7 Millennials Decide Who Gets $1000

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Cody Ko

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Stephanie Eleanor
Stephanie Eleanor Před 7 hodinami
The kid fundraising for cancer is eliminated first because he doesn't need the money for himself, but the other guy raising money for charity skates through to the finals? what kind of system is this?
SpadE Před 9 hodinami
What about the guy that just owes his mom money
max dagle
max dagle Před 15 hodinami
This show is truly awefull. They take a bunch of vapid self obsessed people and let them abuse genuinely good people out of money that they want for good causes.
khalid khan
khalid khan Před 21 hodinou
You should react to 7 strangers decide who gets 1000 dollars
Lauri Saarinen
Lauri Saarinen Před dnem
I believe the black girl just wants to go to clown college... 🤡
Christopher O'Rourke
Christopher O'Rourke Před dnem
Destiny played them like a fiddle.
Sally the Dino
Sally the Dino Před dnem
Frat guy looks like he'd go good in Pitch Perfect.
ɪ . ᴋ
ɪ . ᴋ Před dnem
why was destiny in the bottom 3 omg hahah just move apartments if u cant afford it like everyone else would
Rocco Films
Rocco Films Před 2 dny
‘Can we not like talk about helping people’ BOY WHAT THE FU** DID YOU JUST SA-
Cindy Před 3 dny
you would think the white frat looking boy would be saying dumb shit but he was genuinely one of the nicest people with an amazing cause to help ???? WTF is wrong with them
Emma Jacobz
Emma Jacobz Před 3 dny
2:06 I'm sorry but why is no one talking about the, "THERE IS MY FAVORITE WHITE BOY" from Jschlatt?
elani Před 4 dny
the girl who one cheated
Ari elle
Ari elle Před 4 dny
Sonny could watch yt and learn. There was no need to shit on people for wanting to help make the world a better place 😳
Brad Doan
Brad Doan Před 4 dny
Kids with parents who have cancer > getting an apartment you can’t afford. Kids with parents who have cancer > paying for ASL lessons you can get for free online. Kids with parents who have cancer > recouping money you already spent on your dog. Kids with parents who have cancer > ANYTHING ELSE??
Safiya Truchet
Safiya Truchet Před 4 dny
what the duck is going on in these cult videos.
maya eidson
maya eidson Před 4 dny
the only ok people are Mohammad, Aaron, and Earl .
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Před 5 dny
Alliyah was a bitch to be honest. Aaron was the only cool person there
calgary wild
calgary wild Před 5 dny
Need that elders version
calgary wild
calgary wild Před 5 dny
The guy giving his time is the one to get the axe first....
Paula G. Umeh
Paula G. Umeh Před 6 dny
Brant Xander
Brant Xander Před 6 dny
The guy with the cancer camp was voted out first because he’s white that’s the only reason
Eskil Před 6 dny
8:35 - The Girl only registered 5 votes, where is the last one? Cheater?
Thicc Yoshi
Thicc Yoshi Před 6 dny
The people I liked in the video were Destiny, Mohammed, Earl, and Aaron. They all seem like good people. But tbf, Aaron did deserve to win.
Jeremy Rallings
Jeremy Rallings Před 6 dny
Hol up in the second round there were 6 people yet Aaliyah only counted 5 votes😑
penisvon swan
penisvon swan Před 6 dny
What about the guy who owed his mom 600$ why didn’t he get voted off first
ruby Před 6 dny
why did they vote out the two people with the biggest reasons first... and then keep Destiny because she's "nice"
shatterjack Před 7 dny
Sign language classes? Ever heard of plaaaaaaagiarism?
five pips
five pips Před 7 dny
ASL is extremely easy to learn on youtube lol
nelly Před 7 dny
the schlatt audio clip in the beginning sent me into cardiac arrest
Hry11brdy Před 7 dny
She i a landlord wtf
Chat Noir
Chat Noir Před 7 dny
Aaron: I need the money to help kids who's parents have cancer. Millenials: No
Meredith Weir
Meredith Weir Před 7 dny
I understand that mental health treatment is extremely important as I deal with it but she was such a jerk honestly so it turned me off
Ratty F6
Ratty F6 Před 7 dny
my names nathan and at 14:24 i was alt tabbed and got freaked out by that
Syntax Error
Syntax Error Před 8 dny
Cody br0.. These people are begging for money on camera
Killa Mike
Killa Mike Před 8 dny
Gen-Z intelligence boosted up 2x after this😂 Millennials are down bad
Sarah Green
Sarah Green Před 9 dny
Destiny should've been one of the first to go. When they asked what her story was again and then two seconds later said they trusted her judgment. Like???
Manterical Před 9 dny
Alvin Sai
Alvin Sai Před 9 dny
Aaannnd of course the straight white male gets eliminated first ..
phragment Před 10 dny
"i need to give my parents 600 dollars" "1000 isnt gonna get you far"
Ava Downing
Ava Downing Před 10 dny
3:57 girl just find someone in the community?????
Mary Julienne Lauigan
Mary Julienne Lauigan Před 10 dny
I’m sorry but Aaliyah and Sonne were literally the most annoying people in this show. Even Destiny?? How did she stay in for so long? She had the shittiest pitch
Jak Coon
Jak Coon Před 10 dny
"Rich producers make desperate people fight for scraps" is a hell of a pitch
TheChurchDC Před 11 dny
Those kids are a worthless and shitty snapshot of their generation.
Liam Eaglerib
Liam Eaglerib Před 11 dny
cody needs to be in a cut video
Katie Reckley
Katie Reckley Před 11 dny
The apartment one, yeah no I feel like they just forgot she said that because what lol
Katie Reckley
Katie Reckley Před 11 dny
The sign language one I just thought why can’t he learn from Duolingo or CSposts or any free options lol
Correctme IfImwrong
Correctme IfImwrong Před 12 dny
9:57 LOL the way he raised his glasses!!!! "Gotchu bitch!!"
tsqmicah Před 12 dny
Who had the best cause Sonne Aaliyah Tracy Aaron Mohammed Earl Destiny Who was the nicest Aaron Mohammed Sonne Earl Aaliyah Destiny Tracy
Emma Pi
Emma Pi Před 12 dny
are we skipping over the fact that Aaliyah literally cheated on the second round!?!
Michelle Zietsman
Michelle Zietsman Před 13 dny
The one who was voted off first what to help children who's parents is about to die... He doesn't want the money for him self!
Emily Holsted
Emily Holsted Před 13 dny
Oh my god. 7:55 y'all literally voted the guy off first who wanted to donate it. I hate this 🙄
Mainly Senetra
Mainly Senetra Před 13 dny
hearing schlatt in a cody ko video is beautiful.
Isabella Blu
Isabella Blu Před 14 dny
These cut videos are like little amateur sociology experiments
velvetvisoo Před 14 dny
apartment girl and the girl who wanted to make the money back from her dogs' treatments should have been voted off first
S A C R Před 14 dny
this is the dumbest group of people I have ever seen. I thought they would be more intelligent due to age, but godamn, I have no hope for future generations.
Dylan Freeman
Dylan Freeman Před 15 dny
Bro in the jacket looked like bruno Mars in 2011
thesofakillers Před 15 dny
Holy fuck I'm not looking forward to millennials being of management/government official age
thesofakillers Před 15 dny
@AJ Tucker I guess I meant the second half/final fourth of millennials then
AJ Tucker
AJ Tucker Před 15 dny
You know Millenials are from 1980-2000 right? They're 41.
Judah Williams
Judah Williams Před 15 dny
I think Destiny used hipnosis
Sho Shokuza
Sho Shokuza Před 15 dny
My pitch " When I was little I used to play football and I loved it so much but one year my best friend died that same year I shattered my leg and had bone shards floating around in my leg and it sliced and got lodged into my ACL and this will help pay for my surgery so that I can play football again to remember him properly" (True story btw)
AJ Tucker
AJ Tucker Před 15 dny
Oh my story would be similiar. But it's skiing and a shattered knee instead. And not my ACL but my nerves going into my leg so now I have no feeling and a shattered kneecap. And I'll probably throw in the orphan thing to get some extra sympathy.
a cracker who is not vibing
a cracker who is not vibing Před 15 dny
everyone’s hating on destiny but she obviously realized she didn’t need it as much as the others once she heard their pitches and that’s why she changed her mind. she was put under a lot of pressure and is obviously a good person. i’m not saying she should’ve made it to the last 3 but i’m saying it’s not her fault
Shelbye Webb
Shelbye Webb Před 15 dny
Okay, but Sonny seems like a huge jerk.
Lexy Grizzle
Lexy Grizzle Před 16 dny
the guy who wanted to communicate with his mom… shouldve won…. and literally he was so pissed AS WOULD I BE. HE PROB CAME IN THERE LIKE EHH I MAYYY HAVE A BIGGER CHANCE and then his dreams were crushed (also hope the best for all of them and him to get a better/bigger income or a way to overcome their biggest problems!)
AJ Tucker
AJ Tucker Před 15 dny
Eh I dunno. He was a real ass to all of them, and you can learn any language online free, including every sign language. His wasn't as important as others.
Saanvi Sawkar
Saanvi Sawkar Před 16 dny
i hate people like destiny
c1000 Před 16 dny
0:16 thats how i like my women
lol bye
lol bye Před 16 dny
11:39 me when i see my exam
Rocket Před 16 dny
Both of my Grandparents passed away of cancer about 2 years ago, and it's been tough for me and my family to get over it and recover from it and I get it everyone wants to get the cash, But the fact that Aaron got booted off first is seriously unsettling to me.
Tyler Kim
Tyler Kim Před 16 dny
This is mini survivor
Mikey Thompson
Mikey Thompson Před 16 dny
“ your life sucks assss” 😂😂😂
Weird O
Weird O Před 16 dny
Anyone gonna talk about how the mental health girl cheated!
Studious Boy
Studious Boy Před 16 dny
Interestingly enough, my order of who gets out was the exact opposite of what happened.
tinaz tuna
tinaz tuna Před 16 dny
why was destiny made into some sort of benefactor LMAO like they all just agreed one of them should leave and the person to decide it should be someone who wants to pay for their expensive apartment...
nicole austin
nicole austin Před 16 dny
sis who won didn't deserve it either lmao
Anna Desmarais
Anna Desmarais Před 16 dny
Lauren Mckenzie
Lauren Mckenzie Před 17 dny
i keep having to pause to cringe
these millennials making millennials look bad, cause they maddd dumb
Love u !!
Love u !! Před 17 dny
Don't u dare cut your hair
Love u !!
Love u !! Před 17 dny
well this length is good so cut it if its getting to long, u know what I mean
Perla Liz
Perla Liz Před 17 dny
FBI Před 17 dny
Destiny didn’t say or is doing shit for an amazing cause. I feel like the only reason that she stayed in for so long is because of the blm and feminist stuff.. I may be wrong but I’m very observant
Sofia Varela
Sofia Varela Před 17 dny
I have never been so infuriated in my life
Dave Slattery
Dave Slattery Před 17 dny
Not surprised the white guy was voted out first... You know cause all white people have like umm White privilege... And umm yeah so all white people, no matter their like umm economic class status have privilege... No matter what soo.... Yeah bye Erin! Sad how my generation is just as bad as Gen Z...
Trinity Smars
Trinity Smars Před 17 dny
so i am in therapy rn and its expensive without insurance.... but not that much. And the cost is based on how many sessions you have.
Clubby /
Clubby / Před 18 dny
If you think this was bad you should watch the adult one. It made me want to shoot myself, come back to life and then do it all over again.
Carson B Dot
Carson B Dot Před 18 dny
Blonde Chad was the only person with a brain
Julia Walsh
Julia Walsh Před 18 dny
Aaron getting voted off FIRST shows that they were shitty people LMFAO
Lauren M
Lauren M Před 18 dny
aw aaron is so sweet
Orange Flames
Orange Flames Před 18 dny
Literally if I went on the show I think that my situation would be exactly like Aaron's
[blank] Před 18 dny
this makes me hate millenials, just....all of them. destiny is accidentally won a grand for the most selfish reason because what i take from this is millenials identify not with good donating folk, but the shitty i wanna upgrade my apartment lady.
Paradise Player
Paradise Player Před 19 dny
I don’t think people realise that $1000 is not a life changing sum of money.
Dorian McLean
Dorian McLean Před 19 dny
Sonni should of won she tryna pay 24,000 for mental health therapy or whatever she wanted
Cianna Evans
Cianna Evans Před 19 dny
Now she just needs 23,000 more! :)
redhatgnome Před 19 dny
YO, this just made me so angry. Why the fuck didn't the guy with the deaf mom get it!?
Cole Becker
Cole Becker Před 19 dny
Bro why the fuck is destiny still there
You Tried Hun
You Tried Hun Před 20 dny
Why is everyone being racist in the comments? I expected better from cody ko fans
You Tried Hun
You Tried Hun Před 20 dny
Stop getting butthurt because a white guy getting voted off is not racism loool
Sally Před 20 dny
$24,000 for her "mental-health"? lmao girl, bye. a thousand dollars is not gonna help you.
zoe Před 20 dny
So we ain’t gonna talk about how the mental health girl literally cheated by counting 5 votes when there was 6 ppl
Charlie C
Charlie C Před 20 dny
It's always the one who tries to be the most virtuous that comes across as the most condescending and dismissive.
Charlie C
Charlie C Před 20 dny
Erin is a god damn king.
Alex Hatfield
Alex Hatfield Před 20 dny
They kick off the guy trying to help children who have parents with cancer and not the blue lipstick having bitch trying to sublet her place... Like one of these is selfish.
Tyrese Mitchem
Tyrese Mitchem Před 20 dny
Cody ko... you friggen buffoon... grown up man
Brigham Cardon
Brigham Cardon Před 20 dny
If you use "mental health" as your reason then nobody is allowed to question you. Bulletproof defense. I bet my mental health would improve with an extra 1000 bucks too
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