all of the most iconic tiktoks that made history 😁🤠

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from willy wonka to "the volume inside of this bus is astronomical", let's hope we remember these if tiktok ever does disappear lol. i guarantee you've seen MOST if not all of these tiktoks :))
thank you guys so much for 4k!! ily all ❤️❤️

idcntunderstand Před 2 měsíci
i just posted a part 2 with a lot of the ones people commented about! please check it out :) also, if you're here to comment about straight tiktok, please don't, we've already hashed this out. if you don't understand these videos, that doesn't mean it's straight tiktok. please make my comments section less toxic, that's all i'm asking for. ❤️
eshjoot Před 23 dny
chile it’s the internet publishing a video like this is asking for toxicity
Mac Daniel
Mac Daniel Před 24 dny
But it IS straight Tiktok lmao
Alina Kahsai
Alina Kahsai Před 24 dny
the most iconic is the last one
Random Human119
Random Human119 Před 25 dny
@Harrison FR THO
Harrison Před 25 dny
I would just like to put out here that in the heather song he’s singing abt a guy so I don’t get why straight tiktok snatched that song it’s not anywhere near heterosexual
amina m
amina m Před 8 hodinami
the james-renegade one tho
kmnnk Před 8 hodinami
Pat two pls thanks
Isabella V
Isabella V Před 9 hodinami
Don’t mind me this is just a time stamp for myself 11:12
peachy glory
peachy glory Před 14 hodinami
6:50, not Charli pretending to study when she skipped high school.
Piya Patel
Piya Patel Před 14 hodinami
what the straight tiktok did i just watch
Hafsa Barzanji
Hafsa Barzanji Před 18 hodinami
Okay but james Charles doing renegade 💀💀💀
Lil Bear UwU
Lil Bear UwU Před 18 hodinami
4:43 this tiktok is ICONIC
fine line
fine line Před 18 hodinami
Where is my mates at who have only one direction or any of the boys in thier fyp
lps little tv
lps little tv Před 19 hodinami
i did not just see jojo dressing like an actual teen
x Currse
x Currse Před 19 hodinami
no, i been on tiktok since it was released, where are the old tiktok trends that literally shaped tiktok, like the hit or miss girl, or the "i wanna be tracer" fake gamer girl, furry vs gamer wars, like this video is literally charli damelio, addison and other randomers dancing, this video is full of thirst traps too, none of the trends in this video were ever funny, like even if you included the "deep tiktok" meme it wouldve been funnier. BS video, none of them are iconic
Lenno The Bee
Lenno The Bee Před 19 hodinami
Dreamers YouTube
Dreamers YouTube Před 22 hodinami
1:48 i can never unsee willy wonka this way
Red sus
Red sus Před dnem
1:20 i stan 3rd mum
born seagull
born seagull Před dnem
Tati’s voice over randomly pops up in my head in class and lives there free
Kiara Bates
Kiara Bates Před dnem
jaden barba is life 😩💌
kay cornish
kay cornish Před dnem
if i see the girl at 8:39 on my fyp or in another compilation im going to lose it. i cant handle people i know from middle school being successful
Isabel _2002
Isabel _2002 Před dnem
These videos changed our culture forever and I stand by that
Maddie M
Maddie M Před dnem
hello everyone :)
An ja
An ja Před dnem
Jameses Ranegade killed me hahahahah
Zedry Zureya
Zedry Zureya Před dnem
_w h e r e i s h i t o r m i s s_
Emeli Escobar
Emeli Escobar Před dnem
I can’t hold it in anymore trisha looks like she has a freaking golden egg on her head...🤣
corrina jocelynn
corrina jocelynn Před dnem
that spit at the end.... pft bahahaha
Jojo X
Jojo X Před dnem
I'm not on this side of tiktok lol. But very nice culinaric exchange
Amalia Mejía
Amalia Mejía Před dnem
never seen the second and third one
galia jusidman
galia jusidman Před dnem
You forgot the timothee challamete trend
B A Před dnem
Thank God I'm not an American 😂😂😂
Julia Szela
Julia Szela Před dnem
omg the git up boy i totally forgot about him
Anusha G.
Anusha G. Před dnem
me: this is straight tiktok **sees james charles** me: wait-
Zoe Fayyad
Zoe Fayyad Před dnem
OMG 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
lolwhatsnew Před dnem
This made me realize how much I am not on straight tik tok...
Hadley J
Hadley J Před 2 dny
Taneha Clement
Taneha Clement Před 2 dny
ew... James Charles couldn't tiktok dance for his life bro wtf was he doing eith his hands?
Meg’s YouTube Account.
Meg’s YouTube Account. Před 2 dny
Just Whatever
Just Whatever Před 2 dny
i still can't get over the trish one... what was she thinking
gloria castaneda
gloria castaneda Před 2 dny
Ladies and gentlemen the volume inside this bus is...... ASTRONOMICAL
it's me
it's me Před 2 dny
Can the alt quirky girls stuff pleaseee lmao
Meep Beep
Meep Beep Před 2 dny
So this is what i missed while i was on draco tok?
lol rblx
lol rblx Před 2 dny
avanis clown checkk
Elsa Lucas
Elsa Lucas Před 2 dny
Here before it’s on my recommended again in 6 years 🦭
Simarpreet Kaur
Simarpreet Kaur Před 2 dny
8:54 This girl became a meme check out this video about how she became a meme
Novah van Twillert
Novah van Twillert Před 2 dny
1:43 hits very hard
lucie Před 2 dny
The Tom Felton one lol so iconic
Layla Phillips
Layla Phillips Před 2 dny
The heather and one thousand years remix literally made me cry
Sofia Salcido
Sofia Salcido Před 2 dny
4:22 look like charli
Esther Xx X
Esther Xx X Před 2 dny
Hey people in 2029 How’d u get here 🥲✋😭
EmDaFur Před dnem
No one replied because we’ll all die before 2029 😔
moroccan hawk
moroccan hawk Před 2 dny
Can we just talk about james's amazing dance moves Work it sister 🤣
moroccan hawk
moroccan hawk Před 2 dny
Can we just talk about james's amazing dance moves Work it sister 🤣
Noa Kalocsa
Noa Kalocsa Před 2 dny
Why are all the popular people always laughing about some random shit? Nothing funny was happening guys, close your mouths
Abigail Cameron
Abigail Cameron Před 2 dny
4:43 is aka my past teachers
TheCuteMartio Před 2 dny
3:35 omfg I remember this video.... I was simpin for him so badd
Haven-Grace Antonio
Haven-Grace Antonio Před 2 dny
willy wonkaaahhh .. .. .. .. ....
Ɛ.Aesthetic.3 Před 2 dny
The video that started it all.... 2:37
Sierra J
Sierra J Před 2 dny
I’m really sorry but watching James Charles trying to do the renegade is absolutely hilarious 😂😂
Hadley J
Hadley J Před 2 dny
They be like✋🤚
jenny umpleby
jenny umpleby Před 2 dny
1:20 The woman that supervised you at lunch.....
Kotaz Owl Adventure
Kotaz Owl Adventure Před 3 dny
My brain randomly during this: yA yEeT *woah* Me: *does the woah* Me: o.O wHat
khretz Před 3 dny
Literally half of these aren’t iconic, like wtf where’s the og furry v gamer war?
Lovely Faye De Villa
Lovely Faye De Villa Před 3 dny
This is just my opinion but.... *I think Addison Rae is better than Charlie Damelio* again this is just my opinion pls understand me.
Marcoantonio Mota
Marcoantonio Mota Před 3 dny
*Sigh again* ... 2:27
Marcoantonio Mota
Marcoantonio Mota Před 3 dny
*Sigh*... 0:51
ms_malfoy Před 3 dny
Me on draco tok:
Mary Moe
Mary Moe Před 3 dny
Hamzah made the original Promiscuous video not ScoobieZoobie
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman Před 3 dny
not me simping over the willy wonka one-
General Wilbur
General Wilbur Před 3 dny
the one at 6:03 is my favorite
Serena Peltonen
Serena Peltonen Před 3 dny
some of these made me ✨uncomfy✨
Ava Tirk
Ava Tirk Před 3 dny
This video literally was the source of all my bi panik ex. 1:41 and the one following it I CANTTTTT🤣🏳️‍🌈
Suhita Kale
Suhita Kale Před 3 dny
The one at 4:01 has to be the most iconic one everrrr
Dora the Hawt explorer
Dora the Hawt explorer Před 3 dny
drip_ Queen
drip_ Queen Před 3 dny
James charles's renegade 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aliyah Chaires
Aliyah Chaires Před 3 dny
me seeing jojo siwa: hey jojo 😏😌🏳️‍🌈
Noor Ghazi
Noor Ghazi Před 3 dny
8:11 song plz
Isabel Peterson
Isabel Peterson Před 3 dny
Jesus Christ is our lord and savior Christ
butt pies
butt pies Před 4 dny
i will never and can never take willy wonka seriously
Katie Beattie
Katie Beattie Před 4 dny
oh god max dressler...
Kiri The Sad Simp :V
Kiri The Sad Simp :V Před 4 dny
2:27 EXPLAIN- How did this get iconic?
Suhuki Shinden
Suhuki Shinden Před 4 dny
Mouthing and dancing to music no originality
Gabriel Cruz
Gabriel Cruz Před 4 dny
i still don't understand what the danielle cohn harvard thing was about
apple juice
apple juice Před 4 dny
3:05 i met him at the mall before lol he lives in my state
apple juice
apple juice Před 4 dny
13:13 i also met him the samr day lol they were together but i only got a pic with max i didnt know the other guy was there oops
ariel ._.
ariel ._. Před 4 dny
2:28 I cannot listen to this song without doing the head bobbing 😭✋
Cristina Brando
Cristina Brando Před 4 dny
tiktok is just an awesome gen z inside joke
Rizky Nurhazmi
Rizky Nurhazmi Před 4 dny
one question, what history?
burnt hair
burnt hair Před 4 dny
The only good tik tok was at 10:01
Duda Peixoto
Duda Peixoto Před 4 dny
Heavenly Rose
Heavenly Rose Před 4 dny
Why are these iconic? Nothing iconic about them
Mona Khodary
Mona Khodary Před 4 dny
What in the white straight
Daisy Schnorr
Daisy Schnorr Před 4 dny
Why did James use flat hands doing that dance he was so stiff 😭😭😭😭
Mush Room
Mush Room Před 4 dny
8:30 he obviously said the n word
M Před dnem
you are joking right?
Kaley Ockman
Kaley Ockman Před 4 dny
It’s 4:38 for me
M Riz
M Riz Před 4 dny
Where’s the vsco trend at lol
Liberty Mutual
Liberty Mutual Před 4 dny
1:29 trisha be looking like a whole egg
heart-burn Harold
heart-burn Harold Před 4 dny
nothing beats tik toks from 2018
Sabellii Před 4 dny
Where's the iconic?
kiesha reigns
kiesha reigns Před 5 dny
kiesha reigns
kiesha reigns Před 5 dny
0:30 I’ve seen every clip but that one
Reeni Dolan
Reeni Dolan Před 5 dny
im still waitin on that cookie
idcntunderstand Před 4 dny
:) 🍪
Rebecca Jen
Rebecca Jen Před 5 dny
Lily Beckwith
Lily Beckwith Před 5 dny
10:01 I love people who dance like this wit compassion it shows that they really love dancing and they arent doing weird dances like fricking Charlie D'Amelio!!!!
Dakota C
Dakota C Před 5 dny
Saturne Sakura
Saturne Sakura Před 5 dny
5:44 what 😙
Novalee Fontinel
Novalee Fontinel Před 5 dny
no one: still no one jame: WhEn yOuR FiNgErS ArE GlUeD ToGeThEr
Vic Před 5 dny
o fato de eu conhecer todos me preocupa..
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