Big Green Ogre Movie is DARKER Than You Remember

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Dylan Is In Trouble

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It's October, so I decided to watch one of the most well known monster movies of all time, "Big Green Ogre Movie". What a classic. And let me tell you, this monster movie was disturbing!
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Saphira Pratt
Saphira Pratt Před hodinou
Your necklace always trips me up because it looks like its changing colors but its just a mirrorr
Saphira Pratt
Saphira Pratt Před hodinou
karyluv_ Před 3 hodinami
I dont know why. But i laughed so hard when he said "He just farted that fish to death" 😂😂😂
MrParkerman6 Před 7 hodinami
8:08 Snow White = Cocaine Six Dwarfs = six stages of Cocaine Addiction. 7th Dwarf: "Doc", cuz you'll need one!
TLI1817 Před 19 hodinami
2:27 the way he smiles at the camera is adorable
yuri ramirez
yuri ramirez Před dnem
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missylks123 Před dnem
The broadway musical for Shrek is on Netflix. “It’s a big bright beautiful world, with happiness all around. It’s peaches and cream and every dream comes true....BUT NOT FOR YOU!”
Elena's Art Guide
Elena's Art Guide Před dnem
He is not 5ft2 I'm 5ft and my bro is 5ft9 I'm like too his chin xD hes like 4ft at least Just googled hes 4ft6 xD Also they been traveling minimum weeks xD
Ami Space
Ami Space Před 2 dny
10:45 Dylan said scary like shrek would😂
Sarz93 Před 5 dny
pretty sure those eggs would have been fertalised too - so there should have been dead bird babies in the eggs, could have been darker, just sayin
WhiteWolfex Před 5 dny
Dylan trying to do his accent actually pained me. Cuz Shrek’s Scottish. Oh boy. (Granted. It was funny but still)
Batya Shukrun
Batya Shukrun Před 6 dny
No matter how good the story is, Shrek disgusts me in a way I just can't explain. 🤢😠😯
Madi Lee
Madi Lee Před 6 dny
everyone in middle school was constantly quoting shrek is love shrek is life. we all found ts hilarious
Anna-Hien Pham
Anna-Hien Pham Před 6 dny
I just learned that shrek has a star on the hollywood walk of fame
When I think about donkey, and why he can speak and how obnoxious he is. I think about how the dumbest are always the loudest and the most annoying. So maybe when he got some magic on him he could speak but he’s a dumbass and he can’t shut up now.
alicia thomas
alicia thomas Před 7 dny
I always thought Shrek was dark but didn't stop me from watching it every day till my mom said she had enough
Shannon Hope
Shannon Hope Před 7 dny
"They weren't even living.......that I know of" 😂😂😂
Rachel Hinchcliffe
Rachel Hinchcliffe Před 7 dny
It clearly shows earlier in the film when Shrek and Donkey are about to cross the rope bridge (time stamp: 30:19) that the Knight's horses are left to die on the far side of the bridge after the Dragon kills them, cooks them up, and FEEDS THEM TO FIONA. FIONA IS A CANNIBAL!
Mercy Kok
Mercy Kok Před 7 dny
4:26 thank you🙄 finaly someone else that notices this
Camila Katerina
Camila Katerina Před 8 dny
I would love to see him react to the spanish version if he knew spanish
•❲「Ꮙꫀꪹꪖ Ꮥꪖƙꫝꪖꪹ」❳• 『დ』❲ᎮᏒᎥᎷᏗᏝ❳『დ』
•❲「Ꮙꫀꪹꪖ Ꮥꪖƙꫝꪖꪹ」❳• 『დ』❲ᎮᏒᎥᎷᏗᏝ❳『დ』 Před 8 dny
Shrek 2 was pretty awesome, not gonna lie.
Maha Maissour
Maha Maissour Před 8 dny
There's an army ad in the middle of the video😂😂 (for me at least). SpongeBob singing dynamite by bts. That was the highlight of my day. Thank u army.
Arianna Caderao
Arianna Caderao Před 9 dny
*why am I just now finding ur yt channel BHAHAHA I literally binge watch ur videos at like 1am and trying SO HARD not to laugh!* 😭
Jana Eloff
Jana Eloff Před 9 dny
"someone call Peta" - Dylan 😂😂😂😂
So u didn't see the references of story books and cartoons like snow white, cinderella, goldlik and the 3 bears, and pinocio.. And many more...? 🤔
ButtercupUp Před 10 dny
Why is Dylan at 14:56 been me since childhood
gabe vilches
gabe vilches Před 10 dny
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ButtercupUp Před 10 dny
I don’t think the donkey has brain damage, donkeys aren’t as smart as people “Donkey” is actually a smart donkey because he is as smart as a person, he is just ✨DENSE✨
ButtercupUp Před 10 dny
Dylan (2:47), I have been wondering that for years (since I was a kid) and oh my gosh finally someone else said it!
Happylonesome Happylonesome
Happylonesome Happylonesome Před 11 dny
Shrek the musical is actually really good watched it like 10 times already dylan should really watch it
Victoria Jhennyfer Mayta Diaz
Victoria Jhennyfer Mayta Diaz Před 11 dny
4:26 Facebook 😂😂😂😂
te0nani Před 12 dny
13:40 the Budget was not the Problem in the year 2000. More like the limitations in Computing at that time. You know what computers where like back then?
Nukawin Před 12 dny
16:30 - Farquad got a boner. Dreamworks slipped a fucking boner into this movie. >xD (you need to watch the scene in full)
jdogzero silverblade
jdogzero silverblade Před 12 dny
yea now that i think about it shrek is one of the more dark disney movies. eating literal eye balls. corpses and bodies all over the castle. fairy tale characters getting torn apart and tortured for information and flat out a murder on farquad. shrek is really dark.
jdogzero silverblade
jdogzero silverblade Před 12 dny
not sure why but that intro where your just scooting across the floor was the best XD
Hannah O'Toole
Hannah O'Toole Před 12 dny
You should react to Barbie movies, the old ones tho
Amulet Coffee
Amulet Coffee Před 13 dny
When it's better watching a movie with a random dude on the internet than with your friends.
sylvie_ rosee
sylvie_ rosee Před 13 dny
Dylan: shrek your to reckless! Me: You might even say hes shreckless
Keisha .-.
Keisha .-. Před 14 dny
At the end you were talking about the mice still being there when they were turned into horses. I’m pretty sure that the mice turned into the horses were the mice from Cinderella and the mice that were still there were the mice from the three blind mice
FrenchToast Před 15 dny
I don't even know what Shrek movie it's in; but I remember when I was 6 and watched Shrek for the first time, some randos were taking over some village (it was very confusing) and while that's happening they have a montage of all the bad things they do to ruin the village. One of the things they do is change a sign on a shop from (something about sewing) to Hooters, and a bunch of men eagerly rush in. My parents, who were watching with me, immediately were like, "Well God damn." and little 6 year old me had no idea what the hell Hooters was and why a bunch of grown ass men ran in, so I of course did what anyone in that situation would do; I googled it and went straight to images. I think you can guess the rest of the story...
Vinnie Quick Pokemon Gold Champion
Vinnie Quick Pokemon Gold Champion Před 15 dny
Shrek 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Abby Hill
Abby Hill Před 15 dny
The fact that Lord shawty actually looks like Cody and Noel is scary
Starlight Whispers
Starlight Whispers Před 15 dny
Bee Movie is a good one to review. It has current themes and the animation is fantastic!
Selma Wilkerson
Selma Wilkerson Před 17 dny
But....but the spell rhymed
Tess Serkin
Tess Serkin Před 19 dny
he should react to the sequal
Abby O'Connell
Abby O'Connell Před 19 dny
U made this on my brothers b day,!
Josipa Vuletić
Josipa Vuletić Před 20 dny it's not
Lex Acoustic
Lex Acoustic Před 21 dnem
"By night one way, by day another This shall be the norm Until you find true love's first kiss Then, take love's true form" -sincerely, it did rhyme
Elizabeth Tiger
Elizabeth Tiger Před 21 dnem
Please do part II xd
Luke Peckham
Luke Peckham Před 24 dny
“ You just got a pile of Shrek dick to n your face there” I’m dying
hannah mx
hannah mx Před 24 dny
Ngl the outro music is an absolute BANGER
Ihdalia Solis
Ihdalia Solis Před 24 dny
no one: dylan: *imagining resting his chin on lord farquads chin while kissing*
Paula Arakaki
Paula Arakaki Před 25 dny
the second is even better, WATCH IT
Chagas Před 25 dny
why do you look so much like bbno$ tho
Royal Nerd Edits
Royal Nerd Edits Před 25 dny
There were so many jokes that went over my head as a child😂
xCinnibuns Před 25 dny
Lord fuckwad
Grady Quinn
Grady Quinn Před 26 dny
Monica Catapusan
Monica Catapusan Před 26 dny
Dylan's face when they were making the balloon animals😂
Patrick Doss
Patrick Doss Před 27 dny
You were basically like Sid from 'Toy Story'
Patrick Doss
Patrick Doss Před 27 dny
They originally Chris Farley to play Shrek but he died so they got Mike Meyers instead
Patrick Doss
Patrick Doss Před 27 dny
My friend was in 'Shrek the Musical' as Shrek in Louisiana
Jemand AufderWelt
Jemand AufderWelt Před 27 dny
Lmao the title😂
Bella le-shamalamadingdong
Bella le-shamalamadingdong Před 29 dny
I feel brave enough to say this finally....I really dont like Shrek. The movie is nastyyy
Rihanna Bryndis Spataru
Rihanna Bryndis Spataru Před měsícem
what site do you watch movies on?
ΛLPHΛ Před měsícem
“Oh you double c thick girl” -Dylan (October 2019)
cherii Před měsícem
when shrek is cuter than you :>
Kay Doyle
Kay Doyle Před měsícem
As a Scottish person i never actually clocked on that they made Shrek Scottish I just assumed thats how Orgres spoke
blue_pearl_22 Před měsícem
I remember this movie being the reason why I developed a weakness for hot readheads when I was a child.
Dashe Renewal
Dashe Renewal Před měsícem
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Malcolm Irons
Malcolm Irons Před měsícem
Can you plz watch Shrek 2
blue_pearl_22 Před měsícem
Shrek 2 is the Empire Strikes Back of the Shrek franchise.
maria lena
maria lena Před měsícem
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Jacob Shirley
Jacob Shirley Před měsícem
Oh no. He’s scottish
Angelam Polanco
Angelam Polanco Před měsícem
En Español también es grandiosa!
Light Statue Sparkle On
Light Statue Sparkle On Před měsícem
5:44 funny
Angela Stanley
Angela Stanley Před měsícem
Spoiler alert dude... they have kids
joceannne Před měsícem
dylan just figuring out the amount of 'animal cruelty' in this movie at 18:39 as if donkey hasn't been abused the whole movie lmao
Amanda Před měsícem
The fact that the curse very clearly rhymes and Dylan goes on about how it doesn't... that's a very Dylan thing so I'm not even annoyed 😂😂
Aleah Sprague
Aleah Sprague Před měsícem
12:39 "Knightly Treats" ... How had I never noticed that before?!?!
Kyra Kochel
Kyra Kochel Před měsícem
i was rafting chips and then when he said eating eye balls my chips started tasting weird...
Caitlyn Lewis
Caitlyn Lewis Před měsícem
Who’s gonna tell him about Shrek is love Shrek is life? That’s the real reason Shrek is demonetized lol
Clara Donivan
Clara Donivan Před měsícem
Did anyone notice Lord Farquaad's feet when he was in the bath??? They're creepy little rat baby feet!!
Éloïse Sanon
Éloïse Sanon Před měsícem
I feel like eating candy now
Shrek is my daddy
Fabulous Roy
Fabulous Roy Před měsícem
James Brolly
James Brolly Před měsícem
My guy Shrek called Snow White a "dead broad" fuckin hell that's funny
Abby Morrison
Abby Morrison Před měsícem
You did NOT just do cody and noel like that😭
Jen Lohin
Jen Lohin Před měsícem
Why is shrimp demonotized
Lovebird Story
Lovebird Story Před měsícem
omg you made crack a smile on the horrified look on my face 2:30
Pun Queen
Pun Queen Před měsícem
I watched this movie again yesterday for the first time in ten years and I totally didn't catch all the dark bits when I was younger. Yes, that's momma bear having been killed and made into a rug.
Larissa Fonseca
Larissa Fonseca Před měsícem
Dylan asking the real questions like “who feeds you”? 😂😂😂 but also so far no comment on Farquad’s name?
blue_pearl_22 Před měsícem
Well since they obviously already had facebook back then I'm pretty sure they also got like magical uber eats or something.
Nicole Tyler
Nicole Tyler Před měsícem
He said “oh duh shrek” I said “green” he said “blue” I said WHAT??? Then he did green and I could continue watching peacefully 😂
QueenJae Před měsícem
I love shrek the musical with a’s a guilty pleasure of mine that I don’t feel too guilty ab 😭🤷🏽‍♀️
Contently Shane
Contently Shane Před měsícem
He waterboarded a gingerbread man with milk ooof
Elite Minx30
Elite Minx30 Před měsícem
😂 you’d probably be an asshole too if you were two feet tall and your name was LORD FUCK WAD 😬
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller Před měsícem
Holy sh** I've learned so much more than I'm comfortable with,apparently the name Shrek is actually german for fright or terror and that plays perfectly on his aggression,oh and think about what Farquaads name really means as well as it's something much more explicit than what the movie would have you believe,legit there's enough dark details in this movie to make me seriously make me question the family rating,some Wikipedias on Farquaads height have been saying that he's 3 feet and some saying he's 4 foot 6,Shrek is 7 feet tall and Fiona is 6 foot 4 in her ogre form which makes them much more intimidating the more I think about it 🤨
Giselle Antwi
Giselle Antwi Před měsícem
Dylan: lights...oh shriek obviously Dylan: *turns light blue* Me: 🤨🤨
Paisley_Maisley Před měsícem
Do the whole series
Ruby Mae D
Ruby Mae D Před měsícem
I actually saw Shrek the musical at Leeds Playhouse in West Yorkshire, England with my Nana and sister
Salma Mohd
Salma Mohd Před měsícem
Brave... Anyone?
Evelyn Mendes
Evelyn Mendes Před měsícem
16:00 damn ...
Lee Anne Tarawn
Lee Anne Tarawn Před měsícem
you should do Shrek 2!!
"The Incredibles 2" is legitimately AMAZING
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