Are We Smarter Than Middle Schoolers?

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In this completely original- never been done before, points-based trivia format, we will finally find out if we’re smarter than the average middle schooler!
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Smosh Pit
Smosh Pit Před 6 měsíci
Raise your hand if you knew who the 2nd President of the United States was without Googling it 👀
Natalie Congleton
Natalie Congleton Před měsícem
I thought it was Andrew Jackson
Andrew JW
Andrew JW Před 2 měsíci
GeoJay Před 3 měsíci
🤚 The Nile is longer!!!!!! 😡
David Calubad
David Calubad Před 4 měsíci
Tess Nichols
Tess Nichols Před 5 měsíci
D44 Ak
D44 Ak Před 2 hodinami
its nil not amzon
Syrian Gaming
Syrian Gaming Před 2 dny
I need a 1 or 10 hour version of tommy singing the merch store
7:30 lmao
Sailesh Mgr
Sailesh Mgr Před 3 dny
Wait Nile is the longest river
Camille Carre
Camille Carre Před 4 dny
Me being like wait Jeff ohh no John Adam's c'mon and I'm French guys so 😂
Mad Swami
Mad Swami Před 6 dny
Lindsey Gansen
Lindsey Gansen Před 6 dny
John adams...thank you to Hamilton
Kate Schillinger
Kate Schillinger Před 6 dny
lmao the longest river in the world is the Nile in Africa because it measures at just about two hundred feet longer than the Amazon. Sorry smosh
george weasley
george weasley Před 6 dny
keith: um geography (pronounced geo graphy) me: oh yall know thats how u said it in middlem school
george weasley
george weasley Před 6 dny
but like whats the dif between smosh and smosh pit
Jon Pigeon
Jon Pigeon Před 7 dny
What in the actual hell happened to smosh, last time I was here. Ian and Anthony had just made every horror movie ever. Where tf is Ian and Anthony
Elfin Dreamer
Elfin Dreamer Před 7 dny
Every Hamilton fan should know who the second president of the US was
Speeder Web
Speeder Web Před 7 dny
I play jeopardy in school I’m in 4th grade
Joe Luis
Joe Luis Před 7 dny
More episodes of jeopardy
Disney Lover
Disney Lover Před 8 dny
the longest river is the river nile!
blub mac
blub mac Před 8 dny
me, who knew the 2nd president because of hamilton the musical: "iT'S JOHN ADAMS!"
Lyroni Před 9 dny
But... the longest river is the Nile?
Jarno Van der knijff
Jarno Van der knijff Před 10 dny
Fact check, the Amazon is the 2nd longest river, the Nile is the longest
Olivia Hanson
Olivia Hanson Před 11 dny
Im assuming that none of them went to school
Dragon Gaming
Dragon Gaming Před 11 dny
These are 5th grade questions🤦‍♂️
Yuhaan Ramesh
Yuhaan Ramesh Před 11 dny
The last answer is wrong it's the Nile river not the Amazon river KEITH IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!
-.- Před 12 dny
The Wendy's girl is drunk..... Maybe
Dudeman9339 Před 12 dny
Keith is that friend who whines until you give him points. Quit trying to cheat your way to mediocrity, Keith.
Dudeman9339 Před 12 dny
Why is Olivia so crazy?
Tessa Leeds
Tessa Leeds Před 13 dny
This is the easiest quiz ever! I learned this in fifth not middle😀
Tessa Leeds
Tessa Leeds Před 13 dny
The funny thing is I knew all of this but I learned it in 5th not middle
William Boggess
William Boggess Před 13 dny
thw longest river is the nile
John Kerbee Abundo De Leon
John Kerbee Abundo De Leon Před 13 dny
Oh god
Annika W.
Annika W. Před 13 dny
That photosynthesis question was bs. Chlorophyll is an organelle. While it is essential, so is water. sunlight and carbon.
Naeggi Před 13 dny
They got that last question wrong it is suppose to be The Nile River not The Amazon River
Maged Animations
Maged Animations Před 14 dny
14:25 it’s not the Amazon, it’s the Nile
Sherosaku4786 Před 14 dny
I LOVE THIS INTRO merch in the store!!!!
Jasmine harbert
Jasmine harbert Před 14 dny
The longest river is the Nile, the LARGEST river is the Amazon river
HyperPixel Před 14 dny
0:18 I said James Madison lol... So close
Muhammad Nur Syaiful Mohidin
Muhammad Nur Syaiful Mohidin Před 14 dny
I tot nile is the longest river?
Jade Frost
Jade Frost Před 14 dny
When you know the 2nd president because of the Disney Channel show "Girl Meets World" and not because a teacher taught you it, isn't our education system great?
Genevieve Appnel
Genevieve Appnel Před 15 dny
I’ve just been binge watching Beopardy cause I’m bored.
Blane Tecle
Blane Tecle Před 15 dny
Why didn’t Courtney get points when she guessed Alexander Graham Bell on her second try after saying John Adams first but Kimmy was given points when she guessed Chlorophyll on her second try after saying sun first ?
Veerle Van De Laar
Veerle Van De Laar Před 15 dny
Me getting everything right except the Disney movies.... Hmmm guess I was a nerd
ItsFxwn Před 15 dny
No one was picking math xD
Richard Tran
Richard Tran Před 15 dny
Lol “so random” flew over my head
Clara Schwartz
Clara Schwartz Před 16 dny
I only remembered who the 2nd president was because of Hamilton
Ralph Splitzer
Ralph Splitzer Před 17 dny
the amazon river isnt even the longest river...... river nile is the longest IM FROM EGYPT AND I KNOW THISS
Lakyn Heaton
Lakyn Heaton Před 18 dny
The longest river in the world is the nile river
JD LNZ Před 19 dny
Full fledged asian here, born and raised in SEA...but the reason i knew that John Adams question was because of LMM’s Hamilton. Thank you theater! 😂
Many Před 20 dny
Seven continents ?
Devielle Před 20 dny
Yea. 7:29
Amariah Rellin
Amariah Rellin Před 21 dnem
when you remember who the 2nd president of america just because of hamilton
Brandy Lower
Brandy Lower Před 21 dnem
I love these!
Shrijan Shrestha
Shrijan Shrestha Před 21 dnem
Isn't The Nile river longest river
Parker Olson
Parker Olson Před 22 dny
Isn’t the Nile the longest river?
dinelka dananjaya1
dinelka dananjaya1 Před 23 dny
Shayne is the best host😂😂😂
Rafael Emil
Rafael Emil Před 23 dny
What happened to the Nile being the longest river in the world?
Tinka Obic
Tinka Obic Před 24 dny
Can we get a NETFLIX, HULU, Amazon Prime, theme episode, like description of movies or tv shows or something like that and they compete to guess, similar to NETFLIX and CHILL challenge
Hannah Marie
Hannah Marie Před 24 dny
Wait? I thought you can’t have two guesses so Courtney couldn’t get the telephone one but mommy can have the photosynthesis one... 🤔
good old days
good old days Před 24 dny
Gay this is
Katori Files
Katori Files Před 24 dny
The way Courtney says Woodrow Wilson kills me every time
Samuel Miyazaki
Samuel Miyazaki Před 25 dny
OWw my EyE
Frankie The Cat
Frankie The Cat Před 26 dny
I love these videos lmao. Im a college student majoring in biology... being able to answer these questions makes me feel smart with minimal effort
Ben Shelley
Ben Shelley Před 26 dny
... More like bore-aphyll
Brandon Kelly
Brandon Kelly Před 26 dny
Wait... isnt a triangle length×width×height×1/2
Sydney Brede
Sydney Brede Před 26 dny
I don't remember learning geography in middle school I remember learning geography in a high school... I don't know if it varies by state or country
Tristen Patlan
Tristen Patlan Před 26 dny
Actually the longest river in the world is the Nile River and the second is the Amazon River.
Tristen Patlan
Tristen Patlan Před 26 dny
John Adams
Banana Buds
Banana Buds Před 26 dny
I only knew the answer to Who was the second president because of Hamilton....
Kaitlyn Buenzow
Kaitlyn Buenzow Před 28 dny
Don’t you just love how Shane wouldn’t take Courtney‘s second answer for the telephone but he took kimmy’s second answer for photosynthesis
Tom Thompson
Tom Thompson Před 28 dny
It would be cool if you did a british versio.. like what is a kettle for or how old Is the queen or something
Mark Mamon
Mark Mamon Před 28 dny
Psych majors wya??
Big Mac
Big Mac Před 29 dny
The longest river is actually the Nile. The Amazon is the LARGEST.
Firdaus Razali
Firdaus Razali Před 29 dny
I’m pretty sure Nile is the longest and Amazon is the widest
viisi0nz Před 29 dny
Courtney is so dumb it’s not even funny
Ripley Reaper
Ripley Reaper Před měsícem
I dunno man but Keith's mood changed when he's the lowest. Kind of sus
Scooby Yt
Scooby Yt Před měsícem
Now y'all know my torture good thing its my last school year in middle school
Jack Sonia
Jack Sonia Před měsícem
Um the amazon river is not the longest river in the world, it’s the largest. The Nile is the longest
Potato Games
Potato Games Před měsícem
Ya know right now I’m in middle school so if I where on this game show I would have sped through
Meara Hempey
Meara Hempey Před měsícem
All the Hamilton fans screaming JOHN ADAMS during the second question
Densel Macalintal
Densel Macalintal Před měsícem
Shayne: "Who is the second president of the United States" Me: I know him... it can't be. That's that little guy who spoke to me. All those years ago, what was it, 85? That poor man, they're gonna eat him alive!
John Valencia
John Valencia Před měsícem
Is Olivia wearing Alexander Mcqueen's?
KnightStriker Před měsícem
Olivia really really REALLY needs to leave like rn
Fury Před měsícem
2:01 most relatable thing of the episode
Mc Chazza
Mc Chazza Před měsícem
I'm screaming: Yo Shane.... How is the amazon bigger then the nile..... Did you just explode the end to make it bigger....... Bro
Apple Dinger
Apple Dinger Před měsícem
Yeah Egyptians will be happy
Chris1sBest Před měsícem
This is fucking depressing
Jeremy Bennett
Jeremy Bennett Před měsícem
Who wants to tell them those are 4th grade questions?
RiffVanVoorst Před měsícem
Keith is so salty when he isn't winning. Courtney was not not able to guess again regarding the inventor of the phone yet Kimmy is allowed to guess twice regarding photosynthesis.. And gets the points.
Claire Smallwood
Claire Smallwood Před měsícem
I think they missed an opportunity to call it JeoParody
Pulkit Rustagi
Pulkit Rustagi Před měsícem
Aint Nile the longest river tho?
Arrows Horse
Arrows Horse Před měsícem
Quinn Lee-Newbury
Quinn Lee-Newbury Před měsícem
I'm a 2000s baby but I actually knew Johnny Tsunami. The temp is down but the surf is up. Ooh I also knew Halloween Town. What a classic
dont even try me
dont even try me Před měsícem
Smosh I know this video was made 4 months ago but, the Amozon river is not the longest it is the largest tho because it is wider and has more volume. The Nile river is the longest river in the world passing through 11 countrys and measures 4125 miles long whilst the Amozon river is only 175 sorry to be rude.
Puffy Socks
Puffy Socks Před měsícem
Shayne: what is the spanish words for The Library Me: Um el libro Shayne: El bibliotecha Me:* Stares and fluent spanish speaking dad across the room with eyes of regret*
Lonely Little Wolfie
Lonely Little Wolfie Před měsícem
Are we smarter than middle schoolers? Me, a 7th grader: *Knows absolutely nothing*
carterferris07 Před měsícem
Andrew Hummel
Andrew Hummel Před měsícem
I’m not smart but watching these always makes me feel better about myself
Tyranthraxus Před měsícem
Shayne: "What is the longest river in the world?" Keith: "Amazon!" Shayne: "Correct!" Me: "WAIT HOLD UP THAT IS WRONG!"
Jasp3rJeep Před dnem
@Joshua Spath actually its 4,086 miles to the Nile's 4,132, meaning the Nile is longer by a margin of 46 miles. The tides, weather, and flood patterns do cause the numbers to fluctuate but the answer consistantly has been "Nile"
himanshu dhar
himanshu dhar Před 5 dny
@Joshua Spath when I Google it shows nile 6650 km and amazon 6575 km.
Joshua Spath
Joshua Spath Před 5 dny
himanshu dhar the Amazon is currently considered 65 miles longer. In the most recent survey so the video is right currently. However when the video came out 5 months ago they were wrong.
Joshua Spath
Joshua Spath Před 5 dny
Nick Gornall when you google it the amazon is 4,225 miles long and the Nile is 4,160 miles long. Last I checked 4,225 > 4,160. Sorry dude but the video is right. Why don’t you actually do some research before you say some one who did do their research is wrong.
Nick Gornall
Nick Gornall Před 7 dny
@verde Nile is the longest mate
Remon Girgis
Remon Girgis Před měsícem
Dumber than me and I’m in 7th grade
Skyler Před měsícem
intro was catchy as fuck until it gave me anxiety
Anan Mohamed
Anan Mohamed Před měsícem
The Nile is the longest river in the world 🙄
Shaina Shumway
Shaina Shumway Před měsícem
Alexander Graham Bell did not invent the telephone, he got people to steal the patents for similar devices being discovered at the time. He stole that.
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