BEFORE and AFTER Fighting Israel Adesanya

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Here we look how opponents reacted before and after fighting the UFC's fastest rising star, Israel Adesanya.
Moving up to face Jan Blachowicz in March, MMA fans can expect to see plenty more action from The Last Stylebender.
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lukas v
lukas v Před hodinou
They forgot the before and after for blacowicz. Hahaha
prepare uranus
prepare uranus Před 2 hodinami
Israel Adesanya: this isn’t even my final form.
Roxana . Beb, Follow my Link
Roxana . Beb, Follow my Link Před hodinou
prepare uranus
prepare uranus Před 2 hodinami
Never underestimate the anime kid. He might be weird and skinny. but he’s incredibly unpredictable. And he’s done his research. As they say in the anime world. This guy isn’t even in his final form yet.
Hans353 Před 3 hodinami
The next two UFC PPV fight cards are huge. Please tell me u r planning on hyping one up for us. Love these videos!
Bazza Hanbury
Bazza Hanbury Před 4 hodinami
Such an amazing fighter, true spirit, and funny as fuck, I hope he gets revenge after his recent loss
Jacob Před 6 hodinami
6:45 why this part get me so hyped wtf
Jo Jo
Jo Jo Před 8 hodinami
I didnt know there was a motivedia mma Damnn im missing out a lot
Thewatcheronthewall Před 8 hodinami
He's too skinny for LHW tho.
AllGains Gaming
AllGains Gaming Před 12 hodinami
I love how some people straight up give him the respect he deserves, they deserve respect.
kahugu patoo
kahugu patoo Před 14 hodinami
Waiting to see him fight Francis
Defy Před 14 hodinami
Who knew taking steroids made you a good fighter.. oh wait
Roxana . Beb, Follow my Link
Roxana . Beb, Follow my Link Před hodinou
King Pickle
King Pickle Před 12 hodinami
This should be on a Jones video not adesanya they never failed a drug test
D X Před 18 hodinami
Would be interesting to see how Adesanya would deal with Chimaev if he could climb the rankings. Only other threats I can see really see are a more experienced Vettori and Holland. The latter obviously ain't getting a shot until he can get past grapplers who expose his weaknesses.
Cleary Před 19 hodinami
Why do they all say they’re gonna fight him again and win, like bruh were was that mentality when u fought him, Izzy mental as well as skill is far superior
Tomasz Śliwa
Tomasz Śliwa Před 20 hodinami
And then he met Błachowicz.
Saim Chaudhary
Saim Chaudhary Před 23 hodinami
0.32 huh bro khabib did that in 1 min khabib will beat hell out of u 😂
King Pickle
King Pickle Před 12 hodinami
You are so dumb khabib is 5'10 and Izzy is 6'4
King Idk
King Idk Před dnem
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jonki leshi
jonki leshi Před dnem
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Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones Před dnem
Jan has entered the chat...
David Gallegos
David Gallegos Před dnem
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Gabe Victoria
Gabe Victoria Před dnem
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Chims Loyalty
Chims Loyalty Před dnem
Protagonists type beat
John Locatelli
John Locatelli Před dnem
I’m a skinny guy and I’m so proud of Israel
BOK DRIPPY Před dnem
He’s a counter puncher once you get to grappling and ground and pound it’s a different story he’s a great fighter tho
TheGonzo Před 2 dny
Where's Jan GOATwicz??
ROS nof
ROS nof Před 2 dny
Vettori is not italian-american, he is just italian.
Omni Před 2 dny
Some videos don’t need commentary ....
ADAM COG Před 2 dny
Something happened b4 the fight 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
SLICK TRICK Před 2 dny
“Know thyself, and you see the weight in all things.” - Israel Adesanya
Mhel Louise Tado
Mhel Louise Tado Před 2 dny
Silva's voice is so heartwarming
sainbileg Před 2 dny
girls: weebs are weak cant fight they are not trusted mab weeb:
Sofia Makarski
Sofia Makarski Před 2 dny
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Matt J
Matt J Před 2 dny
That's what u get for watching anime you learn new techniques
Dhdhrhrh Fhrbrbdhd
Dhdhrhrh Fhrbrbdhd Před 3 dny
them kicks are deadly 🤣 nobody be ready
Chungwei Wang
Chungwei Wang Před 3 dny
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Alex Brown
Alex Brown Před 3 dny
Didn't chel sonin loose to jon jones
King Pickle
King Pickle Před 12 hodinami
Misha Před 3 dny
Yall dont realize my mans using infinite tsukiyomi in that cage, has infinite chakra and also uses genjutsu
Emanuel Simões
Emanuel Simões Před 3 dny
What's the name of the music at the start?
King Nash Badiang
King Nash Badiang Před 3 dny
The Real Life Naruto Character
Ruby Mitchell
Ruby Mitchell Před 3 dny
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《team Dizzy》けん
《team Dizzy》けん Před 3 dny
Less talk just fight🥴
Josh Wightwick
Josh Wightwick Před 3 dny
Kiwis can do anything
Phil Fabella
Phil Fabella Před 4 dny
He's basically Mayweather so many people hate because of his fighting style.
bob llopple
bob llopple Před 4 dny
morpheus vs neo?? hell naw rock lee vs gaara babyyy
J Před 4 dny
Why do people talk so much smack- if I was his opp. I'd stfu and put in wprk
Todd Brown
Todd Brown Před 4 dny
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Tyson Fry
Tyson Fry Před 4 dny
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jonki leshi Před 4 dny
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Beth Lima
Beth Lima Před 4 dny
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Seabelo Kgolane
Seabelo Kgolane Před 4 dny
Imagine wanting a rematch just to get whipped again
got money
got money Před 4 dny
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TòxIck INF
TòxIck INF Před 4 dny
Its Rock Lee
Dac Před 4 dny
Like messi in the pitch When you stop him dancing you may have a chance
Jayson Won
Jayson Won Před 5 dny
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Dan Sawicki
Dan Sawicki Před 5 dny
And then Polish power came into the picture
Dan Sawicki
Dan Sawicki Před 4 dny
@Leon Hernandez Nah, everyone agreed it was a split decision. It was very close but Jan did enough to win 3 rounds.
Leon Hernandez
Leon Hernandez Před 4 dny
Yea I think everyone would agree that should have been a draw but you can’t do that
Hari the fight lover
Hari the fight lover Před 5 dny
Khabib vs adesanya who will win
Hari the fight lover
Hari the fight lover Před 4 dny
@subby_ 9x mm
subby_ 9x
subby_ 9x Před 5 dny
I’m a fan of both but it’s easily adesanyas fight because of the weight difference izzy only lost to jan because of the weight difference he was beating him on stand up until jan took it to the ground but let’s say khabib was a middle weight khabib would absolutely maul izzy with his grappling but izzy has amazing striking and it could go either way but now izzy could spark him cause of the weight difference but if he was middle weight 10/8 to khabib
Shipwreck JS
Shipwreck JS Před 5 dny
Greatest moment in combat sports IMO was Adesanya & Silva.
Shipwreck JS
Shipwreck JS Před 3 dny
@Churro Comprende Agreed, I meant in terms of sportsmanship.
Churro Comprende
Churro Comprende Před 3 dny
Boring fight tbh
M4MZII Před 5 dny
Fazrul Jaffri
Fazrul Jaffri Před 5 dny
Morphes vs Neo you mean Rock lee vs Gaara
Nelda Cruz
Nelda Cruz Před 5 dny
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Jeonsa Před 6 dny
Being a weeb martial artist myself who was also inspired by Rock Lee, this guy is an inspiration
Eliandy Courtar
Eliandy Courtar Před 6 dny
This guy watches too much anime
W R A T H F U L 怒り
W R A T H F U L 怒り Před 6 dny
Would've loved to see him fight michael venom page.
Syukril zzz
Syukril zzz Před 6 dny
Whats the song? It fits Israel really well🔥
Shiro-Cyber #6449
Shiro-Cyber #6449 Před 6 dny
i think israel got the reverse card..
Ralph Villahermosa
Ralph Villahermosa Před 6 dny
You’re talker but you sleep against Khamzat Chimaev ,Israel Asedanya !
Ralph Villahermosa
Ralph Villahermosa Před 6 dny
YOUR CRUSH Před 7 dny
Every fighter before fighting Izzy Ah he's Skinny Oh he is Weak Oh I am gonna break him Every single fighter after the fight Ah Something was not right Ah I was not ready Ah I underestimated him😂😂
Churro Comprende
Churro Comprende Před 3 dny
Polish Power
Its Me
Its Me Před 7 dny
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Primus12 Před 7 dny
Never fight a real life Rock Lee🔥
Jeff Wanger
Jeff Wanger Před 7 dny
The modern andersen silva
Whistler SANGAM
Whistler SANGAM Před 7 dny
Talks less a winner, barks more the dinner, skinny is nothing to do with capacity, hard work n win. But huge dead meat meant to lost😞 RIP after Israel enters, his name is enough
Bill Swanson
Bill Swanson Před 7 dny
The silva fight was one of my favorite fights. 2 of the greatest elusive fighters of my time put on a hell of a show in that match
Commander Shepard
Commander Shepard Před 8 dny
I’ll be honest I can’t wait for him to get knocked the fuck out, but I still respect how great he is.
Matthew brilliant
Matthew brilliant Před 8 dny
Update this vid now after he lost 😆
Random Person
Random Person Před 8 dny
Bro he is still talented don’t get why people go in on someone after they lose he is 20-1
TF Fidget
TF Fidget Před 8 dny
Costa is never gonna see Adesanya in the cage again, absolutely no need unless he tears through middleweight, and he cant beat Whittaker, thus the pull out.
31 Rajendra Zaki Revansha
31 Rajendra Zaki Revansha Před 8 dny
epic stuff goin'
Gaurav Roy
Gaurav Roy Před 8 dny
I like him because he like anime❤️
Jaya Singh
Jaya Singh Před 9 dny
This man is son of a gun
pasquale canfora
pasquale canfora Před 9 dny
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Michael Twinn
Michael Twinn Před 9 dny
This dude is no one to mess with
Eewok The Mighty
Eewok The Mighty Před 9 dny
Silver's a fucking legend.
Dany Mota
Dany Mota Před 9 dny
Trash talkers always lose
Random Person
Random Person Před 8 dny
Not really mcgregor vs Aldo
Varun Před 9 dny
And than came the polish Power and the rest we all know :)
Kc Kiid
Kc Kiid Před 7 dny
He’s not done.
C Beckford
C Beckford Před 9 dny
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Zephyr Před 9 dny
This is a great video
GreatestClips Před 9 dny
Muhammad Ali of MMA 😳
King Pickle
King Pickle Před 12 hodinami
JP Schlecht
JP Schlecht Před 9 dny
I am coming up next if I get the right goals in line remember my name PULLUPJ RICHBYDESIGN
JP Schlecht
JP Schlecht Před 9 dny
How could you be talking trash when ur face looks like this bruh 3:01 stay pretty my guy 😂😂😂
razeenrajaful Před 9 dny
why arent they mentioning the fact that hes using his chakra to fight unlike his opponents
razeenrajaful Před 8 hodinami
@Alex Oh? You're approaching me? Instead of running away, you're coming right to me?
Alex Před 10 hodinami
@razeenrajaful yeah I do think that because I’ve battered people who think it’s real
razeenrajaful Před 10 hodinami
@Alex well of course you would think that
Alex Před 17 hodinami
Cos that’s not a real thing
RIAM RIAM Před 10 dny
I live in outback Australia, and the boys out here are sooo salty about Iszy repping NZ. When he won it was about him saying he’s kiwi not even about the win. Steak didn’t need salt that night, we had plenty😂
Feces Pieces
Feces Pieces Před 10 dny
Vetorri vs. Izzy 2 would be amazing. Izzy should give him the fight for the payday.
ajudy Před 10 dny
Costa: I will make Adesanya cry like a baby. Adesanya: I will make Costa pregnant.
John Arose
John Arose Před 10 dny
Or yeah a bounce of decisions doesn’t show dominants
Alexander Rim
Alexander Rim Před 10 dny
Damn! The editor should get a raise and an early bonus!!
paul hyde
paul hyde Před 10 dny
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TanJOJO Před 10 dny
Definition of a veteran weeb
_アンクル Před 10 dny
You should never mess with a weeb 👀
Will O'Connor
Will O'Connor Před 10 dny
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pika pizza
pika pizza Před 11 dny
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mortan rainy
mortan rainy Před 11 dny
Fuck You
Fuck You Před 11 dny
Ya can hate ya can talk shit , but that skinny guy is a death maschine.
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