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Ants Australia

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In this documentary on ant keeping, I cover all the strange happenings inside a large colony of “Spider Ants” (Leptomyrmex erythrocephalus). From their spider-like body structure to their wingless queens, to their massive repletes, and their bat-like nesting behaviors...Some very odd ants indeed!
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Written, narrated, filmed, and edited by Jordan Dean.
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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

G J Před 3 hodinami
But they only have 6 legs
Peter Gambier
Peter Gambier Před 20 hodinami
I'd never heard of Spider ants before so thanks for the interesting post AA, a really cool species that reminds me of Honeypot ants.
이규빈 Před 22 hodinami
오늘 있었던 시드니 파웰 변호사의 인터뷰를 조금 전에 봤다. 다른 내용도 중요하지만 다 제쳐두고 박영아 교수님 관련된 부분만 언급하고 싶다. 시드니 변호사는 펜실베니아의 선거 결과가 일어날 확률이 동전 186,000번 던졌을때 같은 면이 나올 확률과 같다고 표현을 했다. 그리고 통계적으로 반박 불가능한 증거를 확보했다고 한다. 그런데 지금 트럼프 법률팀에 조인한 세계적인 통계학자와 수학자들이 10여명에 달한다는 기사를 어디에서 봤다. 이들은 Sworn Declaration 을 제출하고 법정에서 전문가적 의견을 증언할 예정이라고 했다. 다른 것 보다, 415 부정선거 의혹이 터졌을 때, 박영아 교수님이 동전던지기 확률을 언급했는데, 이병태, 이경전, 박원호 등 개허접 쌔끼들이, '어떻게 선거라는 사건을 동전던지기 확률로 설명하냐'고 미친 듯이 비웃고 발광을 했었다. 그리고 이병태는 진지하게 폼을 잡으면서, '이건 조건부 확률이다'라는 개소리를 떠들었다. (개소리가 맞는데 자세히 설명하면 길어지니 생략) 나야 통계 지식이 짧아서, 동전던지기 확률로 표현하는게 옳은 건지는 모른다. 그런데 예일, 프린스턴, MIT 출신 수학자, 통계학자 10명이 모여서 펜실베니아 선거 결과를 동전 186,000번 던졌을때 같은 면이 나올 확률이라고 표현을 했다. 이것이 엉터리라고 비웃고 깔깔거렸던 이병태, 이경전, 박원호의 통계학 지식의 수준은? 개허접? 학벌에 의존해서 판단하는 것이 꼭 올바른 것은 아니지만, 예일, 프린스턴, MIT 출신 현역 수학자, 통계학자가 맞춤법도 틀리는 이병태, 박원호, 이경전보다는 신뢰할만하다고 생각된다. 미국 애들 떠들기 휠씬 이전에, 부정선거에 관해서 동전던지기를 언급하신 박교수님을 존경합니다. .
Nick Homer
Nick Homer Před 23 hodinami
Ants are amazing. They work together just like we should but don't.
hboogi1 Před dnem
Is this channel in any relation to Ants Canada?
Jeff Klaubo
Jeff Klaubo Před dnem
Legend has it, the scientists who named them decided "long legs" wasn't kinky enough. Ended up on "daddy long legs"
Malcolm Wolfe
Malcolm Wolfe Před dnem
Spider Ant! Spider Ant.. ...does whatever a spider ant does...
lokis Mischief
lokis Mischief Před dnem
Omg they're so cute!!!
Simon W.T. Cheung
Simon W.T. Cheung Před dnem
In ants Canada
Simon W.T. Cheung
Simon W.T. Cheung Před dnem
I liked vampire ants better
Simon W.T. Cheung
Simon W.T. Cheung Před dnem
It's not
Simon W.T. Cheung
Simon W.T. Cheung Před dnem
Ants Canada :regular ant drama and love for ants Ants Australia:spider ants
Jason S
Jason S Před 2 dny
One of the best things I've watched on CSposts this year
Leon McCarthy
Leon McCarthy Před 3 dny
good stuff
Daniel Danvers
Daniel Danvers Před 3 dny
I don't know what to make off them, as i have arachnophobia. But ant's are my favourite creature so yes I love them. Maybe they are the solution to my spider fear🤔.
NovelSea Před 3 dny
Ants Canada and ants Australia
antscanada : ah finally a worth oponet
Gudrun Sundberg
Gudrun Sundberg Před 5 dny
Hello it would be amazing if you could have a fight of trapjaw ants or other insects
Justus Mitchell
Justus Mitchell Před 5 dny
Hey I went to your ANTSCANADA page and I couldn’t find where you sell your ant queen’s mind helping me out with that.
Wil Adams
Wil Adams Před 6 dny
Thank you for this report. It was interesting and well presented. In the Kalahari desert there are ants that have 'honey pots' that store food in liquid form, and they also hang upside down from the ceiling of the nest.
winterzYT roblox
winterzYT roblox Před 7 dny
*softly* Don't.
Mark Před 7 dny
they have cool color coordianation
Tyler PlaysThings
Tyler PlaysThings Před 7 dny
I was waiting to see one of them break their combo but I wasn't actually expecting one of their combos to actually break
Sin Synn
Sin Synn Před 9 dny
These are like, the coolest looking ants I've ever seen.
umm huh?
umm huh? Před 9 dny
Why do the ants feel like a pikmin game to me 😂😂
peter8488 Před 9 dny
Dang Australia has the most scariest creatures and killing plants, build a wall around that nature's experiment went horribly wrong.
I have a small willy but,
I have a small willy but, Před 11 dny
Imagine being born an ant exited to explore and protect the colony to only be turned into a storage unit
Hi there Person
Hi there Person Před 11 dny
Spider ants...Ant Australia Something is going on here that I do not like
Caleb Wells
Caleb Wells Před 12 dny
I've literally never heard the name cellar spider before this video. Pretty sure nobody who speaks english calls them that.
Walker Saraiva
Walker Saraiva Před 12 dny
Want to see Ants Australia vs AntsCanada
Alejandro Martinez
Alejandro Martinez Před 13 dny
What I noticed was the easiest way to differentiate the queen spider ant from the workers was that the abdomen is completely dark instead of dark with transparent bands.
Bibble Boo
Bibble Boo Před 13 dny
Congratulations on your historic find! SUB-scribed.
Mr. Smiles
Mr. Smiles Před 14 dny
There like honeypot ants
Craig Burpitt
Craig Burpitt Před 14 dny
Daddy long legs We got them in uk
PHLMTB network
PHLMTB network Před 14 dny
So thats a wannabe spider
Bernadine Whitworth
Bernadine Whitworth Před 14 dny
These little guys are beautiful ! I just love how they make baby bouquets !
Bernadine Whitworth
Bernadine Whitworth Před 14 dny
Marvelous little creatures ! Excellent video ! Thank you !
XenoX Před 15 dny
A documentary on a different kind of species of ant that also uses repletes mentioned they position them on the roof of chambers to avoid damaging the repletes as their abdomens are so distended they tend to be very fragile and vulnerable.
Jacob Před 16 dny
Kill it with fire
TheExotoxin Před 17 dny
One information for all Gamers and Ants lovers.Here is a new Game"Empires of the Undergrowth".
No You1127
No You1127 Před 17 dny
I just noticed their youtube channel name, it reminds me a lot about Ants Canada's yt channel, but I'll still sub:) Ants are cool
SKY Před 18 dny
Very efficient ants! And that queen, are you kidding? She's gotta burn some extra energy running around, shes already laid so many larve.
Mr memez Is noice0763
Mr memez Is noice0763 Před 18 dny
Ants sus????!?!?
chisel chin
chisel chin Před 18 dny
theres a speces in the united states called "daddy longlegs" it's real name is a harvestman, it's an arachnid but not a spider
FGV Gravity
FGV Gravity Před 18 dny
what is this a copy of ants Canada 😂
Clayton Reed
Clayton Reed Před 18 dny
I'm impressed that this is a species that Antscanada didn't have
MineTerra Gaming
MineTerra Gaming Před 19 dny
spider-ant larvae: the forbidden pasta
EDIT MODE Před 19 dny
just PLEASE....LORD.....dont let there be such a thing as SPIDER MOSQUITOS
Shawn McDowell
Shawn McDowell Před 19 dny
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Kevin Mu
Kevin Mu Před 19 dny
Damnn por male ants, after he have sex he die.... how long time queen ant lives?
D3F4ULT INPUT Před 20 dny
Once when my father was a young boy, he found an ant with a stomachs full of honey, he fucking ate that lil nigga
Dillon Perry
Dillon Perry Před 20 dny
Oklahoma here, kind of other side of the world, we have daddy long legs too, but I think it's a type of harvestman here... don't think they're true spiders
Klaus Hermann
Klaus Hermann Před 20 dny
It's funny how their had is orange and the rest of their body is black.
Frederick Zaijan Williams
Frederick Zaijan Williams Před 20 dny
If that ant got in toy hand I will scream like a little girl
michael corley
michael corley Před 21 dnem
I always feel like "Somebody's watching me" . And I have no privacy .
Etam Lak
Etam Lak Před 20 dny
Do you genuinely believe your message is interesting to anyone here?
Stop sniffin
Stop sniffin Před 21 dnem
What's next, Frog birds??
Ast Před 21 dnem
The repletes look like ornaments! They're beautiful
HOW_TO_SCREAM Před 23 dny
Remember! an ant colony is just a miniature Alabama
Paul Yegorov
Paul Yegorov Před 24 dny
Ray Hill
Ray Hill Před 24 dny
They look more like they're wearing pajamas. Call them pajama ants
S Matthews
S Matthews Před 27 dny
xXxGunMasterxXx Před 27 dny
"If you can't beat them, join them"
Dominic Carrico
Dominic Carrico Před 27 dny
It's always in Australia
Mark Honey
Mark Honey Před 29 dny
Cardi b but as a ant
"For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of His mouth cometh knowledge and understanding." Proverbs 2:6! I'm in love with JESUS! "All things were made by Him; and without Him was not any thing made that was made." John 1:3!
Anipix Před 23 dny
Errrmmmm kinda cringe bro ngl
Gerald Yap
Gerald Yap Před měsícem
I've got a ant spider specimen tho. A spider that look like ant
VarietyPax Před měsícem
Is anyone else noticing how this channel seems to just be a copy and paste of Ants Canada?? The name, the style, the presentation, the wording, the format, the business that sells ant enclosures, need I go on?
Age of the Ant -
Age of the Ant - Před měsícem
Seriously cute!
Nothing Sempai
Nothing Sempai Před měsícem
Ants Canada ants Australia what next ants universe
Austria Hungary
Austria Hungary Před měsícem
Spider ants spider ants they do spider ant stuff when they see food they go collect it for the colony
Healthy Acid Elemental
Healthy Acid Elemental Před měsícem
They should add that into the game Overgrowth or whatever the name was
BôbaTeä Před měsícem
I can't believe you would copy AntsCanada why would you copy a name?!
*CatSquared* Před měsícem
We call them "Daddy Long legs" here in the US as well. ☺️👍
Tobias Siagian
Tobias Siagian Před měsícem
its like the honeycomb ants i think because some of them have big tail/or something i dont know the name
Staniay Před měsícem
IO88888YTFDC Aawwdr4
James Burke
James Burke Před měsícem
When animals hang off of their claws it is to be energy efficient also they use less energy upside-down keeping themselves off any surfaces keeping you cleaner.
Bibe Před měsícem
This is the gay version of ants Canada XD
Joshua D'Altilia
Joshua D'Altilia Před měsícem
There's another channel about ants called Ants Canada but this is Ants Australia
Maryanne Bishop-Brown
Maryanne Bishop-Brown Před měsícem
Very different
PokémonBro Před měsícem
Seems like you have almost the same name as ants Canada And I like it
Jessica S
Jessica S Před měsícem
they are amazing, really beautiful ants. that said... I'm glad I wasn't born an ant. the social structuring while very interesting is a bit disturbing for an individual life point of view. which is true for many ants and insects.... and other animal species when I start to think about it. well, no matter - I had fun watching this, well wishes for the future.
bastygamer RBX
bastygamer RBX Před měsícem
Antscanada vs antsaustralia Whos better? Tell ur opinions in the comment section below.
Khyrid Před měsícem
We need some people to become repletes, the future is uncertain. Prepare to have food puked down your mouth until your stomach stretches to its limits.
BaconGod Plays
BaconGod Plays Před měsícem
Is this a bootleg ants canada
Thomas Vronik
Thomas Vronik Před měsícem
Ants are now true nightmares to me...
har ki
har ki Před měsícem
This is kinda like ant Canada
har ki
har ki Před měsícem
Now here comes another marvel hero
Digamas Před měsícem
So did you just feed them with dead crickets, or did you also try some live prey? Great little homes you made, they seem to enjoy settling in. Thanks for sharing.
Lord Sebulon
Lord Sebulon Před měsícem
will there be a update video soon
ANTonio, czyli o mrówkach
ANTonio, czyli o mrówkach Před měsícem
I think i wanna start Spider ants colony.
craig roberts
craig roberts Před měsícem
I think 🤔 the spider ant replete holding the larvae, could be using Trophallaxis to feed them as like a 24-7 food machine.... Would be cool and smart if they did
Billy Bailey Jr
Billy Bailey Jr Před měsícem
Ant Saus
MP Sins
MP Sins Před měsícem
*slaps antenna against the homie* "aye man I'm hungry" the homie: "ight open your mouth I got you"
celtic blaidd
celtic blaidd Před 8 dny
Tommy Blansett
Tommy Blansett Před měsícem
The use of repletes by spider ants, reminds me of the honey ants of deserts in southwestern of the United States. These honey ants repletes used to be hunted to eat by tribal people in the area. They also have a war dance competition with neighboring colonies without contact combat unless & until the numbers of ants on one side vastly out number their opponents. If done the larger group rushes the smaller group entering the smaller nest wiping out killing the queen and carrying off the repletes, eggs and larvae. If I remeber correctly they may raise some of the eggs and larvae as slaves while eating the rest as food along with the repletes. They also have interesting behavior with different species of ants. Single honey ants attacking single harvest ants to steal food the harvester ant is carrying. Some times ant ant species will block entrances of honey ants by dropping pebbles or spraying poisons to keep honey ants from leaving.
Rolly Herrera
Rolly Herrera Před měsícem
I Love to kill Ants, but you have softened my heart..
alveolate hermeneutist
alveolate hermeneutist Před měsícem
guys, there's also such a thing as an Ant Spider...
It be like That
It be like That Před měsícem
Is it just me or are ants so kind 😌
Doggie Ghost
Doggie Ghost Před měsícem
Fuck you antscanada is better, asshole
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown Před měsícem
ants austrailia ants canada ants america ants california ants FlOrIdA
Leo Zikpi
Leo Zikpi Před měsícem
super rare foteg
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