Bad Tik Tok Pranksters

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Cody Ko

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GeorgeCartwright Před 12 hodinami
These aren't real.
GES Arts
GES Arts Před 14 hodinami
Wait.... does Cody think that the people being pranked aren't in on it? Their reactions are fakes AF. Even when the cart was flipped it was filled with the tiny bottles for effect.
20Angelina Snyder
20Angelina Snyder Před 16 hodinami
You need to make the prank show a series 😂
MeJustAimy Před dnem
All of these videos see, so faked the hell
Aleggbry '-'
Aleggbry '-' Před dnem
This is literally my literally brother
Aleggbry '-'
Aleggbry '-' Před dnem
Ross creations is pretty good
Rachel White
Rachel White Před dnem
if you come up and breath in my ear you're gettin smacked
Me_Bince Před 2 dny
I hate
Marky Před 2 dny
que pinche manano
Amir Sameh
Amir Sameh Před 2 dny
POV : your a 5 year old ;Omg I got scared 😱 when u said ur going to delete ur CSposts channel
Jack Wells
Jack Wells Před 2 dny
9:50 wtf mc ride chupapimunano???
Derek Před 3 dny
All Tik-Tokers and "pranksters" should be hung from skyscrapers.
jess Před 3 dny
I really can’t help but laugh at the munano guy 😭
arya raj
arya raj Před 3 dny
6:55 don't mind me just marking it up cause this is the most therapeutic thing ever. he just cured my clinical depression. i love you.
Justin Pelren
Justin Pelren Před 3 dny
These are fake... you seriously believe these peoples reactions??
Emily Healy
Emily Healy Před 3 dny
The dude has 15.5 million followers now 🥴
BroThisGameTrash Před 3 dny
It’s funny how they try to play this off as entitled Karen getting mad at me and wanted to speak to the manager because I’m running my card constantly into her and not letting her pass while she’s just trying to buy Christmas presents for her kids look how crazy this woman is
Korean Fart Goblin
Korean Fart Goblin Před 3 dny
if hardcore Christians were pranksters
Dzzy Před 3 dny
Aww hell nah Bru i just realized some weirdo can come up to me like that in public and Bru I have hella social anxiety when out by myself
BucketDwarf Před 3 dny
I feel like the woman figured if you use Lawyer in a sentence it'll scare them off. I would've just stood there and not given them the content they wanted
Yeet Skeet
Yeet Skeet Před 3 dny
Thank you for saying something about the first stupid dude cause hes super annoying and not the even the slightest bit funny...
Yeet Skeet
Yeet Skeet Před 3 dny
OMG THANK YOU i have never found this guy funny, hes just annoying...
Dreadpirate Před 3 dny
If he's in California (looks like he is-might be Florida) he really is just begging for charges. The bar for assault charges in California is _super_ low, you don't need to actually hurt someone-not even close-all you need to do is make physical contact.
Leo Brekke
Leo Brekke Před 3 dny
what was the music at the start of the video?
lily meyer
lily meyer Před 4 dny
I feel like everyone he pranks is fake. like theyre apart of it
Nur Rustempasic
Nur Rustempasic Před 4 dny
I would just sit there on the floor and cry tbh
Lucy Burr
Lucy Burr Před 4 dny
cody i had to stop watching this not because of you but because of him
CoolGameBro Před 4 dny
You walk up to him and then flip his cart over - Edit, Oh shit I guess the other guy did it
jill strickland
jill strickland Před 4 dny
got that mhfkn ppspray on my key chain that boy would be cryin real quick
swashbucket Před 5 dny
swashbucket Před 5 dny
Wiggle Diggle
Wiggle Diggle Před 5 dny
I will NEVER be able to understand why it's funny to mess with people, and when confonted just stay silent. What's the joke?
Dane King
Dane King Před 5 dny
Yeah never getting tiktok
Geiser Guy
Geiser Guy Před 5 dny
How many people watched this video before CHU PAPI MUNANO was popular? I thought this is where it came from but idk
Mike Reed
Mike Reed Před 5 dny
The perfect "pranksters" are guys like Steven Schapiro, Impractical Jokers, BigDawsTV, those guys fuck with random people, but not in a douchebag annoying way.
Beautiful Disaster
Beautiful Disaster Před 5 dny
Kids are so damn annoying these days
Olivia Nichole
Olivia Nichole Před 5 dny
Omg im obsessed with Codys respectful prank show
Stacia Thomas
Stacia Thomas Před 5 dny
Honestly I’d watch that respectful prank show just to see you out there making people happy and confused
Marc Dieter
Marc Dieter Před 6 dny
Thank you for watching that shit for us
Manu Carreras
Manu Carreras Před 6 dny
3:06 I hate how people call her a Karen in the comments, at that point she warned him like 4 times and he didn't give a shit. the lawyer shit was a lil bit extra but still.
shawnna b
shawnna b Před 6 dny
Ok at 13:36 that big guy in the blue shirt I think that was my social studies teacher 😂😂😂😂
Aaron SIson
Aaron SIson Před 6 dny
4:07 I've never seen such a righteous Karen in my life
Marlon Lipman
Marlon Lipman Před 6 dny
You are the best
Teddy McCarthy
Teddy McCarthy Před 6 dny
Best moment of the video is 2:10
Every tik tok makes me lose brain cells
Every tik tok makes me lose brain cells Před 6 dny
Why I hate 99% of tik tokers
Every tik tok makes me lose brain cells
Every tik tok makes me lose brain cells Před 6 dny
And not this persons is not in the 0.3%
Whimsii Před 7 dny
I’m watching this on my high school bathroom cuz I don’t feel like going to math class
Vince Paul Beats
Vince Paul Beats Před 7 dny
They’re all fake anyways, he’s getting people to act in the “pranks”
Ashley schuit
Ashley schuit Před 7 dny
the shopping cart lady walked away and left her purse
Jamo Před 7 dny
10:49 bro?..
Bryan Před 7 dny
Me reading the comments and watching this video of cody made me realize that this is where all the gen z retards are at
Mario Briones
Mario Briones Před 7 dny
The word one is kinda funny tho
dew drop
dew drop Před 7 dny
He genuinely seems to have the exact same sense of humor as my six year old cousin, but with less wholesomeness
armin schmidberger
armin schmidberger Před 7 dny
fyi: ~80% of all youtube pranks are staged.
Masha Prima
Masha Prima Před 8 dny
how In the world do I preorder ur merch I can't figure it out and im STRESSIN
Noxis Před 8 dny
This was so hard to watch, and what kept me going was, cody must've done somethinf funny at the end, and there it was tahnk you cody
Conner Stoneburner
Conner Stoneburner Před 8 dny
How can cody not tell these are clearly scripted lmao
himura haibara
himura haibara Před 8 dny
These kids are probably dobrik's fans. They have the same concept of what's funny.
Jace Checkeye
Jace Checkeye Před 8 dny
The chick with the shopping cart saying "funny joke" is probably the only praise he'll get
yoshimasterleader Před 8 dny
It is a good glimpse into a society where everybody has a camera.
Alec Huddleston
Alec Huddleston Před 8 dny
Idk im kinda disappointed you thought the first guy at home depot was real. LIke that was a real reaction or something, like what
Mason Lobster
Mason Lobster Před 8 dny
never thought I'd be on a Karen's side, but here we are
awittyusername Před 8 dny
but that was scripted most probably
Mtha Poswayo
Mtha Poswayo Před 8 dny
The way you can see how fake the pranks are makes it worse
ahmed neamah
ahmed neamah Před 9 dny
Beechotaso munyano
Joey Phillips
Joey Phillips Před 9 dny
need pt2 of cody respectfully pranking people
Huntress x
Huntress x Před 9 dny
petition for Cody to make more respectful prank videos!
JJW - Před 9 dny
Not meaning to be racist or anything but a 6ft black man would probable hurt you more than a same sized white man if they get their hands on you so why are these people just not messing with white guys
JJW - Před 9 dny
That guy hitting the people with the buggie should not be messing with a 6 foot somthin black man he gonna get his ass kicked
James Sterling
James Sterling Před 9 dny
I bet this kid has probably gotten decked so many times but he doesn’t was to post it because it would embarrass him
Malcolm Hinds
Malcolm Hinds Před 9 dny
How come no one commented how staged most these pranks are?
The Youtube's Critic
The Youtube's Critic Před 9 dny
This crazy person walking around in a circle talking to himself...nice.
fp Před 10 dny
The women literally said in spanish "get away from my dumbass theres a pandemic"
Braelyn Hartnett
Braelyn Hartnett Před 10 dny
honestly I would've taken the shopping cart and just rammed into the guy. Also he isnt even pranking people. he is just being an asshole to people trying to go about their day
Ian Tumey
Ian Tumey Před 10 dny
i had to pause many times throughout this video to process the cringe
Akio Aslan
Akio Aslan Před 10 dny
Oh so from here is where the che papi muñeño comes from lmao
Kristijan Antolovic
Kristijan Antolovic Před 10 dny
Harassing the 6Foot muscled guy... Was hoping for punch
Elijah Ruiz
Elijah Ruiz Před 10 dny
out of the many bleeps the only thing that got me was the "oh I got you..."
Karthick Před 10 dny
We want more pranks of cody
Karthick Před 10 dny
My favourite part 5:12
HammerBann Před 11 dny
Codys pranks at the beach were inspired by Gus Johnson;)
「スバル アダプ」です
「スバル アダプ」です Před 11 dny
2:38 Karen vs A kid who thinks he's funny
Stormi Negron
Stormi Negron Před 11 dny
I have borderline personality disorder and I'm bipolar. I never ever leave my house not even to the gas station without a knife pepper spray and a taser. and when my switch flips, you better run! I wish they would try me like that especially during Christmas at Walmart one of us is going to jail and I bet you it ain't them
dave kauder
dave kauder Před 11 dny
nobody gonna talk about the guys haircut?
Salty Chips
Salty Chips Před 11 dny
I'm surprised that he hasn't been assaulted by anyone, like only SOME people in the world are civil enough to just yell or compromise. If he were to ever do this to a big beefy dude or woman they would annihilate him.
RobertclipsTV Před 11 dny
Its crazy cuz he obviously gets a shit ton of support which is so mindblowing to me
engree Před 11 dny
i love how hes just like uhhh-rat
Niklaus Mikaelson
Niklaus Mikaelson Před 11 dny
U don’t have to show a receipt lol
Kangarooster Před 11 dny
*sighs* I got you... What my mom tells me every year on my birthday...
Nate2 Clash
Nate2 Clash Před 11 dny
This muñeño kid is like that one bug that keeps following you
Dallin Nelsen
Dallin Nelsen Před 11 dny
I don’t know why people don’t think these are all set up....
Ellora April
Ellora April Před 12 dny
I hate the whole Karen thing. I saw a video of a guy who started calling a woman a Karen in her own driveway for cutting him off. Like yeah a bit shitty of her to do that, but this man FOLLOWED HER HOME just to videotape her. Fucking asshole.
exhale Před 12 dny
i'm disappointed Cody, I hope you realise the karen prank and the dude that flipped over the cart were also all faked. talking about being gullible lol
Last You
Last You Před 12 dny
It's the parents fault for raising their kid like trash, seems like trash parenting.
Harry Virus
Harry Virus Před 12 dny
"Cody's Respectful Prank Show" I want that on Netflix
Quinny Před 12 dny
I wish he does this to me I would end his career ♥️
pIayingwithmahwii Před 12 dny
Cmon bruh you know he stages those.
pIayingwithmahwii Před 12 dny
but he definitely left the travel bottles for the minimum wage employee to pick up. that's for damn sure.
pIayingwithmahwii Před 12 dny
it looked so real until she said "stay" like a dog, as if he'd actually stay put
L B Před 12 dny
I discovered Cody’s channel 2 days ago and literally binge watched everything, is there a best youtuber award or some shit because he fucking deserves it
pIayingwithmahwii Před 12 dny
pewdiepie already won that before the earth was even created
its Hannahbee
its Hannahbee Před 12 dny
Me laughing my ass off when Cody says something
Mina Fields
Mina Fields Před 13 dny
It sucks how someone will have to clean his mess up
Capt SniperDude
Capt SniperDude Před 13 dny
Bro why u wearing a mask outside
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