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Juan Dela Cruz

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This is PART 3 of Bohemian Rhapsody 2018 Movie [ALL SONGS]' dedicated to the LEGEND.
You can watch PART 1 at
You can watch PART 2 at
Here in PART 3 [LIVE AID SCENE], the songs 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love'' & 'We Will Rock You'' cut from the movie for time constraints but included as extra scenes on Digital and BluRay copies, are incorporated here for a complete Queen Live Aid 1985 recreation.
Bohemian Rhapsody movie 2018 is a Golden Globe Awards 2019 Best Picture.
Rami Malek, acting as Freddie Mercury, was also accorded the Best Actor Awards by The 2019 Oscar Awards Night, Golden Globe, Screen Actor's Guild Award 2019 and BAFTA
Enjoy these great songs from one of the great bands, QUEEN, and a tribute to a great legend, Freddie Mercury. This video is a side by side scene comparison of the movie with actual QUEEN performance during LIVE AID 1985 Concert.
Kudos to a brilliant performance of the leading actor Rami Malek for this movie BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY 2018
00:46 Bohemian Rhapsody
02:56 Radio Gaga
06:15 Hammer to Fall
09:18 Crazy Little Thing Called Love - DVD BluRay Extra Scene (movie deleted scene)
13:07 We Will Rock You - DVD BluRay Extra Scene (movie deleted scene)
14:27 We Are The Champions...

John Michael Briones
John Michael Briones Před 4 měsíci
SLAC leftist news
SLAC leftist news Před 3 dny
@Michael M you were right about that i was uninformed about that but also shows hes a great actor though btw with all do respect no need to cus at me about something as very minor as this but hope you have a good day
Michael M
Michael M Před 3 dny
@SLAC leftist news I’m not in film industry but I would assume it would be far less work for post production editing had Rami been able to sing. Cooper supposedly spent 6 months training to sing for his role and he appeared on stage at a couple venues prior to the filmed scenes, which were shot at a Willie Nelson concert. Joaquin apparently has played in band for many years but spent months w/coaches learning Cash’s tempo. I have no doubt Rami spent months training, he just couldn’t pull off a viable many non-professional singers could of?
SLAC leftist news
SLAC leftist news Před 3 dny
Has rami sang in any other film because it sounded like it also rami said that he had to take voice lessons to do it and prove to the band and everyone els that he could get to the range that freddie did otherwise what would have been the point of rami learning to sing just saying you may be right about that
Michael M
Michael M Před 3 dny
@SLAC leftist news Ffs dude, you think Rami’s voice is used in film? Read statements by director Bryan Singer, Jim Beach, Brian May and Roger Taylor. Even Rami himself admitted a singer was used to dub in, though he claims some of the voicing was his while Jim Beach, who was a writer & producer on film, states none of his voice was used. Bryan Singer has refused to state if any of Rami’s voice was used in singing performances. The bulk of, all of depending on whom you believe, was by a Canadian studio singer, who’s name I do not recall. I’m sure a Google search will define identity of the singing voice for Bohemian Rhapsody
SLAC leftist news
SLAC leftist news Před 3 dny
@Michael M is that why he had to lean how to sing is that why when you hear the two side by side that there clear diferences Is that why everyone looked surprised as heck that he got so close to freddies pitch and the piano and guitar were all on point or close to it
Maks D
Maks D Před 6 minutami
this was the one day were everyone forgot about hatred and their differences and came together over music
A N U B I S Před 36 minutami
The whole world will always know this song until the end of time. I swear
RetroUser X
RetroUser X Před 53 minutami
Id like to believe that half of the audience at live aid is time travelers.
Laltanpuia Ralte
Laltanpuia Ralte Před hodinou
Mizo en ve kan awm em
sassydarcy1 Před hodinou
AMAZING SIMPLY FUCKIN AMAZING !! A time when music was music, and concerts were concerts! And we rocked our damn fool heads off !!
MelficeN7 Před hodinou
What is this a fucking anime lol? What's up with all the reactions?
Primal Predator
Primal Predator Před 2 hodinami
When I saw the fake teeth they used in the movie I thought it was insane overkill and detracted from the movie. I still think it kind of does... but at least now I know it's almost spot on.
Braden Riggins
Braden Riggins Před 2 hodinami
1 dead 2 alive :(
koohr1028 Před 3 hodinami
thank you for your work
John O'neill
John O'neill Před 3 hodinami
Opening a set with a huge song like Bohemian Rhapsody at a massive live music event like Live Aid was so ballsy! Freddie was the complete package as a performer.
Ljiljana Tadic
Ljiljana Tadic Před 5 hodinami
Fredi bi bio jako ponosan da je mogao da pogleda ovaj film bravo
Andreas dam
Andreas dam Před 6 hodinami
i dont see the fuzz about this actor
Andreas dam
Andreas dam Před 5 hodinami
Александр Черняков
Александр Черняков Před 7 hodinami
Это лучшее.
Ssb Har
Ssb Har Před 7 hodinami
Are you kidding me! Can this be any better?
Braindead Před 7 hodinami
Freddie really is not a very attractive person. But with that level of confidence it just doesn't matter what he looks like, he's keeping everyone enchanted. And I say this as a heterosexual male.
Conor Tierney
Conor Tierney Před 8 hodinami
I didn’t see the guitar bit in the movie I watched
m. h.
m. h. Před 8 hodinami
Oh boy.. 71mln. views!!
Adri Rizo
Adri Rizo Před 8 hodinami
I actually got teary eyed watching this. Amazing how much impact he had and still has even on video.
arturo ag
arturo ag Před 8 hodinami
su nombre es felipe ferra gomez
PJ Před 8 hodinami
excellent performance by everyone
몽이형아 Před 8 hodinami
프레디 목소리 아님 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
몽이형아 Před 8 hodinami
그래 같이 지랄하자 ㅋㅋㅋ
몽이형아 Před 8 hodinami
목소리가 아닌데 ?
몽이형아 Před 8 hodinami
나눠논거 진짜 칭찬한다
Grey Sokolov
Grey Sokolov Před 9 hodinami
Актера подобрали хорошо,атмосферная кинобиография 10 из 10
Que esta Psandod
Que esta Psandod Před 9 hodinami
Dan Nevin
Dan Nevin Před 9 hodinami
great to watch and i thought Bohemian Rhapsody was a great movie but it highlights to me that Rami Malek didn't quite capture the humility that Freddie comparison, Rami's version has too much bravado
Zelov RF
Zelov RF Před 9 hodinami
Мне кажется или он пел под фонограму ? Does it seem to me or was he singing to a phonogram?
Iuri lamec
Iuri lamec Před 9 hodinami
Song 3:18?
dje Před 11 hodinami
pretty ironic how he preformed at live aid
Luuk VAN HEERDE Před 12 hodinami
Rip Freddie
Ishara Layantha
Ishara Layantha Před 12 hodinami
in 1985 my parents aren't married yet, but while watching this i had Goosebumps
Dieter Pete
Dieter Pete Před 13 hodinami
beide kacke :D
El KoKhUn
El KoKhUn Před 13 hodinami
Baz274Music Před 14 hodinami
I was introduced to bohemians rhapsody for the first time, while watching wayne's world. Awesome movie, Epic song!
铁骑绕龙城 Před 14 hodinami
Irving Muhammad
Irving Muhammad Před 15 hodinami
No wonder I felt like throwing back to 1985 watching Live aid. It copy real performance
ゲソ太郎 Před 15 hodinami
ponchai Před 17 hodinami
Travis Kearney
Travis Kearney Před 22 hodinami
Brian May is bad ass.
Liquid Wolves
Liquid Wolves Před 22 hodinami
Should've been Sacha Baron Cohen
TheWatchernator Před 23 hodinami
I think the crowd is very misinterpreted on the left side. In 1986, how many... inclusive people... went to that rock concert, so I honestly wonder why they had to rewrite reality like that.
Gisela Jimenez
Gisela Jimenez Před 23 hodinami
The actor that plays Brian May looks more like Brian May than Brian May looks like Brian May
miss sky
miss sky Před 23 hodinami
Okay. I'm mad at myself for only listening to Queen now but better later than never. Now I guees I'm in love with Freddy and felt such special and beautiful aura coming from him the entire video. Not to mention what a great singer he was. I understand why people loved him so much. Can I go back in time to go to this show? It was clearly love at first listen?! Also want to watch the movie.
AsdrUber TV
AsdrUber TV Před 23 hodinami
Łukasz Zieliński
Łukasz Zieliński Před dnem
So many more minorities in the remake, lobbies' satisfaction over historical adequacy
Courtney Clark
Courtney Clark Před dnem
...yeah, Rami absolutely deserved the Oscar because wow
Jorden Risley
Jorden Risley Před dnem
what was this concert called
Aaron M.
Aaron M. Před dnem
Dudes make up lookd like he's ready for a casket.
Aaron M.
Aaron M. Před dnem
Super cheesy stuff happening on the left.
FruitSaladHD Před dnem
sorry but acting on left is sub par lol
Daniel Duncan
Daniel Duncan Před dnem
They need to do a big concert like this again, it would be so good. It would obviously have to be after COVID tho
BrandonR6 Před dnem
Damn, Freddy had some big ol feet
kev695 Před dnem
Thumbnail looks like The Walking Dead version of Freddie
blendwerk tv
blendwerk tv Před dnem
Castro00 Před dnem
7:56 Nadie vio que el extra que sale con camisa amarilla en el público se parece más a freddie que rami?
James T.
James T. Před dnem
That m o r o n doesn't even look like Freddie 😡😡😡
James Nichols
James Nichols Před dnem
The guy on the right is singing. The guy on the left is not.
Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus Před dnem
Где Фреди и где подобие Фреди.
Kachhav G
Kachhav G Před dnem
Probably the best biopic i have ever watched and hats off to rami malek for his acting, no wonder why he got the oscar for best actor
Hello There
Hello There Před dnem
Wasn’t planning on crying today but yk how it is
Josef Hörmann
Josef Hörmann Před dnem
" T H E K I N G "
Josef Hörmann
Josef Hörmann Před dnem
T H E K I N G ! ! !
МАКСИМ Фролов Před dnem
Flymantex Před dnem
great video - he nailed Freddie didn't he?????
angel Rodriguez Nicolás
angel Rodriguez Nicolás Před dnem
Actually my mom fells very old but for me this is newer than imagine dragons (for example)
Adrian Kulisch
Adrian Kulisch Před dnem
The piano microphone is pushed too far in
Emelita Perez
Emelita Perez Před dnem
David Thimell
David Thimell Před dnem
There will never be an entertainer such as Freddy Mercury
dick strong
dick strong Před dnem
Coke sends u to be a shooting star burns out very fast
ella lx
ella lx Před dnem
Not me having an crush on the guy who played Roger Taylor
ZeldaSnake300 Před dnem
I bet the people from the 80s felt a huge nostalgia ride watching this movie
iRasta Před dnem
What a moment in history.
Cristina Coro
Cristina Coro Před dnem
Annie Leon
Annie Leon Před 2 dny
J Před 2 dny
This is just perfect
Knoxtagas Před 2 dny
That really was an amazing movie I wish rocket man was even remotely as good as bohemian rhapsody
You Tuberson
You Tuberson Před 2 dny
I didn't know Owen Wilson could play drums
Someone take away my phone
Someone take away my phone Před 2 dny
Even the guy that played Brain May did so well
Aimless Před 2 dny
How beautiful it was then, when no stupid phone from stupid people ruining the concert.
Edith Wenzel
Edith Wenzel Před 2 dny
Great! No one wearing a mask or afraid of COVID-19 here. If only.............................
SeriouslyCracked Před dnem
Are you joking or....
Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson Před 2 dny
Twistedb12 Před 2 dny
he just looks too perfect in the movie.
Mike Williams
Mike Williams Před 2 dny
nice bro
Dubjayonthetrack Před 2 dny
Remi is a method actor, so he got AIDS for this role.
P O W E R - R E D - B U L L
P O W E R - R E D - B U L L Před 2 dny
lipsyncing is really over the top
Helen Murray
Helen Murray Před 2 dny
fukn brilliant
Paloma Castro
Paloma Castro Před 2 dny
Robert_6- _
Robert_6- _ Před 2 dny
First time iv seen freddie i always though he would look younger
Egina Svarca
Egina Svarca Před 2 dny
Tommi Liukkonen
Tommi Liukkonen Před 2 dny
To be honest, I think whoever is acting FM, does just horrible over acting in this scene. Maybe its just director who has wanted this? Never seen the movie though, but this performance didnt convince me. Singing and musical performance should be smooth and emotional, all I can see left here is very mechanical bounching here and there.
TheaterPup Před dnem
@Tommi Liukkonen Then your comment couldn't be more irrelevant.
Tommi Liukkonen
Tommi Liukkonen Před dnem
Im judging the performance in this scene only, seeing the movie doesnt change my mind about this one. Rami could be good actor, but acting in this scene tells me he definitely doesnt know how act/do musical performance. Kinda funny to say, but one could say he’s an actor, not musician.
TheaterPup Před dnem
See the movie.
Fernando Ranieri
Fernando Ranieri Před 2 dny
Fantastico 🤩
Joshua Spivey's literal Youtube Channel
Joshua Spivey's literal Youtube Channel Před 2 dny
I remember watching Live Aid as a 7 year old as my mom sang her head off and teared up alot during this performance. She made me a Queen fan 35 years going and still strong.
sturdydisc Před hodinou
This is why I wish I was born back then
Boontjes Před 7 hodinami
Same here. Watched it as a 9 year old. Live aid was the pinnacle of 80s music imo.
charles ockholmes
charles ockholmes Před 18 hodinami
Awesome story bro!
Calvin Swank
Calvin Swank Před 2 dny
the 22k people that disliked this video got their S/O stolen from Freddie
jack danielson
jack danielson Před 2 dny
Kind of hilarious that even way in 2018 with how far we have come with costume design, a fake mustache is obvious as fuck
Jemma Před 2 dny
Why is this so cute tho 🥺
몽이형아 Před 2 dny
몽이형아 Před 2 dny
Kaushik Gogi
Kaushik Gogi Před 2 dny
Four things that make you dance 1: Freddie's voice 2: May's divine guitar 3:Joh's base( Legendary bassist) 4: Taylor's drum kit Hands down the best. P.s: May's guitar still gets tears in my eyes
ANIME MASTER Před 22 hodinami
The best bassist pf all time is bootsy collins best guitarist is jimi hendrix
Diane Ehrman
Diane Ehrman Před dnem
I love queen song I like radio cage be that’s my facet song I wish imaged him and l like all is song I can’t write very well so hope you can t read this my name Diane Ehrman
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