Animators React to Bad & Great Cartoons 2

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Niko and Clint are back with Veteran Animator and Director Eric Koenig to break down some of the best and worst animations throughout history.
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Chitose Greene
Chitose Greene Před 10 hodinami
Idk why but the spider man style looks like the walking dead game graphics
John Mei
John Mei Před 23 hodinami
boogiepop and others 2019, dororo 2019, vinland saga, demon slayer, akudama drive
BATTIS94 Před dnem
I've always thought It was kinda funny that they used mayan motifs for Road To El Dorado, considering El Dorado was inspired by the Muisca mythology and had nothing to do with mesoamerican civilizations.
aaeiou90 Před dnem
Link: The Faces of Evil cutscenes for bad animation.
Simon Hall
Simon Hall Před 2 dny
Please, please, PLEASE do 1999 Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade
Bicboi0501 KΔϺI
Bicboi0501 KΔϺI Před 2 dny
React to more anime. No explaination needed
short kyuu
short kyuu Před 3 dny
Ooh. They could also do things like Your Name and Whisker’s Away Or even things like Paprika! Which was the movie that inspired Inception.
AriesT Před 6 dny
In my opinion, Miyazaki and Ghibli is better than Disney. Every single one of his films is a masterpiece and none shy away from including adult themes that children are able to understand as well. Unlike modern day Hollywood, those films are never targeted at the dumbest possible audience but always treat the audience, especially the kids, with respect. Japanese filmmaking / anime was never afraid of showing grotesque scenes and blood which is much better and educational than the dumbed down "don't scare the kids" attitude of anything below PG-13 from Hollywood nowadays.
Mate Szogyi
Mate Szogyi Před 6 dny
You should definitely check out Ruben Brandt, Collector. 2018 movie with a unique design referencing lot of paintings and other artworks in it. I'm interested in what you think about it.
Atom Gasp
Atom Gasp Před 6 dny
*No Animators react series can be complete without the Animated Lord of the Rings*
[Ecchi] Před 6 dny
You should absolutely react to the paint sequence of The Sadness of Belladonna
Matthias Meister
Matthias Meister Před 9 dny
Can you guys do some kind of comparison between the "gold old" cartoons like Duck Tales, Pokemon etc. and their modern reimaginations? Thx ✌🏻
Jackson Weber
Jackson Weber Před 10 dny
You should look at Primal on adult swim, absolutely stunning visuals
Ignacio Vicent
Ignacio Vicent Před 11 dny
PLEASE! react to "The red Turtle", "Princess Kaguya", "Song of the Sea", "Tekkon Kinkreet" and "5 Centimeters Per Second" (or any Makoto shinkai´s film). Your video reactions are SOOO inspiring. THANKS!
Vanny Agustina
Vanny Agustina Před 11 dny
That train section on Spirited Away... Love it!!
Francisco Santiago
Francisco Santiago Před 11 dny
Family guy peter vs chicken fight sequence season 10 episode 23
NMuniverse Před 12 dny
I have a confession to make. I have never seen a Gibli Studio movie because of the first few scenes of spirited away. It terrified me and for the longest I had an inmate “fear” of that animation style.
KennyTheDingus Před 13 dny
They should really react to Masaaki Yuasa’s work such as devil man crybaby or tatami galaxy. Or the Mob Psycho 100 animation.
SKB Před 13 dny
Berserk 2016/2017 pls
Mas Daffe
Mas Daffe Před 13 dny
Love that yall did Spirited Away. Yall mentioned "Prince of Egypt" and "Road to El Dorado," could yall do a more detailed version of those. And "Land Before Time," I want to throw it waaaaaaaay back.
Rishab Nair
Rishab Nair Před 14 dny
can you guys please react to this -
András Papp
András Papp Před 16 dny
It's also really cool that in the music there is a motif of Miles, and there is a motif for Spider-Man(basically the Hero motif, every Spider-man uses this). When Miles starts moving on ones the music also changes and instead of Miles' it starts using the Spider-Man motif :)
Jason Palmer
Jason Palmer Před 16 dny
Dunno if this would count, but I'd love for you guys to react to Fan.tasia by Lindsay McCutcheon. It's not really an original animation, but a mash-up of Disney movies. And it's really well made and worth a reaction
Notebook Bench
Notebook Bench Před 17 dny
how about cgi in anime? Attack on Titan Demon Slayer Fate Zero Deathnote
TeeBest Před 18 dny
React to anything from Bones Studio (Full metal alchemist brother hood especially Mustang's fire, Mob Psycho, My hero academia) or Jujutsu Kaisen (animation, fluidity and camera movement are insane)
Gabriel Wenli
Gabriel Wenli Před 19 dny
Great video but a bit lacking on the "bad" aspect imo, it would be interesting to hear an animator's thoughts about how things can go wrong. Why not talk about shows like Musashi Gundoh or Zaizen Jotaro for example?
DeesDoodles Před 20 dny
If we having another anime episode, I would love to see you react to Garden of Words cus I still flip my lid seeing some of the shots
Korvacc __
Korvacc __ Před 20 dny
React to korra and mako vs the chi blockers from season one of the legend of korra
Daniela Martinez
Daniela Martinez Před 20 dny
More Studio Ghibli plsssssss
Nullson Andro
Nullson Andro Před 21 dnem
Hi crew, love your work !! :) Challenge for the episode: How can you make CGI Titan from 'Attack on titan' If u can make an episode of U creating this titan transformation from a real person to CGI character [and make it believable and epic :) ] Please do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it, Thanks Do it Do it now!
Au_Scavenger Před 24 dny
Can you react to the 1995 Ghost in the Shell?
Sei Lee
Sei Lee Před 24 dny
The foregoing protocol intermittently overflow because interviewer phytogeographically appear lest a scarce moustache. slow, towering nancy
Joaco K
Joaco K Před 25 dny
react to Ratatoing
Elliot Rees
Elliot Rees Před 25 dny
Please talk about Klaus if you haven't already!
liet Před 26 dny
Naruto vs Pain?
Orion Sickels
Orion Sickels Před 26 dny
Please please watch and react to the music video to “Magnum Bullets” by NightRunner
Rouman Bell
Rouman Bell Před 26 dny
did you do it yet okay okay i will give you some more time to make the big spider and it,s part man part spider
Joel Vaiser
Joel Vaiser Před 27 dny
The Thief and the Cobbler. Master piece.
Seymour Brown
Seymour Brown Před 27 dny
the scene in the end of evangelion where asuka is fighting the mass produced evas is a great scene
Melvin Wärmpf
Melvin Wärmpf Před 27 dny
The Fate Series. Especially Zero and Unlimited Blade Works.
Kenan Ridgway
Kenan Ridgway Před 28 dny
React to upgrade
Sylven Ryth
Sylven Ryth Před 28 dny
You guys have got to react to the Animator vs Animation vids.
Leo K
Leo K Před měsícem
Did you guys ever do Futurama? I think there's some fun stuff to react to, like how they integrated 3d models into a cartoon, depicted 3d cartoon characters going into a 2d world, 4d world, character design, etc
Blynder Před měsícem
Y’all should do the dragon ball super broly movie
Randoninho Před měsícem
Just came here to see the Ghibli content
Philip Wiegand
Philip Wiegand Před měsícem
React to the Animatrix It could be a whole episode in itself. Also, at some point you need to do the explosion of the earth from Titan A.E. A whole team worked hard on just that one scene, paid attention to things like tectonic plate locations and other things that animators don't usually pay attention to for an explosion like that.
Chinmay patki
Chinmay patki Před měsícem
do gaara vs Rock lee
Nichole Klychak
Nichole Klychak Před měsícem
Would be crazy awesome and a good throwback to “Original Star Wars Rap Song” it was written and done awhile ago but would love a revamp with some great effects! #usetheforce #runtodagobah
Kate Duranczyk
Kate Duranczyk Před měsícem
Yall should talk about the 2nd opening for the anime Mob Psycho 100. It has so many different art styles that it would be super interesting to see.
tsengel erdenetuya
tsengel erdenetuya Před měsícem
Yoo demon slayer episode 19 reaction
Sebastian Krumscheid
Sebastian Krumscheid Před měsícem
„Ernest & Célestine“ has a very unique and great looking drawing style. Definitely worth a look.
Eddie Lehecka
Eddie Lehecka Před měsícem
Dude really knows what he's talking about with animation, but I cringed when he said "John Kirby" when referencing Jack Kirby's comic book work.
drudigger Před měsícem
Yoo huge shoutout to cats dont dance, probably would be dead or some shit without that movie.
Brad White
Brad White Před měsícem
I'd love to see Animators react to "The Rescuers Down Under" as one of the earliest pictures to use CAPS
Lain Present Time
Lain Present Time Před měsícem
any satoshi kon. perfect blue, millenium actress, tokyo godfathers and paprika are masterpieces
NekoDragon Animations
NekoDragon Animations Před měsícem
Do some stunning amine like "Kimi no Na Wa" and such I'm currently re-watching Castlevania again, and I'm so in love with the style
RebeccaSummers Summers
RebeccaSummers Summers Před měsícem
The clumsy whiskey serendipitously twist because bronze holly wrap across a questionable sofa. disgusted, stupid waiter
Gallagher Boragay
Gallagher Boragay Před měsícem
I know this is late but.. Please react to the evolution of the animations of THE ANIME (One Piece) Like from Zoro's fight with Hawkeye in The restaurant were Sanji works... And Zoro's fight with Killer in WANO
Gallagher Boragay
Gallagher Boragay Před měsícem
I hope this get Noticed and pls react to some Other anime like "Attack on Titan", "My Hero Academia", and many more... And i hope there an otaku/weeb in the corridor crew
GodisReal Před měsícem
I love to see you guys react to The Final Agni Kai from Avatar the Last AirBender.
Abdullah Sharw
Abdullah Sharw Před měsícem
12:21 "Hey everyone its time for the video where sound quality recorded in a sound proof studio drops by 97% for no reason"
King Goodra
King Goodra Před měsícem
Could ypu do movies by Tomm Moore next time? His style is incredibly abstract
Sanai Broxton
Sanai Broxton Před měsícem
Did you guys review Incredibles? or Atlantis pls do that one :)
Dario Jimenez
Dario Jimenez Před měsícem
Hi, my godfather is a current animator living in California, he has work at avatar last airbender season 3 and a artist director in rick and morty his name is Juan mesa Leon . I think he would love to be in the show
Scott Manning
Scott Manning Před měsícem
Would love to see one on Klaus
Robert R
Robert R Před měsícem
Batman: The Animated Series & Cowboy Bebop
theKWOKA Před měsícem
Miyazaki gets so much love but Satoshi Jon was really a whole step above.
E-MAN Před měsícem
Spirited away Was one of those movies that is absolutely beautiful But I can’t stand I don’t know why
Firebeatle Gaming
Firebeatle Gaming Před měsícem
How does a elephant play piano?!
nhez_marga Před měsícem
I literally saw the girl from spirited away and IMMEDIATELY clicked.
Andrex [145]
Andrex [145] Před měsícem
"A movie I worked on called road to el dorado" yeah no I just worked on this little known movie you've probably never heard of it
Down hill Thomas
Down hill Thomas Před měsícem
Did anyone else notice that you said Fantasia scared him as a child and it was made in the 1940s? So he is over 80?
Dresden Před měsícem
Black Teen
Si Arsuk
Si Arsuk Před měsícem
Before these animators react, let them show their creations first lol
Sharmin Ullah
Sharmin Ullah Před měsícem
This was such a charming episode. Thank you all!
Fin Tungate
Fin Tungate Před měsícem
eric is my favourite guest youve ever had, awesome guy
C. Johnson
C. Johnson Před měsícem
Shane Madej looks like Walt Disney
Jacob Před měsícem
Jojo's bizarre adventure (any parts or the openings, especially the ops) and sturgill simpson presents sound & fury
Anna Johnston
Anna Johnston Před měsícem
Plead react to the anime “Wolf Children” it’s so sad but amazing
cetusipy Před měsícem
draft kings? Talk about throwing money away, know your audience lol.
Taras Molotilin
Taras Molotilin Před měsícem
Folks, how about this gem? It’s a cartoon by a soviet animation studio. I think you might enjoy this particular style. There’s also a similarly drawn rendition of “Treasure island” but it’s feature-length, so might not be suitable for a short reaction vid
Zzay 334
Zzay 334 Před měsícem
joaco4702 Před měsícem
react to dragon ball super broly pls they mix 2D animation with 3D all the time
ARvind Před měsícem
*Demon Slayer S1 Ep.19*
Blabbererer Před měsícem
*Jack Kirby not John
Presto Cranius
Presto Cranius Před měsícem
toomany ads and a sponser
S. Hunter
S. Hunter Před měsícem
could you talk about how they might have done the 3d like pan in Betty boop episode "Grampy 'A song a day' " heres a link to the episode
Pr1ckaly-BRICKS Před měsícem
Christopher MacKay
Christopher MacKay Před měsícem
Redline, Initial D and Nabari no Ou
Kairi1416 Před měsícem
Since Christmas is coming, why not Klaus? It also had an interesting use of 2D animation. Perhaps also Toy Story, for being the first 3D animated movie.
Puffy Před měsícem
I'm actually curious on how you guys would talk about how Arc System Works animated their recent fighting games like Guilty Gear and Dragonball Fighterz. They did a talk about how they basically broke the 3D animation tools on purpose just to simulate human errors in hand-drawn animation.
lp mobb
lp mobb Před měsícem
You guys should check out Avatar the Last Airbender, the TV show
TheTruFullmetal Před měsícem
Fullmetal alchemist
Rahul Gogoi
Rahul Gogoi Před měsícem
Do anime
ivan campos
ivan campos Před měsícem
I would love It you reqct to the anime movie RED LINE great animation and a lot of shit happening at the same Time in any frame
Heather Whitebread
Heather Whitebread Před měsícem
You should check out Loving Vincent!
Jegan RGM-89
Jegan RGM-89 Před měsícem
Could you please react to gundam unicorn
Zevi4774 Před měsícem
Can you guys do Batman Ninja please
Mr. Ant
Mr. Ant Před měsícem
React to something from naotoshi shida
amt vashishtha
amt vashishtha Před měsícem
One video on indian movie RA ONE
The Big Continent
The Big Continent Před měsícem
Pingpong by Masaaki Yuasa, one of the most unique styled animation out there, done by an extremely talanted and well known studio team.
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