A photo booth where my dog can take selfies using her paw

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Simone Giertz

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Dogs! Selfies! Thousands of LEGO bricks! This video has it all. Sponsored by The LEGO Group. Learn more at lego.build/CommanderScraps (YAAAS THAT URL)
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Thanks Yvette Solis for helping direct this video! www.yvettesolis.com
Thanks Anna Bresnahan for sewing the curtain for the photo booth!
Thanks PaulvilleMOCs for making the AMAZING Truckla diorama in the beginning of the video! paulvillemocs

Hey I'm a Maker
Hey I'm a Maker Před 5 hodinami
I have always loved Lego Mindstorms but the new colours are so amazingly fun!
Lowell Martin
Lowell Martin Před 9 hodinami
Not fond of needy dogs. But Scraps looks to be self contained and is truly intelligent. As well as an adorable little doggo.
e1123581321345589144 Před 9 hodinami
It took scraps about 5 tries to figure out the treats are inside the box.
xayer98 Před 10 hodinami
Genuinely think this is my favourite video ever of yours just bc it's THE most adorable thing ever and I hope we get more puppy selfies in the future!
MrKltpzyxm Před 11 hodinami
Simone: You can get sunburn on your eyes... I've had eye blisters. Invader Zim: THE HUMANS HAVE BOOBY TRAPPED THEIR SUN!!!
kathybumblebee Před 13 hodinami
Loved the video!!
Catharina Codinach
Catharina Codinach Před 14 hodinami
Lego mindstorms is awesome!
Nico Před 20 hodinami
My friend builds robots, no idea how she does it, all I do is research whatever I want all day :V
Kristian Dawe
Kristian Dawe Před 20 hodinami
Scraps is definitely doing great, Simone and Scraps are the two cutest on CSposts. I wonder how Adam Savage's dog would react to the photobooth. I can totally imagine Scraps and Adam's Dog Maggie chilling together.
Sergey Dirin
Sergey Dirin Před 20 hodinami
A Professional Lego Brick Layer
Ethan Dunlap
Ethan Dunlap Před dnem
welders flash
Zach Peters
Zach Peters Před dnem
All that's left is to have the gopro automatically send the pictures to your phone!
Noodles Před dnem
Who's still waiting with baited breath for the video where she finally builds Scraps a bionic leg?
Tae Young Ahn
Tae Young Ahn Před dnem
As a completely unbiased observer with no affiliation with your dog whatsoever, I can attest that your dog looks absolutely adorable in the little dog photo booth.
María Zarama
María Zarama Před dnem
I would love to have that photo box for my dog! Just... a little bit bigger
The Macabre Gamer
The Macabre Gamer Před dnem
The perfect partnership
Jimmy G.
Jimmy G. Před dnem
most wholesome video
Nitin the Kiddo
Nitin the Kiddo Před 2 dny
i love lego
TangentOmega Před 2 dny
My 4 yr old nephew secretly took over 300 selfies in my closet. And he did it without treats! Yea, for opposable thumbs! 😃
Rafiq Iman
Rafiq Iman Před 2 dny
make more Truckla seriesssssssssssssssssssssss😆😆😆
Lorena Elena
Lorena Elena Před 2 dny
Hi Simone kisses from Ecuador 😘
Dee Breed
Dee Breed Před 2 dny
Jumpsuit Yoga...A blues song..
Dee Breed
Dee Breed Před 2 dny
💎It's Scraps ruff🦩
Nikolas can't think of anything.
Nikolas can't think of anything. Před 3 dny
You need to learn to Lego.
Angel Před 3 dny
You are so beautiful !!! and I love your dog!
Benjamín Rodríguez Sánchez
Benjamín Rodríguez Sánchez Před 4 dny
Nice project 😊
Frank Spencer
Frank Spencer Před 4 dny
wow how many premium ads do you have on this video?
Frank Spencer
Frank Spencer Před 4 dny
plus an promotion inside? hf
Manager Frosty
Manager Frosty Před 4 dny
Heads & Tails Productions
Heads & Tails Productions Před 5 dny
Ok, here me out, belt sander nail file.
Michelle McCowan
Michelle McCowan Před 5 dny
Hey CGO, I loved your reference to Frasier in Distant Lands 🤓🥰
mrmicah5000 Před 5 dny
you know its a good video when Lego comments
Gee Whiz
Gee Whiz Před 5 dny
10:18 - "irreliable" oh yes - 6 years of uni is finally starting to pay for itself.
Big One
Big One Před 5 dny
Keep going simone, god speed so the medical field advances. Take care❤
This&That Před 6 dny
Mark Rober is subbed to you! How awesome is that??
Brian Terrill
Brian Terrill Před 6 dny
AAAaaaaghh! Truckla in Lego!!!!
Tom's Best Stuff
Tom's Best Stuff Před 6 dny
Simone - I don't know who's cuter - you or the dog. I really enjoy your videos and your quirkiness. THEY'RE SO MUCH FUN! Keep it up, kid!
cool thought
cool thought Před 6 dny
you do a photobooth for squirrel, cat, raccoon, birds too? Photos will directly upload to instagram...
LowJack187 Před 7 dny
Ask This old Tony his thoughts for CNC.
S1m0ne Před 7 dny
This is legitimately cute. But, did you have to use a gopro for the camera? I mean, that's an expensive selfie camera and a rather complicated mechanism and gopros don't sit in standby very well. Does Lego Mindstorms not have a camera you can connect directly and take photos with? Sorry - I'm just over here engineering version 2 in my head.
Cobinja Před 8 dny
You should give that photo booth an AIU (Automatic Instagram Uploader) 🙂
DexDrive Před 8 dny
Это было здорово)
Mike Brown
Mike Brown Před 8 dny
Both my dogs birthdays are March 11th.
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před 8 dny
Re: 6:33 and the plan to start at the bottom and work up to the top. Does she mean that's the way building one wall works, or that's the way a wall-builder's career works?
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před 8 dny
Freeze the video at 8:01. There are so many ways to make bricks interlock when making a wall. They are called "Bond". I pity the fool who says "that's Dutch Bond" when it's really Flemish Bond and an expert is there to mock and ridicule them. The "bond" on the right side, where any stack of single bricks is continuous all the way up and is free to fall over out of the wall without disturbing any other bricks (i.e. without being restrained from falling out by the fact that the adjacent bricks are linked into it and can't fall too) is called "We Want a Big Chunk Of This Wall To Fall Over If There Is A Slight Breeze" Bond.
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před 8 dny
I'm really shocked and disappointed that Simone uses that hammer at 7:11. What I would have done is a hydraulic press with a specially mounted board, so that I'd know I was applying precisely equal pressure to all points on the top rim of the wall simultaneously. You can rent such a press for only $1,000 per hour, so, is it that much more than that hammer? Given the increase in quality?
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před 8 dny
The word "dilapidate" (8:30) has an interesting history. It used to mean "ruin by pelting with stones", but it evolved to a meaning that is AS IF it were spelled "delapidate", i.e., de-stoning. To dilapidate a building in medieval times was to rob stones from an old Romanesque or Greek ruin and reuse the stones in a later, possibly gothic-style, church. Don't spell it with two "p"s. THAT word is an outdated, archaic, insensitive way of saying "to evict all the Sámi people from your land", and Simone is more progressive than that. And "lacpidtating" is when milk comes out of the ni'pples of a stone statue of a to'pless woman, because that statue has been made into a milk fountain, which is Simone's next project.
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před 9 dny
I like those CSposts discussions where people with something in common (I watched one with all actresses, for instance) sit at an oaken round table in a black room (like Charlie Rose's old set) and discuss things. I think that Scraps should do one with Norbert The Therapy-Dog and Henri Le Chat Noir. Maybe Henri Le Chat Noir could bring along his roommate The White Idiot. They could discuss the degree to which Jean-Paul Sartre's insightful analysis of the Human Condition is applicable to the condition of non-humans. The only drawbacks are that Norbert The Therapy-Dog and Henri Le Chat Noir would be somewhat redundant, as they are basically the same personality-type, and Scraps and The White Idiot are too combative and diametrically opposed on EVERYTHING.
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před 9 dny
Another place where Scraps shines is her being so intuitive at 5:13. A lot of dogs wouldn't have figured it out that Simone obviously wants to sweep right where they are lying or sitting. Scraps figures it out immediately, and responds appropriately (i.e. by refusing to move out of the way).
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před 9 dny
From 1:38 to 1:54 Scrappertons is such a good helper-dog. She sees that Simone is moving a big table on wheels, and she helps by lying motionless on the bottom of it, adding ballast to keep it from blowing away in the draft that Simone creates by moving it. SUCH A GOOD DOGGIE!!
Cerys Harries
Cerys Harries Před 9 dny
Simone should do a collaboration with Mark Rober and Jen Schachter as well as Even and Katlyen and make something with resin
GadgetInspektor Před 9 dny
1:47 How the dog was going to startle but then decided to lay to rest within a millisecond. „Nah, everything’s gonna be alright.“ 😅
Natália P.
Natália P. Před 10 dny
this made me so happy
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith Před 10 dny
This is the greatest
Camilla Widekärr
Camilla Widekärr Před 10 dny
Tack för alla fantastiska videor och roliga idéer.
Colleen Mole-Garcia
Colleen Mole-Garcia Před 10 dny
Scraps is doing good
Lu Torrefranca
Lu Torrefranca Před 11 dny
You’re a superstahhh, Scraps!
Ken Adair
Ken Adair Před 11 dny
I have discovered my latest lady crush, and it is you, Simone.... You embody the most perfect woman that a man could ever dream of. The Impish grin, the smile, the Scientific mind, way too cute, the snorts, those amazing eyes, the way you wear your coveralls........ I could go on and on, but time and space are finite (for my drivel). Your the most free-spirited person that I've seen on any medium. I am a new "fanboy" and hope you are around forever. Be well and Stay Safe. Oh, and give Scraps a hug and a treat...
Chris Hernandez
Chris Hernandez Před 11 dny
14:05 That Lego Truckla is AWESOME!
Enter The Bunker
Enter The Bunker Před 11 dny
Need to build one of these for my cat!
Ramil Sharov
Ramil Sharov Před 11 dny
R u alright? 3 months no vid. Miss ya!
martindhw Před 11 dny
You know you are an adult when its uncomfortable to play on the floor.
Joshua Abramov
Joshua Abramov Před 12 dny
Great job Simone. I just started watching your channel and love your content. You're so funny and relatable to me and my interests. If you have any advice for a young guy who wants to get into coding and engineering, please let me know.
Sam Vente
Sam Vente Před 12 dny
offensively cute is definitely the best way to describe this.
Anuradha Joshi Spiritual Spirals
Anuradha Joshi Spiritual Spirals Před 12 dny
Amazing use of scraps Video. Playing cards, Angel Therapy or Tarot are tools to sync in with planets wisdom. you can do it- lnkd.in/dAh4Yyf . Also, conduct an Online Intuition Development workshop. Includes Angel card reading, connection with guides, dream interpretation, in a group, or exclusively.
Caroline Před 13 dny
My dog also only has 3 legs! How old is she!? Also this project looks and seems like a lot of fun!
TangyFarhan Před 13 dny
this makes me want to make something out of lego elelelellelelel
H S Před 13 dny
Great job, Scraps!
Desirable Jodie
Desirable Jodie Před 13 dny
Scraps should have her own YT and TT.
Gladys Delgado-garced
Gladys Delgado-garced Před 13 dny
Adorable!! Great job! I too make wearable pet tech fashion and I do it because I too , love my pets! Thanks for sharing.
Rachel Taylor
Rachel Taylor Před 13 dny
Next project... making a kennel for scraps with LEGO?
Kristen Ethridge
Kristen Ethridge Před 14 dny
Am I hit the dog park
JaimeRenee5 Před 14 dny
Good Girl, Scraps! Super smart. Zeke would love a playdate--if he was local. He hasn't seen much of his doggo friends lately either.
kanzaki0001 Před 14 dny
When is this product available to purchase?
Makrill0 Před 14 dny
Lego box said K8, should have said K9.
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před 8 dny
Makrill0: I cannot condemn your post in strong enough language. For you to post such a thing, it means I can't post it first. You should be ash'amed. Ugh. Really.
עזאזל Před 14 dny
just wanted to say that to find this vid i googled crazy robot lady and your the second result, hope that makes you proud
Sam Metzger
Sam Metzger Před 14 dny
That dog is a hot mess of cuteness!!!
Sir evil cunty
Sir evil cunty Před 15 dny
wholesome :P
Leemorry Před 15 dny
Jayanth Kumar
Jayanth Kumar Před 15 dny
4:42 - 4:47 These are the kind of pictures you would find on your mum's phone.
Adrian Dylan Apodaca
Adrian Dylan Apodaca Před 16 dny
Wonder how much people squinted
Aaron Thompson
Aaron Thompson Před 16 dny
Your eye lookin' a little puffy Simone... You okay?
Cats and Cappuchinos
Cats and Cappuchinos Před 16 dny
Happy belated birthday
Paul V
Paul V Před 16 dny
Most ambitious Scandinavian crossover!
X X Před 17 dny
You two are amazing!💛
8 Sucks At Everything
8 Sucks At Everything Před 17 dny
i found out about you today and i'm already in love with your content, keep it up :DD
Kim Vergo
Kim Vergo Před 17 dny
Simone, this link made me totally think of you. This guy builds useless machines. Maybe you could collaborate on something. csposts.info/cd/video/ztaq04mlm6FozZI
The Kryose
The Kryose Před 17 dny
1:52 Sandals and pink socks, nice choice 👍
schism Před 18 dny
❤ goes out to anyone having a date today online or off. Always brings me memories of when I met the *love of my life* I listened to some music before to take the edge off so you should too and listen to some like *Delta Parole* to relax and get ready. All the best from me xoxo
andrea silerio
andrea silerio Před 18 dny
you´re doing great Scraps
You should run script to automatically upload
Mattx Před 18 dny
congrats, thats awesome.
Rémi LEGER Před 18 dny
Keep doing stuff for your dog, I love it !
jim mckay
jim mckay Před 18 dny
She has the sarcasm like Jenna marbles am I wrong?
Ambie Cutie
Ambie Cutie Před 18 dny
PuppiesPuppies Před 18 dny
Such a cute dog!
Zedricks' animation
Zedricks' animation Před 18 dny
I love your dog she's/he's so cutttttte
localsymbiosis Před 19 dny
this is like if that show HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER was actually entertaining.
Dan x
Dan x Před 19 dny
Is scraps related to Snowy, Tintin's dog ?
Tyler Quarterman
Tyler Quarterman Před 19 dny
Lovely video! Enjoyed the last-minute improvement process a lot! And congrats on your new workshop! Can’t wait to see what you do with it. (No pressure or anything :) )
Todd Lussier
Todd Lussier Před 19 dny
Simone you are amazing I am 9 years old and a girl my name is Izzy you are so cool I love ally your stuff I am even planing to lock myself in the bathroom for a whole day I have subscribed you are my long lost sister
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