Beating Minecraft Without Leaving The Nether...

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Beating Minecraft Without Leaving The Nether... we can't leave the nether AT ALL. We are stuck.
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This is a custom coded 1.16 survival challenge. My friends and I try and beat the game before the new nether destroys us. This was super intense. We can't leave the nether at all, not even once.
Can we beat the enderdragon?
Want to see this again? Like the video and we might make this type of video a series!

Ace Routledge
Ace Routledge Před 14 minutami
Pierce Arts and Gaming
Pierce Arts and Gaming Před hodinou
9:04 Cursed piglin
Dong woo Ryu
Dong woo Ryu Před 2 hodinami
Its so cool that there is a ender dragon in a nether
Mega Games
Mega Games Před 2 hodinami
13:38 in nether can be stronghold???
Sam Wilcock
Sam Wilcock Před 2 hodinami
Dream I am a huge fan of u and Mr beast Goerge and Sapnap
Riyad Bouteldja
Riyad Bouteldja Před 3 hodinami
How they get iron tho
Editha Campasas
Editha Campasas Před 3 hodinami
Why cant dream beat the neather dream is a god/parkourgod😁😁😁😁😁
Akmal Primulya
Akmal Primulya Před 3 hodinami
You know you can just use campfires to cook the food
Potato man 19
Potato man 19 Před 4 hodinami
I love how the piglin danceing😂😂😂😂😂😂
John Chapman
John Chapman Před 4 hodinami
George's coding is the real epic thing here
John Chapman
John Chapman Před 4 hodinami
The stronghold looks sick as fuck honestly.
John Chapman
John Chapman Před 4 hodinami
Love the dynamic man
5ouIs Před 4 hodinami
8:00 "Oh I found some netherrack on the floor" George It's the nether
Zohia Siddiqui
Zohia Siddiqui Před 4 hodinami
ghast:shoots dream:dbtadhxasudhx,ejadhxj
Schuyler Huyck
Schuyler Huyck Před 6 hodinami
They should have let the pickings hit the dragon with a stair case
BRUCE GAMING YT Před 7 hodinami
How did he get diamond sword???
_Disappeared Před 11 hodinami
Fun fact: for a few milliseconds, you were the youngest person alive in the world
Michelle Sayson
Michelle Sayson Před 11 hodinami
Dream: dbdabdbsbado
bread bur and memes
bread bur and memes Před 11 hodinami
Katsurou_ Dis
Katsurou_ Dis Před 11 hodinami
What’s the seed?
Amirnur Rahman
Amirnur Rahman Před 13 hodinami
1 vid of me watching a dream vid can hypnotise me
Greta Barrett
Greta Barrett Před 14 hodinami
yara sakr
yara sakr Před 15 hodinami
too based to change my pfp
too based to change my pfp Před 15 hodinami
Alternative title Ghasts troll spannap
XxAzul_ ChanxX
XxAzul_ ChanxX Před 15 hodinami
Dream when he sees a pigman dancing: "WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT!!!!!!!!! 😂🤣what! 😂🤣" Like what the Frick
eggsMC Před 16 hodinami
He’s like fortnite dancing🤣
krzymi Před 16 hodinami
peacнyy мoonlιgнт
peacнyy мoonlιgнт Před 17 hodinami
9:05 i promise you won’t regret watching this.
Jack Solis
Jack Solis Před 18 hodinami
They could have made beds with string from killing striders. Turn string into wool and use wood.
Harish Ali
Harish Ali Před 20 hodinami
Aru beru tu ru tu ru
James Cordovez
James Cordovez Před 20 hodinami
Me when I see the puglun dancung🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😆😆😆😆
Anjon Subedi
Anjon Subedi Před 20 hodinami
* caves*
Anjon Subedi
Anjon Subedi Před 20 hodinami
Dream can you beat the game in the cliffs in case update
KuramaChan Před 21 hodinou
How come end portal in the nether?
2Bad Ass4U
2Bad Ass4U Před 21 hodinou
It’s the Upside Down
FasenJack Před 22 hodinami
dream hits: enderman also dream : OMG WHY IS THE ENDERMAN MAD AT ME I DIDNT DO ANYTHING
Alex5000pro Před 23 hodinami
This was my favourite moment 9:06
Jimmy Acojedo
Jimmy Acojedo Před dnem
OK dream the piglin dancing because you help him kill the hoglin if the hoglin kill piglin the hoglin dancing
កូន កាំបិត
កូន កាំបិត Před dnem
9:06 He is exercising
xd Gizmo3877
xd Gizmo3877 Před dnem
They should have changed the “the end?” Achievement to “it’s nether ending” just because it would be kinda funny
Lele Dweam
Lele Dweam Před dnem
Imagine doing this challenge, and the end is the basalt deltas biome. I don't know why but I felt like it would be really cool 😂😂
FlamingEmerald 12
FlamingEmerald 12 Před dnem
George: I SAVED YOU The chat: Dream got the advancment [Monster Hunter]
Matt Jacob
Matt Jacob Před dnem
Bro you can make charcoal bro
Hazim Qassim
Hazim Qassim Před dnem
This proves that dream is an ultimate minecraft veteran : He doesn't say crafting TABLE He says crafting BENCH Cuz early in the game it was called crafting BENCH not TABLE
CARNAGEplayz Před dnem
фанат мармака :3:3
фанат мармака :3:3 Před dnem
Ша говорит Draem
The Poetic Minecart
The Poetic Minecart Před dnem
"I'll take care is this, boys." Instantly blows up
Games.nemsis Před dnem
Its mod?
Emma Playzzz
Emma Playzzz Před dnem
Dream plz make a speed run in the nether even if u die pog!
Zo nuom
Zo nuom Před dnem
Snap Nap tried to say i have five wood but he say i'm five wood 😂😂
Jannet Guarte
Jannet Guarte Před dnem
Fortnite Dance
Vulcan Před dnem
6:48 Sapnap got his yeezys yoinked
Parker lybarger
Parker lybarger Před dnem
I laughed so hard when the Pigman was literally dancing
andres felipe cardenas bermudez
andres felipe cardenas bermudez Před dnem
7:56 djbMsnsvdjd
Norapattra Permpool
Norapattra Permpool Před dnem
Badboyhalo not work with team
Christine joy Agencia
Christine joy Agencia Před dnem
When the piglin danced he just killed a that pig it also dances too
Lucas Fiel Penaso
Lucas Fiel Penaso Před dnem
I laugh so hard
Lucas Fiel Penaso
Lucas Fiel Penaso Před dnem
Somebody! :D
Somebody! :D Před dnem
The ghast was on Dream's side! Love the ghasts... Time Stamp: 28:10
timtim_ pax
timtim_ pax Před dnem
Your. Spelling ghast hahaha
Megan Sowrey
Megan Sowrey Před dnem
9:05 when pigs fly...
mejor Před dnem
Aritra Sen
Aritra Sen Před dnem
Ohh baby it's a triple=dream play coc😂
Simulation Games
Simulation Games Před dnem
I have an idea beating Minecraft without leaving the end
Jack Erskine
Jack Erskine Před dnem
19.13 pigman floating and flopping his arms
ranboob Před dnem
Anyone else didn’t know blackstone could be stone too?...
Miles Tails
Miles Tails Před dnem
All look behind you dream Dream looks Dream runs Me bruh 3:44
Ayjay Před dnem
The piglin dancing and their reactions had me wheezing
None ya Bizz
None ya Bizz Před dnem
8:53 George: omg why is he mad at me?😰 Also George: *BEATING THE LIVING SH!T OUT OF IT*
ExoChen B
ExoChen B Před dnem
"I'll take care of this, boys" *Gets blown up*
Cabayna Před dnem
I love that at 24:16 Dream jumped at a zombie pigman, but then it cut to him standing there with 1 more rotten flesh in his hotbar. But I guess we'll never know what happened.......
Noam tz
Noam tz Před dnem
i think dream stans hearing dream saying "i am basically a messiah" a little too seriously.
MRSTR Před dnem
All of them screaming Dream:"and he waddled away" Them not caring Dream"AND HE WADDELED AWAY"
Kaden Blankenship
Kaden Blankenship Před dnem
Dude the piglin dancing had me crying of laughter. Just their reaction did honestly
SMP GAMES Před dnem
TBFC Před dnem
Lauren Garrett
Lauren Garrett Před dnem
If you mine the gold nuggets in front of the piglins, they will attack you. They apparently don’t like it and I learned that the hard way. :/ Edit: Dream: Mines Gold Piglin: And I took that personally. Lol thought it was funny
Quinn Carr
Quinn Carr Před dnem
dude if all your viewers were subsribed you would have 100 thousand subsriebres
Nuehigh Před dnem
The Nether Dragon!!!!
Dankulous Před dnem
I think its less interesting if you absolutely change the entire game and then try to beat it, i still support the effort gone into this video obviously.
Conor Pillay
Conor Pillay Před dnem
George: Is killing hoglin Also George: "WhY iS iT mAd At Me?!"
XxScared CoyoteXx
XxScared CoyoteXx Před dnem
They sound collage boys.
Pro Plays YT
Pro Plays YT Před dnem
9:06 they dance when they kill hoglins
Pro Plays YT
Pro Plays YT Před dnem
yay dreams song
Monika Stachowicz
Monika Stachowicz Před dnem
manhunt in the nether
KOzo G
KOzo G Před dnem
Hahah so cool😎
NanNan Duvall
NanNan Duvall Před dnem
7:37 “sapnap just waddling- *gasp* A A A A A A A” lmao i couldnt stop
Blued Před dnem
why are you seeing everywhere? (am not a bot or i also dont use a bot)
Ethan Eylan
Ethan Eylan Před dnem
The pig is dance hahahahahahaah
SD Před dnem
Finally. I no longer have to try and learn hard cordinentes in the neather
Secret Identity
Secret Identity Před dnem
23:00 finnaly he found a stronghold and i don't know of we have a stronghold on nether
Raquel Lucas
Raquel Lucas Před dnem
Dream:*sings peacefully while walking waith sapnap* The Hole:Enough i had enough of this!!!Last time u sang in nether with george its ur limit ok"?
gamestarpro_2 Před dnem
That piglin was typosing😂😂
Noel Sanoria
Noel Sanoria Před dnem
The wiggle wiggle thing 😀
OreoBoy And Milk
OreoBoy And Milk Před dnem
Congrats on 16M!
Dane Jiero Delos Santos
Dane Jiero Delos Santos Před dnem
7:38 hahahaha dream thought he was fell haha
Belle and Basti
Belle and Basti Před dnem
What's the map
lukaazazi Před dnem
Dream:JDDBDUSUGDODSIDBRJ What i thought George would say: *eat the food*
T A E K O O K Forever
T A E K O O K Forever Před 2 dny
Rhss sshR
Rhss sshR Před 2 dny
9:05 [ New Achievment ] Piglin Dancing
Sealy seal
Sealy seal Před 2 dny
New term: nether dragon
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