Batwoman Season 2 Episode 1 - Hilariously Awful

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The Critical Drinker

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Well, it finally happened. Batwoman Season 2 is upon us, and it's just as hilariously bad as you'd expect.

The Critical Drinker
The Critical Drinker Před měsícem
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kissmyass Google
kissmyass Google Před 7 hodinami
you should watch "Lovecraft Country"
Bublee Před 19 dny
Didn't Ruby Rose injure herself on set and leave? Thats more fucked then just seeing it was bad and leaving so I wanted to ask why that was left out.
Zachary Van Dyke
Zachary Van Dyke Před 29 dny
Dude do a Children of Men review please
R.T.P Gaming
R.T.P Gaming Před 29 dny
I will support it when hell freezes over
ChanCeNecK Před měsícem
@When n00bs Plays CS yeah, but he doesn't sound drunk ALL the time... Lmao
xeflatio93 Před 2 minutami
instead of making a lazy PC remake they could have made so many better versions with woman protagonists... but this whole PC crap is just an excuse for lazy writing and to claim being tooo advanced for its time because people don't like it and that's somehow viewer's fault
tudy000 Před 16 minutami
This reminds me of Batman Forever :))))))))
TheNorthmen Gaming
TheNorthmen Gaming Před 9 hodinami
Crimson Focker
Crimson Focker Před 9 hodinami
Why is there a gay pride Bat symbol
KianwR Před 13 hodinami
it's quite telling when this review has almost twice the views of the episode it's reviewing.
Jared Smith
Jared Smith Před 13 hodinami
Haha what’s wrong with a corvette!? I wouldn’t call it low end. If it was a civic type R or a mustang then, yeah low end. Corvettes are anything but low end.
Nox Lupa
Nox Lupa Před 20 hodinami
Person: *commits a felony Police: ma’am you can’t do that Person: no dude you don’t get it, I’m _oppressed._ Police: understandable, have a good day.
Against corruption
Against corruption Před 23 hodinami
Just a woke mess
Coolhand Luke
Coolhand Luke Před dnem
The pic of you pretending to drink is sooo cringe
F34RDSoldier805 Před dnem
I'm curious how these people would do up against the worst villains Bruce had to go up against. Joker and Doomsday would fucking destroy them In milliseconds, but then as again they would likely make them weak to make these "batwomen" look strong...
Action Boss
Action Boss Před dnem
They're gonna blame it on a white actress and reboot batwoman with a black actress to fit in with the new jj Abrams shit universe... The shit verse will flop if we let sjws fuck with history
Soliquid Před dnem
Isn't Bruce Wayne supposed to be an older man? Like he was Batman in the 90s. That's why in the alternative universe where everything was the same except Batman killed Superman Kand recognized Kevin Conroy as Bruce, meaning that in this normal universe Bruce should be an old Kevin Conroy.
Darryl Pace
Darryl Pace Před dnem
I will admit, as a black dude that is also a self-professed SJW, I usually don't go for humor that likes to sardonically parody the movement. On the same note, I can appreciate a good joke and I will admit Diverse Batmwoman is funny as shit
orangeapples Před dnem
It’s a real shame what happened with the Arrowverse as a whole. I gave up on it a few years ago and just stopped by at the crossover episodes. Not because of the boring storylines or whatever. Or the constant relationship nonsense. It’s just that every character I find interesting ends up dying, leaving or they ran out of stuff for them to do. The characters left I don’t really care about and if I haven’t cared about them by the time I stopped watching I’m not magically going to start to like them.
BigPs5Dave Před dnem
another load of rubbish and superman will be another load of rubbish.
Dan Stevens
Dan Stevens Před 2 dny
Pencil thin females cannot ever defeat a man. Not even a scrawny man with emphysema
J Money
J Money Před 2 dny
Ur voice is so weird and like ur not slurring your words but I want to say you are
Benjámin Kurilla
Benjámin Kurilla Před 2 dny
Stop it man! I am trying to drink tea, but can't because of the constant giggling.
T Brown
T Brown Před 2 dny
so they brought hush in the show, i just that he was a actor with no talent or the script was godawful
Santino Apollonio
Santino Apollonio Před 2 dny
Doesn’t kryptonite give people cancer, not special abilities? Pretty sure that Lex Luthor got cancer in the comics because he spent so much time around the stuff, let alone getting it shot into her.
Clarence Walker
Clarence Walker Před 2 dny
I like this guy!
Zandu Před 3 dny
whats with that stupid red wig hahaha
Rycarious Před 3 dny
Our expectations were low but holy shit.
UniquelyNondescript Před 3 dny
Fun fact... According to wikipedia this has video had more viewers than the 1st episode of season 2. Almost double!
Benji 02
Benji 02 Před 3 dny
i really dont know what the directors were thinking after the 1st season flopped like shit
Peter Gibney
Peter Gibney Před 3 dny
Worst Superhero show EVER 1.) BatWoman 2.) StarGirl 3.) Titans Your Choice?
coco kippen
coco kippen Před 3 dny
I can't breathe😄😄😄😄😄!!!!!lol 😆 🤣
Bushes Před 3 dny
Pure gold 🤘💜🍄
Chris Lampkin
Chris Lampkin Před 3 dny
Are you a minority? LGBTQIA?,Rich?Poor? Do you have empathy for anyone? What would you do to make it a better show? What's your name? How many screen plays or graphic novels have you written? How would you make the suit? How much would it cost? Batman treats primarily the symptoms of crime and not the causes. Have you studied criminology? Do you know the roots of crime? You sound like a vulgar,knitpicking,spoiled,rich,insensitive snob, who's a little monotonous. Please dont embarrass yourself!
H.P Alternativeproduction
H.P Alternativeproduction Před 3 dny
In your head where you can shut off information you genuinely thought you have a point here... You thought you said something with this but... Obviously youre not stating anything lol weirdo, “wHaTs YoUr NaMe”, who are you the FEDs?
Thomas Garza
Thomas Garza Před 3 dny
Okay....I'm a very accommodating individual. With the benefit of the doubt, I was going to still check this show out despite this review....until the "batmobile" loses a Volkswagen in a I'm out.
drag Lesnar
drag Lesnar Před 4 dny
BOND Před 4 dny
In another few months from now, many will apologize to the late Joel Schumacher after realizing that he did NOT create the worst batman live adaptation ever when he made Batman and Robin 1997. The CW did that by giving us a Batman that does not seem to care that his city is falling apart and that universe was almost destroyed multiple times thanks to powerful villains. Not one time does Batman come out from wherever he is to help out but instead allows other heroes to do it. A series that is related to Batman and panders to woke politics. A horrible batmobile that looks nothing like a batmobile. The batmobile in Batman and Robin 1997 looks more like a batmobile than the one on this show. I could go on. Yep...bad writing at its finest and so much more. It takes a special type of stupid to make something like Batman and Robin 1997 look like an Oscar winning masterpiece. For all of his flaws, at least people actually watched his Batman movies and it made WB a decent profit. Meanwhile, CW can't even get anyone to watch Batwoman and yet they pushed for a season 3. XD Congrats CW you made something worse than Schumacher Batman movies. I rather watch Batman Forever or Batman and Robin over this show. lol
Adam Thomas
Adam Thomas Před 4 dny
I'm seeing so many comments about her being good in the suit, if you hear carefully when Ryan was talking to her parole officer (?) She mentioned about Ryan being good in martial arts
Romi Rome
Romi Rome Před 4 dny
All promo is good promo 😂
Autum Wright
Autum Wright Před 4 dny
Ugh, what a terrible and insulting rendition of Batwoman, where's Joker with his crowbar when ya need him?
Jay Před 4 dny
More like "discount Jamie foxx"
CarrionCrow Před 5 dny
Why are Discount Morgan Freeman's eyebrows permanently crumpled, like someone just burned his stamp collection?
Nigel Nyoni
Nigel Nyoni Před 5 dny
"discount Morgan Freeman" 😭😂🤣
Gene Grey
Gene Grey Před 5 dny
Sawrattan Před 5 dny
Wait I'm confused, if Batwoman has naturally short hair why does she wear a wig in costume? 😂
Ernest Omiloli
Ernest Omiloli Před 4 dny
At least dis was in d comics, it's 2 hide her secret identity no one would tink someone wit short brown hair would be a red haired superhero
RubyLovesRocket Před 5 dny
A black woman guilt-tripping a black man and asian woman about how hard her life has been is peak victim mentality.
Eelchad1 Před 6 dny
Lmfao he said it made Mk annihilation look like the raid. I'm fucking dead. You deserve a like and a sub. Hilarious
Whitebolls92 Před 6 dny
Nobody Opinion
Nobody Opinion Před 6 dny
Me when I’m 7, tying a blanket around my neck, standing in front of a mirror: 4:43
David Carter
David Carter Před 6 dny
I absolutely hate this racist garbage that’s in TV these days.
terry mcginnis
terry mcginnis Před 7 dny
i dont think batwoman is a paper thin character but cw made her that way
Fred Butler
Fred Butler Před 7 dny
We got this instead of Gotham Season 6.
Jeffrey Phillip
Jeffrey Phillip Před 7 dny
Everyone has a lisp including Batwoman... And omg first offense of selling dope is a decade at BLACKGATE you know that hellhole from SuicideSquad...
ah mecorp
ah mecorp Před 8 dny
what's most telling is that the woke reviewers at rotten tomatoes gave the show an 88% rating whereas audiences gave the show 18%
Thomas Langvann
Thomas Langvann Před 8 dny
hahahahaha XD
Cosmic Tuxedo
Cosmic Tuxedo Před 9 dny
At this rate they'll make Black Panther gay as well. Prepare youselves.
A A Před 9 dny
Season 3 will be asian batgirl and multisexual
MrJeffrey316 Před 9 dny
Batman has the most technological attack vehicle on the planet yet loses a 1975 Volkswagen. LoL
Tarron Před 10 dny
And Firefly gets canceled after 1 season WT actual F
Tarron Před 10 dny
Dude, it's a comedy show, why does nobody get that? (Queue Transformers music) Bat-Woman! Comedy in disguise! See? I mean.. it must be, right?
Hello Goodbye
Hello Goodbye Před 10 dny
Straight white men defeated once again....Go Batwoman!!!!!!
Evan Blake
Evan Blake Před 10 dny
The difference between this show, and a three year old's finger painting, is a three year old's finger painting is actual art, and has some integrity.
tom alva
tom alva Před 10 dny
@ 1:20 ..... 😂🤣😅☠️
Regina Phalange
Regina Phalange Před 10 dny
season 3 has been confirmed 😂😭
lonewolf031 Před 11 dny
I love how they made the show about the suit and not the character. Apparently the suit has more stage presence than any of the people involved 😂
Politically Correct Redskin
Politically Correct Redskin Před 11 dny
I love how they keep the show going out of pure woke spite, tbh. The leftist race to the bottom never fails.
edmaluf Před 11 dny
I must confess: I've watched season 1. (I was curious. Don't judge me). And there's one good thing in the show. And that is Nicole Kang. She is excellent and she is going places. ✌️
ryper mell
ryper mell Před 11 dny
diverse it is...
Brian Chen
Brian Chen Před 11 dny
They should cancel the shows. They waste their own resource for shit show like this
Shalltear bloodfallen
Shalltear bloodfallen Před 11 dny
what ruby have give season 1 is hard to cancel it to other person not sure if it me only from what i see if you take someone not a well known actor for season 2 as a batwoman it will go down hard after what season 1 batwomen have give us (sry if my english is bad xD)
Energy Drinks And Cigarettes
Energy Drinks And Cigarettes Před 11 dny
“Jesus wept” best quote of the year
Thomas Baker
Thomas Baker Před 11 dny
I want them to get rid of everyone and just have Luke and Mary. Then they’ll have a chance at making the show watchable
MathNakMuay Před 11 dny
I was watching season for ruby rose when i saw this ... i say ok im out
Wilson The Ball
Wilson The Ball Před 12 dny
So the message seems to be for black people (who of of course aren’t even black if they didn’t vote for Biden) is that the only way they can be “powerful” is that if they find a bat suit and become super heroes (heroines, herozins, heroxans). Racist people sitting with a blush on their faces be like “man, we have to up our game here”
James Kirk
James Kirk Před 12 dny
Too put this into perspective. Batwoman has 1/2 million viewers, Supergirl has 600, 000 viewers black lightning 1/2 million viewers compared to Wanda Vision that has about 100 million viewers. Again let's put this in perspective justice league the animated series got 4.1 million viewers. Now I am a fan of the DC and MCU franchise. How do we fix this. How can we make the CW DC universe more competitive. Please share your thoughts and feedback.
Mark Oakley
Mark Oakley Před 12 dny
This video has now had double the viewership than the show it is reviewing. (S2E1 of Batwoman only got 500K viewers.) Welcome to the New Media, where actual talent counts. The SJWs guilt-shamed their way in the side door, took over the most popular franchises and... *FAILED.* Hard. Turns out actual creative merit was more important than just being able to gatekeep the popular lunch table. What a surprise.
wefinishthis now
wefinishthis now Před 12 dny
How does it feel to have twice the number of views of the episode you're reviewing?
Dan Mensah
Dan Mensah Před 13 dny
Enjoyed every minute of this 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mark O Matic D
Mark O Matic D Před 13 dny
Does your voice really sound like that , or did you have to take classes?
Maurice Harriott
Maurice Harriott Před 13 dny
*Batwoman was dead coming outta the water* season 2 sucks
za_snake Před 14 dny
I’m pretty tired of propaganda tv shows... there is a reason old movies (not the up-cycled trash like this) that’s being pimped to us. I watch the trailers then move along to reruns of something that was actually good that’s 20years old...
Siltarie Před 14 dny
So glad I don't even know which streamin service has this show.
Arcane 777
Arcane 777 Před 14 dny
If you try and black wash everything ,people will get fed up ! Captain America is now hinted at being black,Batwoman is black,Captain Marvel heading toward black??? Blade was cool ,but these others are just fucking things up now. I watch these shows to get FAR AWAY from politics. I don't want to see it on my tv. These actors are no Samuel L Jackson, he made Fury cool. Do these producers or production studios actually want to make money or not ?
Aquarius Garfield
Aquarius Garfield Před 14 dny
This season is reminding me of that horrible Avatar Movie, bad everything
StarLord BMT
StarLord BMT Před 14 dny
Not a comic book fanatic myself but isn't Batman supposed to be about a rich guy fighting crime and making his city and world a better place. This show sounds like "who gets to wear the suit" show
Saul Quarian
Saul Quarian Před 14 dny
Isn’t this a kid show after all?
Stardust Video
Stardust Video Před 14 dny
What could you expect from The Cringe Woke Network
Thomas Waldrop
Thomas Waldrop Před 15 dny
"What is this made of? Superman?" Now you know what they did the mustache they removed in post-production of Justice League reshoots. It's a weave of superman's mustache and space age polymers.
Ya Hu
Ya Hu Před 15 dny
I actually had to laugh about the show like its comedy
robotcop Před 15 dny
Looked at your old content and it sadness me to realize that the more dumb you act, the more views you make. The world is really ending
Imnackered Sirnackered
Imnackered Sirnackered Před 15 dny
They could of at least hired some female MMA Fighter for this role
The Virgin Marty
The Virgin Marty Před 16 dny
The Bat-woman costume looks cringe. The whole point of the original costume was to be hidden in the dark. But that red hair really stands out. She could benefit by discarding that ridiculous wig.
Young Balky
Young Balky Před 16 dny
Shit mobile lmao
Bicarbornato de Ódio
Bicarbornato de Ódio Před 16 dny
7:23 ??????????... NO WAYne!!!!!
Gabriel Stone
Gabriel Stone Před 16 dny
Bro u funny asf
Stephen Dias
Stephen Dias Před 16 dny
I tried to watch season one, because Batwoman was in the Arrowverse crossovers, but I guess I have no reason to continue.BTW, I cracked up every time he referenced "Discount Morgan Freeman."
AHeroAlmost Před 17 dny
That has to be the worst Batmobile ... CW has just just force and push agendas into everything now ...
PR1Z3M4N Před 17 dny
batshit boring
Daniel Luna
Daniel Luna Před 18 dny
"What the fuck is this suit made from...Superman?" rollin'
Daria Busek
Daria Busek Před 6 dny
So now, Batman's only weakness is... kryptonite?!
Semenerator7000 Před 18 dny
This video will be the only reason that anyone would bare set eyes on this garbage that claims to be a tv show, they best give you money for this kind of publicity.
Darth Stalin
Darth Stalin Před 18 dny
I can’t believe the same company that made the arrow made this garbage. In the arrow they have explanations as to why Oliver is a skilled archer and fighter by showing flashbacks of him enduring and training in rough environments like lian yu. Apparently now the cw thinks anyone can become a hero or become a skilled fighter right away by just putting on a costume. I hate how the cw and most other entertainment companies in the world now are run by wokes, sjws, and feminists
Angel Velez
Angel Velez Před 18 dny
Ruby rose is trash
Rad Bell
Rad Bell Před 18 dny
Ruby Rose is a great character, in a different franchise. That’s the Batmobile? Me: no that’s a mildly modified Corvette.
Robert Witt
Robert Witt Před 19 dny
5:52 Best line in the whole video.
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