Best. Disney. Movie. Period. *Lilo & Stitch*

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Dylan Is In Trouble

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movie commentary Tuesday!! Lilo and Stitch this week. Another Disney movie :) The funniest and perhaps most emotional Disney movie I've seen :)))
Twitter: theDMatthews
Instagram: dylanwillnotparticipate

Wolfy Pup
Wolfy Pup Před dnem
stitch is called 626 because he created 626 experiments
dylan pajuelo
dylan pajuelo Před dnem
boatnist are people who study plants
Claire Keller
Claire Keller Před dnem
fun fact: airplanes and spaceships have horns
LightningWolfXxHedghog Před 2 dny
4:23 Cough cough Looks at stitch and ai And stitch and yuna 😏
꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂
꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂ Před 3 dny
I think he already forgot about tangled
jabi 2
jabi 2 Před 3 dny
The lilo & stitch series r great
Jana Eloff
Jana Eloff Před 3 dny
Lilo and Stitch is one of _the_ best movies out there
kay kay
kay kay Před 5 dny
Dylan: best disney movie ever me: FINALLY SOMEONE AGREES WITH ME!!( I love lilo and stitch 🥰)
Hippity Hoppity
Hippity Hoppity Před 6 dny
Imagine this animation with good lighting and shadows in the line art, this way fits the art style naritive better though
Erick Figueroa
Erick Figueroa Před 6 dny
If there are still fans of Lilo & Stitch, Disney did made a series of this and another movie; also Japan 🇯🇵 somehow was able to make a anime series of Stitch and another little girl. Oh and I heard a rumor of a possible Live-action movie 🍿 🎥.
Audiana Bruzual
Audiana Bruzual Před 6 dny
Rivet Squid
Rivet Squid Před 6 dny
Lots of people do have dna in their saliva, to the point that we have a word for people who don't, "nonsecreters"
Aymme Juarez
Aymme Juarez Před 6 dny
idk if I'm the only one who noticed this but, look at the photos Lilo has on her wall at 11:29
i_forgot_my_lunch Před 7 dny
23:48 and that’s how I learned right and left
c. mar
c. mar Před 7 dny
ok this is the first time that i see lilo and stitch in hd, periodt
James Roscoe
James Roscoe Před 8 dny
What!? Lol. I'm no botanist but I'm pretty sure there's no DNA in saliva. As a biology student myself this physically hurt me listening to that..
Moon Flame
Moon Flame Před 8 dny
"I'm no botanist but I don't think that's how saliva works" Bud. Pal. Friend. For my own sake I hope that was a bit. Because my god.
Alecia Chestang
Alecia Chestang Před 8 dny
The Lilo and Stitch movies that is
Alecia Chestang
Alecia Chestang Před 8 dny
He should finish the movies
Volcano Queen
Volcano Queen Před 10 dny
He does know fish eat other fish right?
Kayliah Ramirez
Kayliah Ramirez Před 10 dny
I love how Dylan pointed out that it was very, unsettling when Jacob imprinted on Bella's kid
Jenna Breland
Jenna Breland Před 10 dny
86% ?????? Disappointing effort???? how could they
Jenna Breland
Jenna Breland Před 10 dny
Spit does have DNA
Peppa pig Queen
Peppa pig Queen Před 10 dny
25:58 what the f- FLUFFY!
Liora Enciel
Liora Enciel Před 11 dny
How come no one is talking about how Nani stops the shelter owner from telling Lilo that her choice for a dog's name is not valid or how she didn't blame her for getting fired and just lied about being recruited into her boss' army of the undead?
Jianxiu Před 11 dny
wait a minute...cobra bubbles mentioned the roswell ufo incident omg i just realized
te0nani Před 12 dny
Saliva works. Botanists have no business with that.
jdogzero silverblade
jdogzero silverblade Před 12 dny
lilo takes pictures of whales.
Rachel Martin
Rachel Martin Před 13 dny
There is DNA in tears and saliva.
Shannon Hope
Shannon Hope Před 14 dny
I went through the exact same stages of trying not to cry as Dylan 😭
Paz Grosso
Paz Grosso Před 14 dny
Stop it at 13:36 and watch the guy’s face xd
BlueEyedFloozy Před 14 dny
this is literally my favorite movie, so glad someone else appriciates it
The Latiator
The Latiator Před 14 dny
People get on Lilo for being "annoying" but they don't remember she lost her parents at a really young age and only had her sister to rely on, so much that she was worried they were a "broken family". And besides she's a kid, you ever meet a kid?
kiara turcotte
kiara turcotte Před 14 dny
I’m no botanist 🤣🤣
Diane Matthews
Diane Matthews Před 15 dny
Is no one going to mention the photos on lilo’s wall????
Rayln_6WN Před 15 dny
12:40 - 12:56 Me: That's what I've been thinking for years!!!! Like- WHY?!?! XD
Olivia Hammond
Olivia Hammond Před 16 dny
25:58 What the-FLUFFY! gotta love it.
Jose Morales
Jose Morales Před 16 dny
5:00 maybe their example of humans are karens idk
bluberrydot Před 16 dny
Stitch: *spits* Dylan: "I'M nO BotAnIst."
Maximus Dizon
Maximus Dizon Před 17 dny
Saliva produces genetic signatures that's what genome tracing companies use to trace your ancestry.
Cisara Leitão
Cisara Leitão Před 17 dny
"There's no genetic signature in saliva" Dylan do you know how DNA tests work???
Emilie Před 17 dny
One of the most awesome subtle things I love about this movie is the reason she feeds Pudge the fish... She thinks he controls the weather... Her parents died in a rainy car crash... She doesn't want to lose anyone else in a rainy car crash so she bribes a fish. Damn, Disney.
Dynamic Duo
Dynamic Duo Před 18 dny
Yes that is how saliva works
Pauline Florsch
Pauline Florsch Před 18 dny
Yes, there is genetic material in saliva, if I remember correctly
Allison Beattie
Allison Beattie Před 18 dny
Saliva does have DNA in it. That's why when someone does one of those paternity tests they take blood or swab your cheek
Maya Wright
Maya Wright Před 19 dny
i cant tell which movie dylan loves more. this or tangled
Pooch Před 21 dnem
Pretty sure there's DNA in saliva. Can't you send your spit in to places to find out your ethnic background?
Keshon Broadbelt
Keshon Broadbelt Před 21 dnem
I adore Lilo more than life itself but she (and you BTW) was wrong about fish. They eat each other all time. If a fish sees another fish small enough to fit in it's mouth, it's probably gonna try to eat it.
Enikő Császár
Enikő Császár Před 21 dnem
He really pronounced English germans?
KagenNoTsuki Před 21 dnem
He's seen Mulan, Lilo and Stitch and Tangled. Those are my 3 favorite Disney movies and I'm happy he loves them all just like me.
ann pelletier
ann pelletier Před 22 dny
The struggle is real Dylan: I can do it don’t cry...........dies of sadness.. Me:awww...but also....😂😂😂
Avery Nelson
Avery Nelson Před 23 dny
"I'm no botanist but I don't think that's how saliva works"
elyae m
elyae m Před 23 dny
5:20 he is eating paper and there crapping on are people also,why do I feel like they would kill the social worker
Victoria Manzo
Victoria Manzo Před 24 dny
Stitch’s “this is my family” speech gets me every. single. time.
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole Před 24 dny
Lilo and Stitch hit different as an adult because you understand the pain, lost, existential fear, and determination of Lani to keep her sister from going into the system while sacrificing her wants and needs and the trauma Lilo has from losing her parents. And Stitch wanting a family and becoming more sentient.
Ayantu Miliyon
Ayantu Miliyon Před 25 dny
Damn! I forgot how much of an emotional movie it was
Jason Chavez
Jason Chavez Před 26 dny
This guy is funny and adorable! That the lord I randomly stumbled upon him!
lewd Před 26 dny
you remind me of adam driver
Yamaha Rider J
Yamaha Rider J Před 26 dny
13:35 its called fetch lol
The Life Of Lisa
The Life Of Lisa Před 27 dny
Yes I finally find someone who appreciate lilo and stitch 🥺🥺💕💕 “Ohana” means family nobody gets left behind or forgotten 🥰... experiment #626 ✨✨✨
Georgia Packet
Georgia Packet Před 29 dny
me, 21 years old hears "it's okay, i remember everyone who leaves" one line just made me a mess. i never fully acknowledge that line when i was younger.
Bella le-shamalamadingdong
Bella le-shamalamadingdong Před 29 dny
i LOVE this movie so much, and Dylans commentary makes it even better
CrussoFang Před měsícem
“I’m no botanist but I don’t think that’s how saliva works” Classic
Nehemiah Nash
Nehemiah Nash Před měsícem
I love Lilo and Stitch.
Lilo and Stitch is one of the best movies ever made. Thanks for doing a review.
Jen Cutie
Jen Cutie Před měsícem
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KissMyAspergers Před měsícem
This is, indeed, the best Disney movie. Anyone who shit-talks it is just tryna be ~edgy~ and ~unique~. Fuck those people. And, honestly? I think I was as hyped as I was for Moana *because* I'd seen and loved Lilo & Stitch. I'm also a big fan of Pacific Islander languages - they're often very phoenetic and easy to pronounce, which is always nice. Means I can sing along with the music pretty easily despite not actually speaking the language(s). This is one of the handful of movies my mom saw with me in the theatre (she's not big on cinemas). We both loved it. She apparently took me to see The Lion King when it came out, but I was too young to remember. She also took me to... Let's see... Dr. Doolittle, Cats & Dogs, um... I can't really remember most of my childhood, tbh. I mean, she took me to see Phantom of the Opera AND the stage musical version of The Lion King, so that was pretty dope. When I was a teen we also saw the Dawn of the Dead remake together, which she loved, and, of all things, Sin City, which we were initially torn on when we walked out of the theatre afterwards, but about a week later settled on, "Yeah, that was pretty cool shit." It was just so weird and unique that we didn't really know how to feel at first. Sin City, Dawn of the Dead, and Lilo & Stitch are the theatre experiences with my mother that I remember the most easily and fondly. Also, Daveigh Chase, Lilo's VA, is also Chihiro/Sen from Spirited Away, AND Samara Morgan from The Ring (my dad took me to see that one). Easily one of the best - and most naturally adorable and likable - child actors of my lifetime. She was also in an episode of Cold Case, which was one of my favourite TV shows growing up! I started binge-rewatching it a couple years back, but I think I wore myself out on it cos I haven't touched it since I took a break a few episodes into... Maybe the fourth season? I can't remember. Still a good show, though. But I'm getting off-topic. Lilo & Stitch is a landmark accomplishment for Disney. A non-standard art style (courtesy of Chris Sanders), excellent humour, realistically-written characters (ESPECIALLY Lilo. Child characters are much harder to pull off than teens, and teens are harder to pull off than adults. I assume it's due to the age of most major writers), catchy music, and, to my knowledge, an inoffensive and loving portrayal of Hawaii. There's even a deleted scene - that they totally should've kept in, btw, I think they only cut it because they were worried about the joke hurting fragile-ass white people - where Lilo is on a walk with Stitch, and is repeatedly aggravated by obnoxious tourists. So when a siren of some sort is bring tested, she goes to the beach and announces to every non-native there that it's a tsunami warning and they're all going to die. Chaos ensues. It's fucking *fabulous.*
KissMyAspergers Před měsícem
TIL Elvis Presley was a weeb.
OhMyHunterz Před měsícem
Emperors New Groove is better tbh
Ava Kletti
Ava Kletti Před měsícem
Lili and stitch is such an underrated movie!! The water color background! the characters! The humor! It’s a masterpiece
Monica Catapusan
Monica Catapusan Před měsícem
This is one of my favourite commentaries you've done, love this movie, love your content💯
maria lena
maria lena Před měsícem
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Ava Fowler
Ava Fowler Před měsícem
I'm requesting that you do a movie commentary on the animated disney movie thats called "Atlantis: The lost empire", its a really good movie and people die in it so i think you'd like it and the commentary would be really funny
thehellbunny17 Před měsícem
I just realized the reasoning behind Stitch’s experiment number: Experiment is six two six(es)...6(66)...six six six!!! Because he’s supposed to be evil!😈😈😈
Natalie 666mikaelosn
Natalie 666mikaelosn Před měsícem
If Dylan approves then I approve
Brooke Gambello
Brooke Gambello Před měsícem
Serious question...........Tangled or Lilo and Stitch
Enzo Montanari
Enzo Montanari Před měsícem
I lost it at "Oh she's beating a hoe up" 🤣🤣🤣
Mazequax Před měsícem
We now know that this man doesn't watch a lot of crime series. No dna in saliva? That's how a third of all suspects are found, I feel like. The rest is fingerprints, semen and hair :D
Emma Root
Emma Root Před měsícem
My parents took me to the theaters twice for this movie they liked it so much
Barbra Wolfe
Barbra Wolfe Před měsícem
Sodium Hydrogen
Sodium Hydrogen Před měsícem
what the *FLUFFYYYY*
Amy Gooding
Amy Gooding Před měsícem
16:31 Dylan really missed the perfect moment to say duck tales
Ariii ÛwÛ
Ariii ÛwÛ Před měsícem
All the memes from this movie is crazy XD
Ellie Před měsícem
I don’t think animals actually know that we perceive them as adorable. What they do know is if they act in a certain way then they will more likely get what they want. And those mannerisms are what we as humans find cute. They continue the actions because they work for the animals.
Sara Nowicka
Sara Nowicka Před měsícem
11:28 what about the pictures on the wall??
Sam Diaz
Sam Diaz Před měsícem
10:00 *my kitchen looking like shit*. Me: “IKR same I hate messy ass people who leave their kitchen looking like shit
Juston Fisher
Juston Fisher Před měsícem
Lilo is living version of Gen Z
Chrissy’s Life
Chrissy’s Life Před měsícem
Not this movie making me cry.
QueenJae Před měsícem
Nani and Lilos relationship is almost exactly like me and my older sisters and I really appreciate that. except we have a younger brother too 😭
Becky H
Becky H Před měsícem
I’m literally laughing my @$$ off when you went through Elvis’s dark past! 😂🤣
Lizard Poo
Lizard Poo Před měsícem
Dylan: *bites girls head like a beast* damn where do you get your wigs from
Katherine Newby
Katherine Newby Před měsícem
You should watch Emperors New Groove, its very funny!
Caroline Bright
Caroline Bright Před měsícem
Iowa facts are extremely serious, glad you agree.
Jenna Ragsdale
Jenna Ragsdale Před měsícem
You should watch lilo and stitch two
Elena Olmos
Elena Olmos Před měsícem
After all the "until I hate myself" commentaries, seeing you enjoying a film it's just soo cool! Lilo and Stich are the best
Leslie Haon
Leslie Haon Před měsícem
yes your DNA is in your saliva Dylan.
Greta VanEck
Greta VanEck Před měsícem
When he couldn't remember if Shrek was a Disney movie all I could think was, Seamus Gorman would be so disappointed...
Jess Callaghan
Jess Callaghan Před měsícem
Lilo is my fav disney character 100%! Love your videos!
The Little Unicorn
The Little Unicorn Před měsícem
dylan crying bc of this movie made my entire year
Wizard Greycat
Wizard Greycat Před měsícem
"I'm no BOTANIST, but l don't think there is genetical signature in SALIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow.
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