Astonishing Ants

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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology — UConn

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EvilNecroid Před 11 dny
blind? i call bullshit on that
Paul Newfield - Pasadena, CA. USA
Paul Newfield - Pasadena, CA. USA Před 28 dny
How can anyone with a functioning brain look at the close up scan of the ants antennae at 7:30, and conclude that it is the result of evolution? Every part of the ants antennae is specifically designed for what it does! You don’t develop all those sense organs by random genetic mutations, only a fool could think so! To think that these ants have continuously survived for millions of years is preposterous! How would a species of ant be able to evolve different types of ant, as in soldier ants with huge jaws, versus the worker ants with smaller jaws? How would ants evolve to survive by laying 100,000 eggs at a time, just to move them all over the next 3 weeks and start the process over again? These insects were created like this!
Asahel Celeste
Asahel Celeste Před měsícem
Can army ants be used to control invasive ants species??
SSDi Boi
SSDi Boi Před měsícem
U know I've never seen a site as sad as wen my tetramorium queen ant died cause I maybe interfered with an adoption process(simply the queen was not allowed to care 4 the brewd from the super colony so the worker attached itself to the queens antenni n umm yea interference so I put the test tube by the super colonies entrance in my house with the dead queen n she had 2 n 1 died cause of the adoption well they carried the queen out m gave her a formal burial I hope but her baby wouldn't leave the tube till some new brother tetramorium came out n now her baby is with the super colony n hope in gud social order
SSDi Boi
SSDi Boi Před měsícem
The underground
SSDi Boi
SSDi Boi Před měsícem
Theres gotta b more than 1 queen so I think maybe it's because the brewd wasnt hers idk but would love to study if possable the social order of a super colony
The Zanzibarbarian
The Zanzibarbarian Před 3 měsíci
It’s interesting the likeness of the South American “Army Ants” to those of their brethren in Africa, the Dorylus. Better known as Driver Ants, Safari Ants or Saifu. Both will go out “hunting” in huge swarms and render the population of invertebrates, et al, to almost zero. And both will make other animals flee at their approach. Both are nomadic to a point too. But there are subtle differences too. Driver Ant workers are totally blind.Not even a sign of a vestigial eye. Driver Ants, even though they have the capability to sting, will rarely use it and just rely on their very powerful mandibles to tear anything they capture apart. This even includes small mammals that are unable to evade and get caught in the driver Ant’s huge swarms. And when I mean huge, where the South American Army Ants nests are up to a million at most, a Driver Ant nest can number 30 million. As mentioned above, with the Army Ants, they rarely use large pieces of dismembered “booty” as food and generally discard it once taken back to the nest preferring to “eat” small food stuff such as larvae. But with the Driver Ants, they have the capability with their powerful mandibles, to totally dismember large invertebrates, small reptiles and even small mammals as food to take back to their nests. And like the Army Ants, when Driver Ant swarms in East Africa enter a village and its surrounding fields, they are welcomed as they’ll remove crop pests and other invertebrates that humans are not keen on. It’s free pest control on a massive scale. Though the Africans do remove livestock such as chickens etcetera from the Driver Ant swarms for their own protection. This is a fascinating video and gives a huge insight into the whole ecological system that surrounds the Army Ants.
ruzzle Před 5 měsíci
That man poking his finger in the nest has balls (or skin) of steel
M0ner0 The Third
M0ner0 The Third Před 6 měsíci
Probably; the greatest documentary of all time!
James Kim
James Kim Před 6 měsíci
Great video, thank you so much
Usa Finland
Usa Finland Před 6 měsíci
Why am I so depressed? I entertain my death daily
ruzzle Před 5 měsíci
U ok bro?
james martin
james martin Před 7 měsíci
I'm a 3rd the way through, great video. It would be cool to do a doc. on the column raider Eciton. Specifically E. hamatum or E. rapax. Studying the attacks on other social insects would be very interesting.
Brooke Turner
Brooke Turner Před 7 měsíci
I guess I’m one of those “rare one”
Under Review
Under Review Před 8 měsíci
I can watch this day and night it is superb
Optimus Před 9 měsíci
Under Review
Under Review Před 10 měsíci
Amazing Calodexia Tachinidae, seems like a Flesh Fly species @ 16:30 ish... And 19:55 how ironic the Ant evolved from the Wasp
Derek Walker
Derek Walker Před rokem
Very cool documentary. But the lizard shown when they mentioned the baby iguana was a green basilisk, not baby iguana.
jester mindcrime
jester mindcrime Před 2 lety
Man it really sucks being a Ant,,,your really only existing so their can be Ants
Moronvideos1940 Před 2 lety
I downloaded this Thank you
Richard Aponte
Richard Aponte Před 2 lety
43:40..We have no evidence to show if this procedure will hurt the Queen or NOT??!! Let ME cut into you with sharp scissors to see if, YOU need evidence or NOT.. That it will HURT!! Like you didn't notice her leg's kicking hard?? The Documentary was good non-the-less.
PhilJr Před 2 lety
So great. I watch nature documentaries to go to sleep at night but this was so captivating I couldn’t sleep. So much good information.
zebratangozebra Před 2 lety
Fascinating stuff !
United Plankton
United Plankton Před 2 lety
This is what all nature documentaries should look like...I usually quit watching most of them within 2 mins., but this one leaves me wanting more.
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Před 3 lety
Very good thank you
Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin Před 3 lety
Amazing documentary! this is the real stuff.
uski59 Před 3 lety
THANKS for posting....AWESOME AWESOME documentary,...So Packed with info I'll have to watch it several times to fully digest this.
john moore
john moore Před 3 lety
Possibly the best most in-depth doc i have ever seen on ants, particularly on army ants.thank u Dr.R. your hard work is appreciated.
Tips4Tat Před 2 lety
Very, very true.
john moore
john moore Před 2 lety
Tips4Tat. But the ants are the stars in my opinion
Tips4Tat Před 2 lety
Not even just ants. This is likely the most informative and detailed documentary i've ever seen.
Steven Lynx
Steven Lynx Před 3 lety
Astonishing Ants [ Fourmis étonnantes ]
El rey
El rey Před 3 lety
Fine documentaries like this should go viral, but instead we have the idiot of coyote Peterson getting bitten and stung by insects just to get views with millions of visitors.
MjewrnskyPwnsk Před 2 lety
Coyote is probably the main reason for my newly added interest of animals though :P So he is kinda one of the reasons why i watch this now :D Cheers and merry christmas dude!
Drunk By U
Drunk By U Před 3 lety
they're talking about 2005 but haven't seen a bivouac floating?! but giving they're time, it's an awesome doc
Jennifer H
Jennifer H Před 3 lety
I personally found this video to be fantastic. It was interesting and filled with just enough personal touches, comments on their adventures while researching or reactions of people or other animals, to keep it warm and not overly academic in tone. Thank you.
neekatas Před 5 lety
Great footage and info, but it's about as organized as my EEB 2245W paper
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