloween because i spent at least 5 hours on my pumpkin (No joke i watched skrek the musical like 2 or 3 times while carving) and it was gone in like one or two days. .
Farida So
Farida So Před 7 dny
Idk why but I think you guys should make a clear resin pumpkin with LED lights. Also you can probably try to make a mold then ya you know. -w- Thxxxxxx
Farida So
Farida So Před 7 dny
the w is - w -
PoO_BeAr Blue
PoO_BeAr Blue Před 7 dny
Pumpkins smell so good
Jay Dyer
Jay Dyer Před 8 dny
Should have sprayed it with bleach before coating
Helen Nguyen
Helen Nguyen Před 8 dny
I hate pumpkins now
Hannah Ham
Hannah Ham Před 8 dny
I still have my pumpkin from October. I also did not put anything on it
lisskaybec Před 8 dny
CAN YOUB MAKE A RESIN CAT HOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????????????????????????????????????
Xandre Creations
Xandre Creations Před 8 dny
I just ate breakfast 😐
UWU Toaster bath bomb
UWU Toaster bath bomb Před 9 dny
So idea dry out the pumpkins and then resin it
SomeoneBeginingWithI Před 9 dny
Maybe if you used fast-set normal resin instead of UV resin, the heat from the resin kicking would sterilise the pumpkin and then it wouldn't be able to go mouldy.
Sleep Walker
Sleep Walker Před 10 dny
What if you eat it?
Yulianna Gonzalez
Yulianna Gonzalez Před 10 dny
my middle name is francis... lol
sylvia ix
sylvia ix Před 11 dny
it's the water in whatever you're encasing that kinda messes w the fountain of life lmao. if you dehydrate the pumpkins first, that might be another neat experiment to try out!
Sophie Jain Toy
Sophie Jain Toy Před 11 dny
Cant find any video ideas? take a random object and use *RESIN* and boom
Charlotte Kemp
Charlotte Kemp Před 11 dny
It’s gen-z as a pumpkin
Every time you do a ad for raycon I just want to buy some more and more
Stephen Před 12 dny
Francis is the visual representation of the "Gifted Child"
China Khoral
China Khoral Před 12 dny
next time you guys do this maybe you dry the pumpkin with a heat gun, then resin it. So there is no or less moisture?
Lelina Ophelia
Lelina Ophelia Před 12 dny
Evans Pumpkin is named after the biggest german Let's play youtuber? :D (Gronkh) What a coincidence ♥
Neeco Nkico
Neeco Nkico Před 12 dny
You should have named it “pie the third”
Andre Felipe
Andre Felipe Před 12 dny
Evans description for what he thinks will happen to Francis is pretty much Dorian Grayesque
Ben Holmes
Ben Holmes Před 12 dny
Would it have worked better if they were put in a vaccum chamber so the resin penetrated the skin of the pumpkin more since it would take the place of all the lost air pockets
Rosealy Roth
Rosealy Roth Před 12 dny
resin a mummy pumpkin next time
• GalaxyDragonWolfie •
• GalaxyDragonWolfie • Před 13 dny
My dad said every plants that’s green is vegetable and everything that has other colors is fruit (im talking about the ones thats edible and can eat)
Raindrop Před 13 dny
"fresh on the outside dead on the inside" I think that isnt exclusive to pumpkins
Annabelle Ensor
Annabelle Ensor Před 13 dny
I wonder if the results would be different if you didn't put resin on the inside of the pumpkins? Then it would be able to release its moisture, and when it eventually rots away, it'd be detachable from the resin, and you'd have a neat pumpkin mold without the smell, or the rotting pumpkin. (You'd still put resin in the actual carving, but only on the edges, and not at all on the other side)
Lola Cray
Lola Cray Před 13 dny
Evan and Kaitlyn: resin time resin time do do do do resin time~ Me:REsiN tIme rESin TimE dO Do do Do rEsIn tiMe
Hailey De Vries
Hailey De Vries Před 13 dny
Why do i feel like Francis wasnt the chosen one
random people random videos
random people random videos Před 13 dny
I love the smell of pumpkin.
Smol_Bean Před 13 dny
Francis you disappointment >:( how dare you. We should have all believed in gronk sooner 😔
Propio Před 14 dny
If they ever had to, say, dispose of a body, I feel like we know exactly what would happen (based on this, eh, disposal)
Lauren Moss
Lauren Moss Před 14 dny
it looks like glass after putting on the resin
John Fiala
John Fiala Před 14 dny
*ROT and- degrade and-* turn into trash..... :(
FNaF Mha
FNaF Mha Před 14 dny
Poor francize
FNaF Mha
FNaF Mha Před 14 dny
Btw I don’t know how to spell francize
disturtled Před 14 dny
You could freezedry than resin it
doug b
doug b Před 15 dny
23:31 - we had some muskmelon go bad in a van once while on vacation. We had to sell the van it was so bad. It was never the same again. I guess we'll be looking for a new garage makeover here soon.
Tracey Barr
Tracey Barr Před 15 dny
Omg 😂😂😂 you had me in tears at the end.
Stacey K
Stacey K Před 16 dny
Just glanced over to the other videos on the right of my screen. ( MOOD RING Toilet Seat??) .. WTHK?? LOL
Kate McKee
Kate McKee Před 16 dny
I’m allergic to punkinssss 😭😭
Immortal Gummy
Immortal Gummy Před 16 dny
House tour plzzzzzz
squokey choken
squokey choken Před 16 dny
†M̑̈i⃰s͜s͜y Gi̥ͦȓ̈l⃥†
†M̑̈i⃰s͜s͜y Gi̥ͦȓ̈l⃥† Před 16 dny
Pumpkins are a member of the squash family so now u have a question us a squash a friut or vegirable Õ-Õ
Cynthia Capili
Cynthia Capili Před 16 dny
Excuse me...I’m...uhhhhhh I am suffering from laughter over here....
caroline adame
caroline adame Před 16 dny
Katie Eckler
Katie Eckler Před 16 dny
YOU KNOW FRANCIS JUICED I’m laughing so hard omg
Vicki Le potato
Vicki Le potato Před 17 dny
Rumpsin Pumpkin+resin
Eva Grace
Eva Grace Před 17 dny
Never again Francis. Never again.
NonsensicalVids Před 17 dny
Something exist EvenandKatelyn : Resin
Lexi B
Lexi B Před 17 dny
The resin pumpkin is so happy to be there. The non-resin pumpkin is side eying the other pumpkins happiness.
L- DARKNEX Před 17 dny
If we use penetrating resin and normal resin it would work but it will be expensive
Emily Wible
Emily Wible Před 18 dny
once my mom bought a squash that looked like a pumpkin I was the lucky one to carve it... it didn't work 1 hour of my life WASTED
The Freak Family
The Freak Family Před 18 dny
U should have sprayed gun the raisin on! that would have been so cool P.S LOVE UR CHANELS! EEEE ^-^ DONT THINK IM MEAN FOR SUGGESTING PLS
jilldimic Před 19 dny
this probably happened doo to the chemical property in the resin blaaa blaaaa blaaaaaaaaaaa. smart talk smart talk like a normal person.
Charli3 B
Charli3 B Před 19 dny
You 2 are so in love ❤️ ur perfect for each other Him: ARE U READY BEBEEE Her: IM READY BEBEEE Also him: Hugs her whenever she’s a bit nervous ❤️ that’s what I call true love
Zofia Sanchez
Zofia Sanchez Před 20 dny
Why is no one talking about how cute they are
Lucas Stowe
Lucas Stowe Před 21 dnem
If you guys don’t like pumpkins why are doing it? For the likes I don’t know lol
Miss Gene Ious
Miss Gene Ious Před 22 dny
At 22:35 Katelyn looks and sounds like she's in a horror movie, and honestly, this is a horror movie
BeeDragon Před 22 dny
And Evan thought it smelled bad when he first cut it open 😜
BeeDragon Před 22 dny
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I can’t stop laughing
Milcah Nurtjahja
Milcah Nurtjahja Před 22 dny
@EvanAndKatelyn next year put it in jelly and leave it in the fridge.
Sophia Vester
Sophia Vester Před 23 dny
love your house
ev Před 23 dny
Evan: how are u breathing Katelyn: through my mouth
saharah johns
saharah johns Před 23 dny
Evan is such a drama queen 😂😂😂 "oh god I'm gonna throw up in my mouth" bahahahahah
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