Apple M1 Mac Review: Time to Recalibrate!

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Marques Brownlee

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The Macbook with M1 chip is... different. Time to think a little different about laptops.
That shirt:
Tech I'm using right now:
Intro Track: Equilibre by Hocus Pocus
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music:
Laptop provided by Apple for review.

Dani BL
Dani BL Před 3 hodinami
What’s the name of the channel of your twin so I can subscribe to him He seems pretty cool
Bucky8 Q
Bucky8 Q Před 6 hodinami
There are no fans in the m1 stupid
North Remembers
North Remembers Před 7 hodinami
Hello, I want some suggestion, I have my laptop with i5 5 generation processor, with 4gb ram and 1 tb HDD,and AMD radeon graphic card, so, I want to upgrade it and want to make it best to use as it gets heated when I am doing a heavy work and it's bit slow when it starts, so please give me suggestions
Muhammad Tarek
Muhammad Tarek Před 17 hodinami
Okay! Wanna Buy this piece!
MINIMAN Před 21 hodinou
Juanswe Před dnem of one hand its out of the image..:-)
Aysha Khatun
Aysha Khatun Před dnem
Great minds think alike
Harshil Sathwara
Harshil Sathwara Před dnem
Will it run heavy software such as matlab, scada and other automation softwares?
Anthony Forrest
Anthony Forrest Před dnem
Thanks....soooo...oh just made it very challenging to upgrade my oooold MacBook pro..which I really need to do like RIGHT now!,! For LOGIC PRO!!! I need to know. Thanks Marq
Sonny abw
Sonny abw Před dnem
Is it a good laptop for school
Donald Green
Donald Green Před dnem
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Andrew Robinson
Andrew Robinson Před dnem
Shout out to Paul Davids
Zain Uddin
Zain Uddin Před dnem
This or the zen book duo, I really like the touchscreen on the duo but battery life is terrible
Amay Před dnem
5:59 EMINEM ❤️
bharath medala
bharath medala Před dnem
watching this on mack book air m1 and already torrent not supported glad did not sell my pro..
Marcus Danchision
Marcus Danchision Před dnem
The deep blinker especially excite because cement analytically trap forenenst a spectacular tree. redundant, aback division
SGT_ 5WITCH Před dnem
I hoep I can buy that plsssssd
Her Unboxing
Her Unboxing Před dnem
loving my M1 mba ✨
Minhee Kim
Minhee Kim Před 2 dny
The grateful gratis kimberly problematically slip because organ splenomegaly box in a warlike wound. level, wicked blade
Marty DeLeon
Marty DeLeon Před 2 dny
Plot twist: Marques really is one of 6 sextuplets.
Ziess xX
Ziess xX Před 2 dny
nice augmented reality
Read my ABOUT section PLEASE
Read my ABOUT section PLEASE Před 2 dny
Aloha. 😊 I have something off-topic here. ✌ I'm really sorry, I'm just out of options & desperate. 😢 Can I get some help? I finally have a job opportunity that's going to start in a few days (Jan2021). But can't start yet because my laptop is broken. 💔 I've been looking forward for this job since life has been crazy when the pandemic started. I stumbled a lot of times & was able to get up somehow. But fate seems to be so fond playing with me. I need to earn for me & my family. Got bills that are due & mouths to feed. 😢 Sold my childhood toys & stuff already, to survive 2020, & don't know what else to offer. Can't even start a business again because I am not well-equipped. I badly need help. 😭 I can't take my life that easily too because I have lives that depend on me. I'm so lost. So tired. So hopeless. If you're financially blessed, please, I could really use some help right now. I just need a laptop for work or get my old one working. I can't afford one or get the old one fixed. 😭 Or if you have a spare laptop? This would mean soooo much to me & my family. 🙏🙏🙏 P.S. Please dont be mean to me. I'm too soft & vulnerable these days. 😳😳😳
Rao Muhammad Umar Farooq
Rao Muhammad Umar Farooq Před 2 dny
I saw your left cutting hand during a conversation with yourself.😁
Denis Před 2 dny
you explain it so well
Ofir Tal
Ofir Tal Před 2 dny
I’m a student and I can’t decide which laptop I want, my budget is up to 1500$. What should I buy?
Menard Dias
Menard Dias Před 2 dny
That moment you wear the same tee everyday
Karthick Anbu
Karthick Anbu Před 2 dny
Any one please give me the your old laptop...
Bastian Rivero
Bastian Rivero Před 3 dny
Its not good enough, i want a 14 inch macbook pro 💻😂✌🏼
ali sakr
ali sakr Před 3 dny
Is Ableton live available??
MA K Před 3 dny
Does 16 GB RAM drain battery faster than 8GB one . While keeping other specifications same .
Rob Wilcher
Rob Wilcher Před 3 dny
I hear you loud and clear on the wait for a bit brother!
TimpƵ Před 3 dny
Wow, it takes just under 4 seconds to open up Chrome? I remember days before chrome existed when a browser took a quarter of a second to open, we're surely in the future now!
David Roland
David Roland Před 4 dny
One of the main deterrents for me to get new phones/computers is the hassle of having to transfer all my stuff (photos, contacts, music, apps) to the new device. How does Marques make his primary something new every couple weeks..
Adwitiya Gupta
Adwitiya Gupta Před 4 dny
You just had to throw that in there right ? Great minds think alike Just to say ur smart
TECCareerTalks with Khaza
TECCareerTalks with Khaza Před 4 dny
Good description
nhẫn thiên
nhẫn thiên Před 5 dny
Shoebil Před 5 dny
Which macbook would you recommend buying on a budget for a novice video editor?
Alexander Campbell
Alexander Campbell Před 5 dny
but you can't run 16 bit programs
Breonna Claude
Breonna Claude Před 5 dny
I love the way you break down the bottom lines at the end!! Love your work bro!!!
Uthman Baksh
Uthman Baksh Před 5 dny
While the M1 Macs are exiting, I do have one question, will I be able to run Linux on it like I was able to with my MacBook Pro when I couldn't upgrade to MacOS Sierra?
Joel William
Joel William Před 5 dny
This video came at the right time for me - my laptop is a dinosaur from 2011 - it still has a CD drive aha so might upgrade to this bad boi!
Joel William
Joel William Před 5 dny
@Kevin k nice!! Also ssj3 is super dope
Kevin k
Kevin k Před 5 dny
I stiil have a 2011 Macbook air...
The lone Soldier
The lone Soldier Před 6 dny
Okay guys. Will Microsoft office any year version work on this?
ECE 40 Romit Ranjan Singh
ECE 40 Romit Ranjan Singh Před 6 dny
sir please get rid of shhh sound from your mic, else i love your videos :)
Luam Merces
Luam Merces Před 6 dny
KoolKid Před 6 dny
Dheeraj Paul
Dheeraj Paul Před 6 dny
I bought one. But did'nt perform as u said...😧😩
Stan None
Stan None Před 6 dny
funny intro. well done
Josey Bullis
Josey Bullis Před 6 dny
This some doubt screen or good editing
Egg With A Face
Egg With A Face Před 6 dny
Yo what additions came with the laptop like the GB unified and TB SSD and etc?
Galant Ghost
Galant Ghost Před 6 dny
Hey! I'm trying to decide which of these Macbooks would be best for me, the Air or Pro. I use photoshop to design things like event flyers, cd covers, social media images etc. And also use a software called Movavi to edit videos. Nothing too fancy, mainly trimming, pasting and adding various video clips and audio files together to create videos that are roughly 45 mins to an hour long. Can the Air handle this easy or should I get the pro?
Brutal Gamez
Brutal Gamez Před 7 dny
Which color is this ?
Dominique MacLellan
Dominique MacLellan Před 7 dny
Hi there and thank you for your great reviews. I am needing a laptop to replace my 21in iMac. I want to run PS and LR to edit multiple exposure images, so whilst not huge and not video, I need a lot of memory to cope. I’d rather get a 13in for convenience, as it will be my main computer, but should a I go with the larger 16in? Photography only. But large images, big file sizes. What do you think? I’d be so grateful for your input. Dominique
Amir Před 7 dny
Drifty Před 8 dny
I love your shirt
Galaxy 101
Galaxy 101 Před 8 dny
Nice top
CJ Před 8 dny
Beginning skit was unnecessary
Odin Sprauten Andøl
Odin Sprauten Andøl Před 8 dny
Could you change to the laptop as the main editing machine for your youtube channel? In could an extreme atlethe use this for video editing for like dirtbike videos where much happeneds at one?
Sandra PJ
Sandra PJ Před 8 dny
Thank you for the review ♥️
Samuel Lawani
Samuel Lawani Před 8 dny
5:59 Eminem Kamikaze Album 😋
Stephan Leonard
Stephan Leonard Před 8 dny
Now that was the review I was waiting for. Just like he said when to get your hands on the new Mac or not? As for my questions: Every single one answered and ticked. Thank you and cannot wait to see your review of the M2 processor then.
Joel Pointer
Joel Pointer Před 8 dny
You speak about computers like a consumer but producers first pick the apps they need and then pick the computer to run them.
Sami Yousaf
Sami Yousaf Před 9 dny
Old MacBook Pro : What’s the difference? M1 MacBook Pro : I got new guts
Mitch McConnell
Mitch McConnell Před 9 dny
Everyone ARMing themselves for war. But its worth the RISC.
Suneet Tumma
Suneet Tumma Před 9 dny
11:35 I don't see among us in the app store on my mac
Suneet Tumma
Suneet Tumma Před 9 dny
I have the 2017 13" mac btw.
Toya Burris
Toya Burris Před 9 dny
Thanks Marques, I have to purchase a new machine and I’m a veteran senior designer so your video has helped me decide to pass on this.
Marq Nash
Marq Nash Před 9 dny
Is this the 8 gig ram on the M1?
prasadd s
prasadd s Před 9 dny
Very very well explained bro!!!👍
Kid flash 2001
Kid flash 2001 Před 9 dny
Nice video idea
Bailey Betty
Bailey Betty Před 9 dny
The fine thumb orally answer because footnote certainly coach to a pastoral box. erratic, bright desire
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Před 9 dny
Your "tight integration" works as good as homeopathy. Just empty talks.
Kamel El-Cheikh
Kamel El-Cheikh Před 9 dny
I have had mine for a month and it has been nothing but problems believe it or not. I have a monitor hooked up to it and it keeps freezing up and now the whole system is frozen.
Hai Life
Hai Life Před 9 dny
Ok ok, wait. Please stop, hold on one minute. Before I go any further into this video. Somebody PLEASE tell me about the editing technique used to make double of yourself like that. Really Awesome.
Y A Před 9 dny
I just bought the MacBook Pro and I think for a regular users either pro or air which both come with M1 chip will be more than sufficient I do some reading and web surfing in addition to email and watching CSposts. Believe me you don't need to spend any extra money on extra RAM or memory. My wife has the intel model from two years ago and I do feel M1 is faster although for a regular daily use you won't feel the difference. Although I do believe that the new software update from apple made a huge for all chips whether its M1 or Intel. Good job apple with the new chip its amazing.
smail madani
smail madani Před 9 dny
I've seen all reviews, they all talk about performance and battery efficiency, let me ask you this, Have you tried to run an SMC or NVRAM test, another question have you tried migrating a system from an old Intel based Mac to this M1 thing, more interesting , have you tried Apple configurator 2 yet, well if you haven't yet please watch the Mr Macintosh videos and you'll figure out about the downside of Applesilicon Macs, let alone bootcamping !!!
Jonathan McIntosh
Jonathan McIntosh Před 10 dny
People seem to forget how Apple transitioned from os9 to osX and how it was when we first had to work with Rosetta. This new transition will pass by so quickly. We'll have even faster M chips and optimized apps come 2022. It'll fly by in a blip ;)
MOBELEASH Před 10 dny
V.original way to start a vid, v.interesting take on Apple's Brand Strategy focusing on experience. mobeleash
Luz Rogers
Luz Rogers Před 10 dny
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frequency Před 10 dny
i have it i fucking hate it
nick Před 9 dny
what do you hate about it?
12gt13 Před 10 dny
Would you say it’s better to switch to the Mac Pro 16 inch?
Ryan K
Ryan K Před 10 dny
I’ll buy it off u
Shreyansh Gajjar
Shreyansh Gajjar Před 10 dny
M1 is really great😎
12gt13 Před 10 dny
Do you have it? I’ve been seeing mixed reviews from M1 owners.
ItsYaBoi Duhh
ItsYaBoi Duhh Před 10 dny
2021 best quote porn taken Lmoa Great minds think alike
Héctor Eduardo Fuentealba Pelayo
Héctor Eduardo Fuentealba Pelayo Před 10 dny
You forgot I/O! :( Personally I use two screens and this doenst work for me (should be noted this)
Amudo Před 10 dny
'' There'S no one watching 10 hours of video in a row. '' Me on my computer all day '' Am I a joke to you? ''
N1COLAST 26 Před 10 dny
Even the thumbnail looks exactly like the one in Apple commercial for the instant wake thingy. That's deep
Ernest Před 11 dny
Bought the intel version like 2 mouths ago like a gigantic idiot
Diego Sama
Diego Sama Před 11 dny
Another cool thing Is Best Buy has a open box for almost $100 less for the $999 one And it’s basically just someone who opened it didn’t like it and returned it nothings wrong with it
Ryan singh
Ryan singh Před 11 dny
I agree 100%
Jayson Walls
Jayson Walls Před 11 dny
5:59 ayy! I see that kamikaze album. Good taste my guy.
Lincoln Martin
Lincoln Martin Před 11 dny
Hey what’s your twins name
arnob chowdhury
arnob chowdhury Před 11 dny
7:39 That's because these laptops don’t have cooling fans at all.
E Mojito
E Mojito Před 11 dny
Yeah it sounds like Apple has more of a marketing edge that tech edge vs android. Folks just chug the steve jobs Kool Aid at this point. I'll stick to my one plus, I don't have to impress apple snobs.
nick Před 9 dny
@Ryan K what does that have to do with this? do you feel stronger now?
Ryan K
Ryan K Před 10 dny
George Floyd deserved it
Fuckyourfeelings Před 12 dny
what a mediocre video for someone who's only creations is this crappy video
Phantom Před 12 dny
3:12 that was only satisfying to watch
Punitha Reddy Mandalreddy
Punitha Reddy Mandalreddy Před 12 dny
t shirt art-------- BTSx Samsung collab ! (bts logo with samsung flip phones....kudos artist :) )
Lucian Stirbu
Lucian Stirbu Před 12 dny
PC users : oh the mac is better again ^%^
Nomega Publishing
Nomega Publishing Před 12 dny
Super dope intro!
Suraj Singh
Suraj Singh Před 12 dny
LOL Great Intro
Ryan Carter
Ryan Carter Před 12 dny
giving me serious Social Network/Winklevoss vibes. lol
WOLFY Před 12 dny
What about a school computer I need one next summer
BnBrk Před 12 dny
When it's charging, i feel the static electric clearly when I just touch the metal parts of my macbook. Should I request a change? Some forums say that the problem was solved with the extension cable.
Sarah Sophia
Sarah Sophia Před 12 dny
Yeah I dunno my last mac had logic board issues. I expected a lot more longevity from it
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