Awkward Divorce Drinking Game

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Cody Ko

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Rachel White
Rachel White Před dnem
the girl in the striped sweater is unbearable lol that guy is lucky he's getting out of that shit show. She's mad that he had a thought about cheating that he didn't act on in any way ahaha wtf
Kylie Murphy
Kylie Murphy Před dnem
2:30 😭 bruhhh
TechMill Creations
TechMill Creations Před 2 dny
Maybe Bashful is her favourite dwarf.
SkurtisKurtis Před 2 dny
Why is this getting recommended to me 2 days after my parents told me they’re getting a divorce😶
Darcy Bass
Darcy Bass Před 2 dny
PLEASE do an updated tattoo video
J Land
J Land Před 2 dny
The cut guy skeeves me out he pulls Pervy questions that I doubt are on the script if not the script writer is creepy af. Thank you Cody for bringing it up
J Land
J Land Před 2 dny
Truth or drink is bs if you drink the answer is clearly the bad one if you don’t you divulge private information.
Irapa7 Před 3 dny
Creepy sex guy but got me 😂
Isabella Holloway
Isabella Holloway Před 3 dny
Cody not realizing that bashful is also a snow white character is sending me
Sophie Perkins
Sophie Perkins Před 4 dny
I’m just glad she’s the one who’s found someone lol cause who tf cheats, let alone THINKS about it???
MacPrincess Před 4 dny
The word spouse: Cody: 👨‍🦯
blkmamba824 Před 6 dny
At this point, I don't know if Cody is carrying The Cut or if The Cut is carrying Cody
Emily McPeck
Emily McPeck Před 6 dny
when the host ask's the people so... when was the last time you guys had s** was it in the past month,week or was it TODAY????
P V Před 6 dny
I got an ad for a pregnancy test hahaha
P V Před 6 dny
National youtube? More like international. I'm from Germany and I watch Cut sometimes hahaha
Dean Před 7 dny
This video is so fuckin funny dude
Daniel Jara
Daniel Jara Před 8 dny
6:58 who the fuck is out looking for someone to cheat on your partner with???? thats weird as fuck... I feel like when cheating happens its a spontaneous, on the spot decision due to our primitive minds telling us to reproduce. But to go out and seek someone else is just straight cruel
himura haibara
himura haibara Před 8 dny
Why would you fight for someone who 'think of cheating on you'
W C Před 8 dny
Omg... the fact that he had the nerve to get in his feelings about her playing a video game with another dude when he literally just admitted to actively trying to/wanting to cheat on her and then lying about it for months lol textbook d bag shit
Devin Ians
Devin Ians Před dnem
Literally my ex girlfriend. Shit hurts man.
Peter Před 9 dny
I've been waiting a long time to see the "creepy roommate" character again
Devin Ians
Devin Ians Před dnem
Tessa R
Tessa R Před 9 dny
im sorry but cody having to stop and couch at 5:50 cracked me up so much cause he acted like nothing even happened
humberto ramirez
humberto ramirez Před 10 dny
Codys reaction when we find out shes a gamer killed me
Tony Salvatelli
Tony Salvatelli Před 11 dny
John 3:16-21
Aly B
Aly B Před 12 dny
Bashful is probably her dead dog or something lmao
Théa Floreani
Théa Floreani Před 12 dny
Guillermina Před 12 dny
cody te amo perdon por ser asi
Flakesyt Před 14 dny
ur so funny bruh
Storminmormn6 Před 14 dny
I died when you found out she was a gamer
Radhika chander
Radhika chander Před 14 dny
Cody is kinda judgemental and old school
Easy To find channel
Easy To find channel Před 8 dny
Lex Acoustic
Lex Acoustic Před 14 dny
I'm dying at Cody forgetting the word spouse exists
Sam Grant
Sam Grant Před 14 dny
Cody saying "the cut" is like parents saying "the google"
Dreadpirate Před 14 dny
You can totally tell that the cheating question brought up one of those "incidents" for them and they nearly spiraled into an argument. God... fucking relationships. Then they start talking about who they're fucking (or not fucking) now-legit made me sick, too real who tf wants to watch that shit.
maggi romania
maggi romania Před 14 dny
Tryed to watch the vide but it was to cringe
Jah The Giant
Jah The Giant Před 14 dny
Brodie Schroder
Brodie Schroder Před 15 dny
AHHAHAHAHA the fuckin morphed face
AVERAGE TOM Před 15 dny
the fuckin dancing to Bouree in e minor XD
Madison Freestone
Madison Freestone Před 15 dny
“What does that mean? Like are they making their characters fuck?” … hate to break it to ya but World of Warcraft has A LOT of role play servers that get super sexual and weird. So yes, yes they are.
Heavy Weather
Heavy Weather Před 15 dny
They look like lumberjacks
Seth Kelly
Seth Kelly Před 15 dny
Do more speed dating goddamnit, I know you can see me
Isaac Howell
Isaac Howell Před 15 dny
The outro killed me💀”shave your nipples”😂
moises ortiz
moises ortiz Před 16 dny
2:05 4:15 4:46 7:40 10:58
Kirk Johns
Kirk Johns Před 16 dny
Dude I was DYING laughing at the horny host impressions. Good lord haven’t laughed that hard in a very long time.
LovinMommyLife Před 16 dny
So does cut actually pay $50 or???
banger Crosby
banger Crosby Před 17 dny
Hahahaha the horny host (killed me bro)
YouReyKarr Před 17 dny
Maybe they do find these people... Or maybe people just say they're getting a divorce, make some shit up and get paid?
Sarah Green
Sarah Green Před 17 dny
At first I was confused why they would be getting a divorce because they seem like they'd be good together but then when the truth comes out about him thinking about cheating and his dad hating her, it makes more sense.
enchantress Před 17 dny
I laughed way too hard at this wtf. 💀💀💀‼️
Connor Broslow
Connor Broslow Před 18 dny
holy fuck this made me laugh hard
Peach R
Peach R Před 18 dny
Honestly if the dude hadn’t been a emotional cheater (I don’t know how to describe his actions) and if the girl hadn’t moved on already (for very good reasons, you go queen) they probably could’ve rekindled their relationship of course maybe if there had been less horny questions from the interviewer
brian sieracki
brian sieracki Před 19 dny
cody you look like jeffery Dahmer when you impersonate the director
Ernie Atkins
Ernie Atkins Před 19 dny
Long time no hair cut
Slae Před 19 dny
the horny host 💀💀💀💀
Amaya Johnson
Amaya Johnson Před 19 dny
Pia Před 19 dny
this video is 90 % cody making himself laugh
Ben Před 20 dny
They're asking questions where if they drink the truth is so obvious. Horrible questions
Lacey Smith
Lacey Smith Před 20 dny
Okay but she's so pretty and out of his league how did he even think about cheating on her?
Tyrese Mitchem
Tyrese Mitchem Před 20 dny
Cody Ko ur a friggen ding a ling
Evan Byrne
Evan Byrne Před 21 dnem
Dude I'm actually feeling quite sad watching this...
Emma Meadows
Emma Meadows Před 21 dnem
cody this made me genuinely laugh for the first time in so long ilysm xoxo
Em's World
Em's World Před 21 dnem
I should not have been drinking water watching this, it was a tough battle between choke or spray 🤣💀
carole baskin
carole baskin Před 21 dnem
cody has an earring???
Skyla Amundsen
Skyla Amundsen Před 21 dnem
10:22 Bashful is one of the 5 most useless nature any pokemon can have. Seriously, even the sight of that word makes me rage up.
Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers Před 22 dny
Ladies can't resist the wharf
Mahinder p
Mahinder p Před 22 dny
Wow, these people put no effort into preserving their marriage.. Sad
Márton Magyar
Márton Magyar Před 22 dny
"It did get weird a couple times"
mya Před 25 dny
why do they still live together
Nell Postman
Nell Postman Před 25 dny
Haley G
Haley G Před 25 dny
"that's what they're called right? Marriage partners" Me: well they're called spouses but that will do
nina stacey
nina stacey Před 27 dny
samantha sherman
samantha sherman Před 27 dny
The way they’re dressed is SO pacific northwest. Holy crap.
bigboycain Před 28 dny
John 3:16 New International Version 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
Kwill Před 28 dny
How the hell wasn't this cringe? Just some divorced Canadians chilling
June Berries
June Berries Před 28 dny
I wanna make my parents do this... my dad slept with my moms best friend
Will Reed
Will Reed Před 29 dny
That host was such a fucking weirdo
Mr_ Tinez
Mr_ Tinez Před 29 dny
Cody: why are we watching this Me:dude you picked the video idk
Rahul Gupta
Rahul Gupta Před 29 dny
This is the most hilarious shit I've watched today!
Alyssa Romero
Alyssa Romero Před měsícem
Sasha White
Sasha White Před měsícem
2:41 Lester Crest - GTA V ladies and gentleman.
Sammi Před měsícem
gonna call my bf ex-babe when i’m mad at him
aditya gupta.
aditya gupta. Před měsícem
Okay, the presenters is getting quite creepy here
story telle
story telle Před měsícem
"marriage partner" d-did you mean spouse? :')
sweet phangurl
sweet phangurl Před měsícem
Hes like that dude can have her they'd be great together😭😭😭
Nerdperior Před měsícem
"So did you guys ever eat eachothers boogers?
Maartje Goede
Maartje Goede Před měsícem
Why did they ever get married?😆
Thomas Brawn
Thomas Brawn Před měsícem
Cant even lie Cody makes these cut videos gold
Ezra Albrecht
Ezra Albrecht Před měsícem
Spouse Cody.. it’s called a spouse 😂😂😂😂😂
ItsnotDeliveryitsGiorno Před měsícem
Cody’s pervy director I’m DEAD
WelfareChrist Před měsícem
You nailed it early on, this producer creeps me out somethin fierce!
lexi Před měsícem
Yeltneb Před měsícem
cody at 11:37 to 11:44: "nbrihgbvrdbvhjfdgukaebruifbrua"
333 333
333 333 Před měsícem
Yo 221 ww monk lemme holla
Carter Brownlee
Carter Brownlee Před měsícem
just a little mac lethal cameo
Caedmon Noeske
Caedmon Noeske Před měsícem
This was just sad.
Nicolas Medina
Nicolas Medina Před měsícem
Cody’s creep face is on point
beni oren
beni oren Před měsícem
Sea-Bass is a BottleCapCo
Sea-Bass is a BottleCapCo Před měsícem
How did it take me this long to find this guy? I love this
Piper Lee
Piper Lee Před měsícem
cody needs bangs
Andrew Whitman
Andrew Whitman Před měsícem
Cody PLEASE more videos with Noel
Ski Mask Idiot
Ski Mask Idiot Před měsícem
7:34 is how all women my age think
michian jensen
michian jensen Před měsícem
hey whats poppin itsa aasss
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