Are We Smarter Than High Schoolers?

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Are we smarter than the average high school student? Probably not, but let’s find out!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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Smosh Pit
Smosh Pit Před 3 měsíci
...hawaii 🌴
Fessor er forvirret
Fessor er forvirret Před 18 dny
Nah... greenland
Kaleb Wieland
Kaleb Wieland Před měsícem
sunxhalo Gaming
sunxhalo Gaming Před měsícem
Lego Gamer no lol
Faber Games
Faber Games Před měsícem
@Grace Green ARE U DUMB, ITS ENERGY= Mass times the speed of light
Grace Green
Grace Green Před měsícem
Your answer was wrong
elliottatk Před dnem
Its Australia its an island country its literally 98 percent the size of the usa its an island continent
seira Hefn
seira Hefn Před 5 dny
Damien ... it’s a good video whn u win it tall! Go damien we fkn love u!
rainyz Před 8 dny
Is Ian wearing that hat to hide his bowl cut-
Envy Death
Envy Death Před 8 dny
I’m sorry I got say this but Ian isn’t funny at all to me
hilt m
hilt m Před 9 dny
Australia is the biggest island, just because it's a continent, doesn't preclude it from being an island. Screw what Britannica says!
Samuel Capell
Samuel Capell Před 9 dny
Okay this is bullshit Australia is bigger than greenland
Brenda Chen
Brenda Chen Před 10 dny
Why is everyone discrediting Ian? You don’t find it impressive his knowledge of politics and genuine character? Some Smosh fans you are.
Andy Silva
Andy Silva Před 10 dny
Damien is me, do not put me in any trivia with normies lol. I actually met my match at my job. My team only won our location but lost the company wide one.
17Jroach Před 12 dny
Is Olivia this dumb or she playing a character
Ashlin Gunderson
Ashlin Gunderson Před 12 dny
Damien is handsome and smart, wow
Catherine Kitty2288
Catherine Kitty2288 Před 12 dny
Fun fact: Antarctica is a desert 🤯
Dante Sparda
Dante Sparda Před 13 dny
Ian is funny and all but. Wtf is up with that hair and hat combo. Looks like a wig.
beatrice Před 13 dny
“damien was robbed” we really dgaf
Kristie Ray
Kristie Ray Před 13 dny
Hey i definitely remember reading Australia as the largest island in the world at school and it's got nothing to do w Greenland being warped weird on a map. But now Google tells me islands are meant to be smaller than a continent which Australia already is, so Australia can't be an island 🙄
Chanakya Umesh
Chanakya Umesh Před 13 dny
Well, hydrogen peroxide would have been a valid answer too, since the question was hydrogen plus oxygen in a 1:1 ratio. H20 is 2:1, H2O2 is 1:1. Idk why I'm explaining this, people clearly don't care about this stuff 😂
Robbie Wagner
Robbie Wagner Před 14 dny
Damian was right with Snow White
HyperPixel Před 14 dny
Who knew Smosh could be so educational?
Neel Maheshwari
Neel Maheshwari Před 14 dny
Hyrdrogen peroxide is actually right @courtney
Mitch Gibson
Mitch Gibson Před 14 dny
Apologizing for winning, why yall think that's cute?
Micah's Vlogs
Micah's Vlogs Před 15 dny
Alex Trebek is dead
Carl Carr
Carl Carr Před 16 dny
Did shayne hit Sarah or garrett
Bridgette Singh
Bridgette Singh Před 16 dny
Damien so sweet and wholesome
TheWorldOf Georgia
TheWorldOf Georgia Před 16 dny
All I knew was that Snow White came out in the thirties
Emma Před 17 dny
8:00 - Is the 2 in H²O representative of two hydrogen atoms, not one? Or is memory worse than I thought? ❤
Emma Před 17 dny
4:48 - Controversial question... Some experts would agree with Damian about the biggest island, because many mistake Australia as the continent, when its actually Oceania.... Meaning that Australia can actually be considered the largest island (because its not a continent) ❤❤❤ Context: I'm Aussie 🌈🔆
gokissthewookie Před 17 dny
not to be That Nerd™ but they should have specified the amounts of hydrogen and oxygen for the H2O question. the way the question was worded sounds like they were adding one hydrogen atom to one oxygen atom, which creates hydroxide (OH-), not H2O. a hydrogen ion has the charge of +1 and one oxygen ion has the charge of -2. hydrogen's charge increases oxygen's charge to -1, hence the "-" after the OH. two hydrogens would be required to cancel out the charges, thus creating H2O).
ScorBug92 Před 17 dny
Nnnoooooooo.... If Damien hadn't stopped himself from answering questions he clearly knew, it would have been a sweep. I mean I dont discourage the others their points because they clearly knew the answers but Damien is too damned nice trying to let others get points
Bearclimber 1
Bearclimber 1 Před 18 dny
Ah yes, my favourite subject in school, “Disney princesses”
Erica America
Erica America Před 18 dny
SAT and ACT college entrance exams
cormak weeks
cormak weeks Před 19 dny
You should do basic questions from the hardest college majors
Akasha Noakes
Akasha Noakes Před 19 dny
Honestly, Damien is a bit too much for the trivia game shows. Its clear he is very intelligent, but makes it boring to see him answer nearly every question first. Also, consider adding a penalty time for incorrect answers. It could add a fun spin. Thanks so much for creating entertaining videos!
Jose Aguirre
Jose Aguirre Před 19 dny
I loved how shayne can improvise on the go cuz mixing Ian with Damian is funny
Emma O'Connell
Emma O'Connell Před 20 dny
This further solidifies my crush on Damien
Vivian Godwin
Vivian Godwin Před 21 dnem
Still don't understand why Mulan is a princess. Has never made sense
AIR 666
AIR 666 Před 21 dnem
Damien dont be ashamed ur smart
Alyria Rickards
Alyria Rickards Před 22 dny
I was thinking Pangea lol
Nod_and_Smile Před 23 dny
Is it me or did Damien got big
Alexus Parenteau
Alexus Parenteau Před 23 dny
I graduated highschool this year and I can honestly say I didn’t know more than half of the answers to these questions.
Elbert John Felipe
Elbert John Felipe Před 23 dny
Courtney: IDK what Gerund is. Damien: He's the dude from Witcher 3 Courtney: Woahhh LMAO!
Mia kaori
Mia kaori Před 24 dny
I wanna see that driver test one
Neal Trevena
Neal Trevena Před 25 dny
All my school knowledge has gone to waste. As an Australian we are taught Australia is the world's biggest island and the world's smallest continent. The lies!
GMan M1 Ammo Can
GMan M1 Ammo Can Před 27 dny
My senior year is messed up because of covid
Peachy Sunset
Peachy Sunset Před 27 dny
So, I hadn’t watched this yet and I said 26 teeth in an adult mouth the same time as courtney
Mark Mamon
Mark Mamon Před 28 dny
After seeing these, it makes me feel better about myself, love yall tho
Caitlinxx94 Před 29 dny
Australia is 100% the largest island in the world. We are the in lot nation that is an entire continent and an island. And Australia is 4x bigger than Greenland.
Black Hawk
Black Hawk Před měsícem
The fuck is wrong with Ian’s hair? 😂
Max Crow
Max Crow Před měsícem
anyone from Australia agrees with most of the world in that it isnt its own continent, it is part of Oceania which includes New Zealand for example. so greenland isnt the biggest island. and anyone who argues probably think australia is a hoax
Daniel McCulley
Daniel McCulley Před měsícem
"I'm both and that's on god" made me crack up
Marilyn Sullivan
Marilyn Sullivan Před měsícem
Me in highshool 👁👄👁
Rodrigo Baldeon
Rodrigo Baldeon Před měsícem
I would be the asshole and put in the question: Do the Lewis structure of this Ch3ch2ch2ch3
maurice krenn
maurice krenn Před měsícem
Shayne said 3rd place, twice. He said Damien was in 3rd place also. 😂
Enrique Jimmed
Enrique Jimmed Před měsícem
I love how they keep calling Shayne whatever but his name in this game
The gaming hub
The gaming hub Před měsícem
Damien should of won easily but Ian too much of a competitive asset to let him win.
Caitlin Thompson
Caitlin Thompson Před měsícem
australia: 7,692,024 km2 greenland: 2,166,086 km2 AUSTRALIA IS THE BIGGEST ISLAND FIGHT ME
Mochi Vang
Mochi Vang Před měsícem
Im in high school now but its like online and it so hard to learn.
chroma tica
chroma tica Před měsícem
Damien won Idc
MadoGachaCookies Před měsícem
Me at 10:39 screaming at my screen: RAPUNZEL IS LEFT-HANDED AND SO IS ELSA!!! My mom in the other room: Are you okay? Me: Do. I. Look. Okay? Mom: *slowly walks out of room*
Leandra Kesuma
Leandra Kesuma Před měsícem
2:24 damien: "its the dude from witcher 3" me: "i thought his name is Geralt???"
Reed Walker
Reed Walker Před měsícem
Benedict Savage
Benedict Savage Před měsícem
Damien is so damn cute he's the smartest of them all.
Jonny's World of Music
Jonny's World of Music Před měsícem
Indian CBSE High School papers
Cairnsc19 Před měsícem
American Highschool is so much different to Australian
Fiona Nudd
Fiona Nudd Před měsícem
,,,,,,,,Al Gore? not Monica Lewinsky?
Wences Acosta
Wences Acosta Před měsícem
mia hernandez
mia hernandez Před měsícem
Frank Balls
Frank Balls Před měsícem
to be fair I only know what an oxford comma is because of the vampire weekend song, and even that song is about how useless it is
Skyler Před měsícem
I'm sorry but the H2O question wasn't entirely correct. technically it's hydrogen plus two oxygen, otherwise you'd just have HO (lmao).
Kaitykait loves fluff
Kaitykait loves fluff Před měsícem
Just saying in Canada the green light is at the top
Mamma Llama
Mamma Llama Před měsícem
We did this on Fridays in my math class, we had Disney questions and I swear 100% if my extra credit points that I got, was dedicated to my love of anatomy and Disney fanaticism.
Jocelyn Ortiz
Jocelyn Ortiz Před měsícem
"GiVe mE mY TiAnA pOiNts"😭😂
M Belle
M Belle Před měsícem
cacao is used for chocolate not vanilla
Talic-os Před měsícem
Snow White was release in the 30s. Gosh.
Talic-os Před měsícem
I didn't know that com a had a name, I actually like it, but I won't put it on my Tinder bio because Ian just shamed me =/
Sumo Kids Games
Sumo Kids Games Před měsícem
peppa pig characthers:50 freddy fox,100 george pig,150 zoe zebra,200 emily elephant food:50 apple,100 ice cream,150 choclate milkshake,200 banana drama:50 forenstic strikers 4,100 airport strikers,150 joy of life,200 brutally young people:50 raymond wong,100 selena lam,150 mandy wong,200 shaun tam logos:50 youtube,100 mcdonalds,150 tvb,200 kfc
QuickSilver Před měsícem
Man, I hated Disney princesses class in high school.
Snakiesthalo2 Před měsícem
Why do I feel like I learn more off of this then school
Remy Rand
Remy Rand Před měsícem
I knew someone would say Hawaii 😂
Kirby Main
Kirby Main Před měsícem
Luke Grant19
Luke Grant19 Před měsícem
Ian - 950 Olivia - Damian - 950 Courtney - 300 Me - 200 Oof
Julia Rae
Julia Rae Před měsícem
Rupunzel is left handed though, she brushes her hair, paints, and touches eugenes face with her left hand
assault vehicle acquired
assault vehicle acquired Před měsícem
It's not Greenland....
Some guy On youtube
Some guy On youtube Před měsícem
DamIan always almost wins then Shane goes To makE thIs HardEr fOr damIan ThIs wHIL Be wOrtH DoubLE poInTs
M A N D A Před měsícem
don’t ever apologise for being the smartest in the room :(
Elsche Rix
Elsche Rix Před měsícem
Olivia looks so down in this...
Luna Gaming
Luna Gaming Před měsícem
There’s 4 Disney princesses that are left handed 😔 Rapunzel, Elsa, tiana & Mulan
hollirichards Před měsícem
Pffft. I knew greenland! Got all but 1 one of these and I'm with courtney i barely passed
brent champagne
brent champagne Před měsícem
Street smarts flex on stoplight question
Ni Jao
Ni Jao Před měsícem
Why do I feel like Ian would take it personally if he lost?
Bob Bob
Bob Bob Před měsícem
This is so goodd! More jeopardy plz
Waddles Před měsícem
Is no one gonna talk how that biggest island question was wrong
Katie Anderson
Katie Anderson Před měsícem
I'm a female, and I still didn't think of ovulation as fast as Damien did 🤣
just speech tings
just speech tings Před měsícem
my name is Aurora and my life is now complete knowing damien has said my name thank you and goodnight
Strumpur Před měsícem
anyone at smosh: does anything well everyone else: woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!
Justin Martin
Justin Martin Před měsícem
Gave a like to this video for "that's the dude from the Witcher 3" hahaha
Vanessa Asman
Vanessa Asman Před měsícem
Is it just me or is ian winning by bullshit reasons because he's the boss?
Todor Todorov
Todor Todorov Před měsícem
Hydrogen Peroxide would be a valid answer :D
Kellen Bruce
Kellen Bruce Před měsícem
You dipshit greenland is a continent now.
R J Před měsícem
Olivia was just there
Furkan Ayas
Furkan Ayas Před měsícem
Australia is a continent, island can't be continent, but he kind thought right there. Australia can has own islands inside but Greenland can't.
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