Animating in Microsoft POWER POINT - It's ACTUALLY GREAT!?!

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Submit your Power Point animation to Twitter before Dec 10th 2020 using #PowerPointAnimator for your chance to win some great Huion Prizes! (show in tweet how it was made in PP)
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Txxpical Tylxr
Txxpical Tylxr Před 50 minutami
mean while me drawing a blob becoming a bad block that is wiggly: NOICE IMMA ENTER THIS
ended - random story/animations
ended - random story/animations Před 4 hodinami
yea I also tried animating stickman through powerpoint eversince I was 15 along with ms paint you can see it for yourself : _Note : if you're thinking that I was tryna advertise my channel._ _well... kinda..._ I never knew that this was a thing now. Also this wasn't popular back in my time, until today. I really appreciate that.
God Před 4 hodinami
Well, I made a full (but very short) animated series here on CSposts pretty much using PowerPoint, but I used more the transformation transition and my own version of characters rigging to avoid doing frame by frame animation. PowerPoint is powerful
Derek Yarno
Derek Yarno Před 5 hodinami
+1 for "animate blood"
Sepia Smith
Sepia Smith Před 5 hodinami
I.... am genuinely excited at this??? wow. like others have said: this is a great cheap way to try out animation if you've always wanted to....... brb gonna go make the animatic I dreamed of with PowerPoint and VSDC
Ali Yeets
Ali Yeets Před 6 hodinami
Me: 12 Krita Jazza: 12 Powerpoint
Lumiere Sketches
Lumiere Sketches Před 7 hodinami
2:28 literally me with any animated movie and a sketchbook
BobbybearAlpha Před 8 hodinami
Not Microsoft PowerPoint it’s Microsoft Animate, Watch out adobe.
bluesillybeard2 bczhefgthspswd
bluesillybeard2 bczhefgthspswd Před 9 hodinami
me who uses linux: *sigh...* at least I got LibreOffice! :D
Edelyse Před 11 hodinami
How many drawing tablets has he got at this point? Like one every month for years!!
Deborah White
Deborah White Před 12 hodinami
Yes do a how to animate blood vid LOL
SHEMA FAYZO Před 14 hodinami
Nice work
Erfan Morshedzade
Erfan Morshedzade Před 23 hodinami
Can I have just one of your tablets that you are not using? I can't buy so I am on other work ;,,-(
Gabie Robles
Gabie Robles Před dnem
Jazza with Powerpoint 2021: THIS IS SO GOOD!!! Me stuck in Powerpoint 2013: dkjsbvkjdfhuv HAHAHAHAH
Tanishia Hendricks
Tanishia Hendricks Před dnem
*Cries in flash* Also this feels so Newgrounds
Rubix Před dnem
The 2nd animation looks like it was done by alien beacker
Liam Rolfe
Liam Rolfe Před dnem
This brings me back to when I always used pivot stockman animator
honey._b Před dnem
I knew there was the possibility to animate on PowerPoint..... BUT NEVER AT LEVEL !!!
Aarko Guha
Aarko Guha Před dnem
Kevin Walters Jr
Kevin Walters Jr Před dnem
it cracked open.......the opposite way.....
Vaclav Krejci
Vaclav Krejci Před dnem
PowerPoint is underrated for sure
Victor Valansuela 2
Victor Valansuela 2 Před dnem
Animate in pls
Nicole P
Nicole P Před 2 dny
This is how I started animating! I didn't have any good programs so I'd just make little animations and games in powerpoint, for one it had over a hundred slides and lagged so much and it was extremely basic game but it still works alright and its cool jazza is trying it
Kervy GoodVibes Videos
Kervy GoodVibes Videos Před 2 dny
Time management Brad
Tropical Viking
Tropical Viking Před 2 dny
Yes i want a how to animate blood video definitely! I only know about solid impact splatter. Will likely use these.. Just started Tbh.
David Felipe Fajardo Arenas
David Felipe Fajardo Arenas Před 2 dny
OMG I do that too. literly my Yt ch is made like that
Lutfi Yandi
Lutfi Yandi Před 2 dny
You are very talented beyond my expectations 😂
Ye Yulie
Ye Yulie Před 2 dny
Thats really smooth
LegendaryM Před 3 dny
i'm a animator but no money for that i decide to buy a ps5 instead of that :(
Akimates Před 3 dny
Son: "Mom, can I have an animation app" Mom: "No, we have an animation app at home" The animation app at home: *PowerPoint*
XxHAM1DxX Před 3 dny
Jazza is soo cool
Sean Awojobi
Sean Awojobi Před 3 dny
Can onion skin mode be turned on in power point as well?🤔
Arjanimations Před 2 dny
I don’t think so
AutoCreation Před 4 dny
imagine if he collabs with benny productions.
something else
something else Před 4 dny
Theironken GG
Theironken GG Před 4 dny
I just want jazza to make a compilation of Him laughing
Osama JT
Osama JT Před 4 dny
I love how brilliantly stupid this channel is I just subscribed
Dortysox ツ
Dortysox ツ Před 5 dny
pleas give link to download all your sound effects plzzzz
Fraz Gaming
Fraz Gaming Před 5 dny
Why do u wear them gloves?
JJ Mas Gaming
JJ Mas Gaming Před 5 dny
ur Amazing
M Q Před 6 dny
Woah, how the F did I get here? I feel animated.
RiSk Před 6 dny
I currently use PowerPoint to "make graphics" 😂😂
idk im bored
idk im bored Před 7 dny
"that was good blood" HOLY CRAP, ARE YOU A VAMPIRE NOW
Hello Studios Animation
Hello Studios Animation Před 7 dny to
2y Rajiv Ramlogan
2y Rajiv Ramlogan Před 7 dny
can i pls have a huion pls i wanna be like you your my inspiration, my sensei pls im only 13 thx
Insignia Před 9 dny
Jazza how comes he cracks his head open during the fall but the crack is on the other side ? And then the organs falling out from a headwound ? 🤣
Abdullah Kudhoos
Abdullah Kudhoos Před 9 dny
Jazza is amazing and funny but seriously HOW DO YOU DRAW SOO GOOD!!!!!!!
Ayaan Shah
Ayaan Shah Před 9 dny
This is really just about to hit 1 mil views its at 999,871
Im Nab
Im Nab Před 9 dny
Real World Magic
Real World Magic Před 9 dny
Yes definitely how to animate blood!!!
Be my Friend
Be my Friend Před 9 dny
VJAcollections Před 10 dny
I had no idea that animations could be made with pp till this video, woooooow coooolllll
Khotso Dube
Khotso Dube Před 10 dny
I started animating using MS-Paint and I still use it today, believe it or not?! Check out my gallery on (khotsodube . deviantart . com )
Khotso Dube
Khotso Dube Před 10 dny
I actually started animating using MS-Paint and I'm still using it today, believe it or not?! Check out the link to one of my MS-Paint creations: more in my gallery.
velouracaywood Před 10 dny
My first animation (and only animation) was in flipaclip and i still dont know why it is 4 fps
Amery Keller
Amery Keller Před 11 dny
Why is the Chosen one fighting the. Chosen one- -
Benji Pixel
Benji Pixel Před 11 dny
Not enough Blood
Ryan Drawz
Ryan Drawz Před 12 dny
Well my pc just broke a while ago :/
•MayCat Animations•
•MayCat Animations• Před 13 dny
how much animatior watching this vid I I I V
•MayCat Animations•
•MayCat Animations• Před 13 dny
finally he make a animation me? lol i use phone to animation use flipaclip lol :/
Sengo the Dok
Sengo the Dok Před 13 dny
Me:Is it possible to make animation in PP?
Sai Tej K
Sai Tej K Před 13 dny
yeah i animate in powerpoint
Mikey12b JM
Mikey12b JM Před 13 dny
Darn it, I’m too late for the contest
EventfulTable20 Před 13 dny
Still waiting on the ‘how to animate blood and guts’ video
Yousef Zedan
Yousef Zedan Před 14 dny
AMAZING vid thanks for this MAN! can't wait to make my own!!!!!
Rod Parr
Rod Parr Před 14 dny
LeefKomeeks Před 15 dny
I'm interested
Logan Meyers
Logan Meyers Před 15 dny
Plot twist: Alan Becker watched this, then travelled back in time and made all of his animation vs animator animations in powerpoint instead because he realised power point was so good.
baby skrimp
baby skrimp Před 15 dny
why does this guy remind me of gorndan ramsey
Robin entirementTM
Robin entirementTM Před 15 dny
Its many People who do not have twitter so if you could post it on eg Instagram and Facebook also you are cruel.
StrongerThanEver Před 16 dny
8:16 YES!!
Animatic Piano Teacher
Animatic Piano Teacher Před 17 dny
I HAVE TOOO: Greetingz FengeX Music
-holly the kitsune-
-holly the kitsune- Před 17 dny
try flipaclip ;)
LuckyDubs Před 17 dny
having done many animation / movie experiments in powerpoint myself back in the day, i appreciate your excitement very much. I feel ya man!
Stephanie Burnett
Stephanie Burnett Před 17 dny
Is it me or does he look like the brother of Gordon Ramsey
Samantha Lee
Samantha Lee Před 17 dny
oh wow gave me total war flashbacks to flipnote studio
Checklist Animations
Checklist Animations Před 18 dny
wow. Im late to the video but I do all of my animating in Powerpoint. I have a giant group of VBA tools I use in order to navigate it. My process is simple: Create a frame, duplicate it. Create another frame etc. I use pivot points for each limb. Right now I am working on a 20 minute cartoon that my FB has an animation test on it (it sucks) but I'm excited for what it will become. I loved your video. Also my little Avatar there was created using Powerpoint lol
Maria Moller
Maria Moller Před 18 dny
can you do a more in depth tutorial please
NS Howler
NS Howler Před 19 dny
all the voice SFX sound like when you're constipated on the toilet lol
cotton cottontail
cotton cottontail Před 19 dny
im fine with my very old but viz tablet (it still works after 5 or more years to today)
Star Jones
Star Jones Před 19 dny
Man.. I wish I had PowerPoint now lol
Kamikaze Před 19 dny
My first time animating was lego movie maker but ok
JaNikXs Před 19 dny
I'm seriously very interested in "how to animate blood"
Shlomo Watts
Shlomo Watts Před 19 dny
Mr.Jazza , can you send the sound effects for animation on your PC? Please? Please mail : Thanks Mr. Jazza!
SuperHero Boy
SuperHero Boy Před 19 dny
WHAT TAB DID YOU USE??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Squishcatto Před 20 dny
Just imagine how many kanvas pros he has at this point
AlwaysGaming 00
AlwaysGaming 00 Před 20 dny
Blood blood blood all i want is blood
Werido Před 23 dny
Whats this song for the montage
RexBerg Gaming
RexBerg Gaming Před 24 dny
the voice of jazza is like eren from attack on titan english dub good voice bro
ROARtheRAPPER Před 24 dny
MAAAN that Robin Williams bit made me laugh like it was the first time. TvT RIP Robin!
Donut Max
Donut Max Před 25 dny
Where’s my “how to animate blood like a 2007 newgrounds stickfight cartoon” Jazza?
mr_Pro Před 25 dny
is anyone else here mainly for the accent
ItsRealyReall Před 25 dny
😳😳😳 You too??!! My sister and I used to animate in powerpoint as well. We didn't know if anyone else did this until years later some people started uploading their stuff to youtube and we were no longer lonely. Lol. It is so awesome to hear that you did this also. :D
Dean Mulligan
Dean Mulligan Před 27 dny
i would like a how to animate blood video....
Ultimate Inferno
Ultimate Inferno Před 27 dny
do blender 2D animation
Beatz Jet
Beatz Jet Před měsícem
sir, can u give me any drawing tablet. im interested in digital arts but i cant afford them cuz im a student and my parents are not capable to get me one. so im begging u to do sooo. plzz sir
Muschi Před měsícem
This, this is why i have an android
#Just Elaf
#Just Elaf Před měsícem
A pro artist draws stick man. Totally relate man expect I’m no expert
Mr. info
Mr. info Před měsícem
Pls do a toturial
XxolliexX 0
XxolliexX 0 Před měsícem
I love 5hat he said only 399 dollars wow
Emo Deer
Emo Deer Před měsícem
Where are the sounds from?
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