Building a Musical Instrument Out Of Teeth

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Simone Giertz

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Teeth! Music! Wall! No refunds. Please file all your "NOOO SIMONE WHY" here: SimoneGiertz
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And thanks @ANDREW HUANG for watching me pull out teeth!
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Aidan A Niedbala
Aidan A Niedbala Před 9 hodinami
Chris Hadfield and Simone, two of the coolest non-americans in america.
darkSorceror Před 10 hodinami
Scraps is the world's first teethwall virtuoso.
Reese Howell
Reese Howell Před 10 hodinami
Aaa just discovered your channel and your work is so chaotic and awesome, gotta share with friends!
cut Před 2 dny
not sure how I got here but I can't wait the fuck to get out !
Bazz Bazzers
Bazz Bazzers Před 3 dny
So reminded of the classic 70's toy, the Big Mouth Singers!
Samuel Benson
Samuel Benson Před 4 dny
When I saw the title, I thought this was an Andrew Huang video.
wewe ewew
wewe ewew Před 4 dny
House tour?
Matthew Benevento
Matthew Benevento Před 5 dny
Seeing Andrew Huang with Moon Hooch blew my mind but seeing him here?? How??!
Jim Shreve
Jim Shreve Před 5 dny
Watching that video was like getting teeth pulled.
memonk11 Před 5 dny
Pretty awesome. But I think it would be better nightmare fuel if each set of teeth stared closed, then with their individual voices, sang songs.
Jeffrey Gordon
Jeffrey Gordon Před 6 dny
Hi Simone. I’m a recent subscriber to your channel (yay Truckla!). I watch all sorts of channels of people making cool stuff. So very infrequently do I see the maker have any issues in their builds. It’s like watching perfect people make amazing things all the time. Which is cool, but unrealistic. And what I’m appreciating from your videos is that you show your frustration and some of your thought process. Don’t ever remove that from your videos, please. Part of your genius is your thought process ... and showing it is awesome. Thank you!
Marco Tulio
Marco Tulio Před 6 dny
I'm imagining how would sound like a well tuned teeth wall playing a real music.
playorlife Před 8 dny
What is the name of the watch she is wearing?
Alexis Ledbetter
Alexis Ledbetter Před 9 dny
I don't want the teeth I NEED the teeth🤞
bluedust2 Před 10 dny
Does anyone know where to get the tiny aluminium and fittings from?
first1breath Před 10 dny
Simone your relatable-ness is unreal *sniffs armpit and shrugs *
first1breath Před 10 dny
Anyone else think the crowd teeth chattering sounds way better than clapping?
T Ali
T Ali Před 11 dny
jörgen ingård
jörgen ingård Před 11 dny
You are a' sick girl 😃
Bethany Mayes
Bethany Mayes Před 11 dny
My 8 year old daughter thinks you are amazing!!!! Thanks for giving her a fun engineering role model
Tête Dur
Tête Dur Před 12 dny
Two observations: 1) you're wearing a belt, and 2) I cried when you cried.
Безымянный Профайл
Безымянный Профайл Před 13 dny
Mike Coshan
Mike Coshan Před 14 dny
This is Brilliant and I love teeth wall and that’s the tooth 🦷
Luke Před 14 dny
9:55.......My hug reflexes are going crazy. Grats on the new house.
Dharmathilaka walakuluarachchige
Dharmathilaka walakuluarachchige Před 17 dny
Oda Sander
Oda Sander Před 17 dny
It would be so cool if you got a composer to compose a piece of music from your teeth wall. I want to see a professional musician playing this thing to the best of their ability.
Vadammt Před 18 dny
Projects like these scream for a collab with LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER
Adam Dean
Adam Dean Před 20 dny
She should have asked look mum no computer for help with this
random phd
random phd Před 21 dnem
slight look mom no computer vibe :D
Matthew Robinson
Matthew Robinson Před 23 dny
Clapping = every time I’m in public and somebody does something that makes me happy I repeatedly hit myself to tell them I like it.
Joseph Sikorski
Joseph Sikorski Před 24 dny
Mic it from the front and add pickups to each of the bones in the back, then mix them as desired!
Fishbone4u Před 24 dny
I am smitten with you Simone! You and your quirky, goofy, hilarious personality are adorable. Love from Texas.
Aaron Cromwell
Aaron Cromwell Před 25 dny
Ms Yetch using the Zak George training marker.
Michaela Edson
Michaela Edson Před měsícem
This is Jenna Marbles over achieving cousin?
Jazz Handy
Jazz Handy Před měsícem
Yo this is some look mom no computer shit You should get him over
Méô-Ada Mespotine
Méô-Ada Mespotine Před měsícem
Who won the teeth? Did anybody get the top-comment that day? XD
TheSimon5000 Před měsícem
Awesome I love it ❤️🤣
Fuhq Ewe
Fuhq Ewe Před měsícem
She's going to cry a lot more when she realizes the shit hole she just moved to.
ChrisWMan1 Před měsícem
Someone stole your idea (
Craig Corson
Craig Corson Před měsícem
Looks like someone has stolen your idea, Simone:
Brian Bermudez
Brian Bermudez Před měsícem
Looks like your form inspired someone.
Sunny Před měsícem
You are the best creater and person I have ever known.
Abdurrahman CİHAN
Abdurrahman CİHAN Před měsícem
Ellen Weijer-Grooten
Ellen Weijer-Grooten Před měsícem
lol , brilliant!!
Alex McFarlane
Alex McFarlane Před měsícem
How did the car window got so lighty 5:55
Hannah Před měsícem
Simone having a cute little breakdown about getting the house, while making a teeth wall, was the best thing ever
Lana Signal
Lana Signal Před měsícem
In New Zealand you can do "hand sprinkles" to clap in sign language, or in a more native Māori setting you don't clap someone's speech you as a group sing at them your praise.
Jimmy Daamen
Jimmy Daamen Před měsícem
Stooop I started crying when I saw you crying and I didn't even know why yet 😭😭 Congrats on getting the house!!!
Joosep Elias Tani
Joosep Elias Tani Před měsícem
You should really look into torx screws.
TheDidibert Před měsícem
The Dentists sitting in the audience : "Ahhh the sweet sound of money".
Virender Singh
Virender Singh Před měsícem
@Simone: Please take a look at this:
Saftiges Früchtchen
Saftiges Früchtchen Před měsícem
send midi seq through it
Mercenary Pen
Mercenary Pen Před měsícem
now I'm trying (and failing) to imagine what sort of project Simone would collaborate with Colin Furze to build
Raphael masbro
Raphael masbro Před měsícem
Best youtuber with tumor in humankind
Desmaad Před měsícem
Looks like something "Look Mum No Computer" would create.
Kristian Esbersen
Kristian Esbersen Před měsícem
Well, this video realy pulled out some teeth 😅
anime0wolfs12 Před měsícem
Congratulations on the house!!! I was worried there for a sec but Happy tears!!! 😄
Thorsten Před měsícem
Doctor's question: How did you manage to saw yourself in the knee.
Chris Před měsícem
I want to see the horrifying video of a full 81 key version playing a symphony
Karlo Jarina
Karlo Jarina Před měsícem
Am I the only one that's absolutely terrified with the sound of clacking teeth? strap those on to my alarm clock and you'll never see me waking up late again Oh and congrats to your new home. Cheers!
Roger Rudolph
Roger Rudolph Před měsícem
Gratis med hus :-)
Bronc Brown
Bronc Brown Před měsícem
I’m confused
The GingerBeard Man
The GingerBeard Man Před měsícem
This honestly made my day you and Andrew in one video, is perfection.
Rev. David Willerup
Rev. David Willerup Před měsícem
Can you make them chatter when it gets cold?
Eric Felix
Eric Felix Před měsícem
I now want to make a chatterbox.
Saurabhkumar Pandey
Saurabhkumar Pandey Před měsícem
You are living my dream.
MonkeyJedi99 Před měsícem
I'm so relieved that was a happy cry. - Teeth wall music, so weird, so right.
Locust Před měsícem
Hey, I made a bracelet with teeth :D Well, mine were real teeth and it's a cool bracelet ^^ Yes, I'm proud of it..
P Před měsícem
Collab with 'look mum no computer'?
Chloe Schmidt
Chloe Schmidt Před měsícem
What instrument do you play? Teethwall
Hamish Douglas
Hamish Douglas Před měsícem
I love that whenever one of you wonderful creative maker-youtubers say that you contacted someone else for help I will without fail also know them and already love their videos. such a good corner of youtube
Patricia Hill
Patricia Hill Před měsícem
Had to pause the video for a minute so compose myself. Seeing her crying cause she got the house legit makes me so happy for her. I've literally been watching Simone since the toothbrush machine and I love her randomness and weirdness. My dream goal is to one day buy a home for my parents so they aren't living in a trailer that's falling apart anymore. But this girl is inspiration for me. From a house boat to her own home in LA! That's so exciting! Congrats! Now to finish watching the rest of the video.
OverseaProductions Před měsícem
Min tjej säger att de e okej att jag e lite kär i dej.
Tapir Vorpal
Tapir Vorpal Před měsícem
I love how nuts this is! \o/
Sabrina Kopke
Sabrina Kopke Před měsícem
teeth wall music 😶 YEAH LETS DO IT
Luiza Helena
Luiza Helena Před měsícem
Your channel brings me so much joy, it's amazing to see you build the craziest stuff and it's so impressive how you figure out how to actually execute it. Just thank you, Simone. And I might be late but congrats on the new house! ❤️
Charles Casadei
Charles Casadei Před měsícem
Look mum no computer :-)
Dee Breed
Dee Breed Před měsícem
Flossy..A southern Baptist artist in New Orleans..
Gavin Scott
Gavin Scott Před měsícem
Sponsored by colgate
Ryan Benge
Ryan Benge Před měsícem
Hey you are totally awesome! I just found you and i love your ingenuity and compassion. You are totally awesome!!! I can't wait to check out more of your content
Nichole Raymond
Nichole Raymond Před měsícem
Oooh I like that sound!!!!
Luca barbolovici
Luca barbolovici Před měsícem
SoapyDemon Před měsícem
If you ever wanted to mod it maybe some kind of mallet heads to hit the keys, my friend recommended this channel to me and i'm loving it lol so wacky and interesting :) also googly eyes above the mouths would be hilarious (just a random thought)
marcoshacu Před měsícem
dont like ----------}
Brian Terrill
Brian Terrill Před 2 měsíci
Oooh. Have them biting the xylophone bars to make tunes.
Brian Terrill
Brian Terrill Před 2 měsíci
HUZZAH on the casa!!!
michalrz michalrz
michalrz michalrz Před 2 měsíci
Richard Carpenter
Richard Carpenter Před 2 měsíci
I know it's not the Kind(?) of Comment a Content Creator wants to hear..... but you crying at getting the house was the best thing I have seen in a while. Congrats. I'd help you move but i live in GA. So there's that.
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před 2 měsíci
When you take apart the xylophone, throw away all the black tone-bars. That way you can play anything by George Winston.
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před 2 měsíci
Simone overshares. We don't know need to know her most sensitive personal Fillings about life, love, and the meaning of it all. Yeah, these Comments have puns, but they always do. You know the Drill. I may not be all game for jokes, but Amalgam for puns.
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před 2 měsíci
Comment on toe-hammer at 1:08: Nailed it, Simone! And the brush for finger-painting.
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před 2 měsíci
You should put braces on one or two sets of fake teeth. BUT, as an electric guitarist will tell you, stray radio-waves would then be a problem, UNLESS the braces are humbuckers. Then you'll be alright. Umm, I mean, gum-buckers.
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před 2 měsíci
I want three of these. One gold, one silver, and one Brahms.
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před 2 měsíci
Mom read my Comments and said "You're driving me Mendel,Ssohn!".
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před 2 měsíci
Can you please tune it better? All of the canines and incisors are sharp and the molars are flat.
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před 2 měsíci
Do you use fine wire to TEETHER each key to its hammer?
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před 2 měsíci
If I won't buy one unless it plays pieces transcribed from classical guitar, am I a Sor-head?
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před 2 měsíci
Not ANOTHER composer-pun from Vincent "Vinksy" Smith, posted by Topher! It's more than we can Berg! The mind can't Handel it! That's the last Straw,Vinksy! Go to your room, and Haydn there until supper! Go away! Shoo,mann! And no puns about Franz Chewbert either!
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před 2 měsíci
When I chomp my OWN teeth on a lot of food, and swallow, I eventually achieve Satie-ation.
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před 2 měsíci
When you play this in concert, will you take requests? I have a rather long Liszt.
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