5 Min Crafts: DEEP FRIED PIZZA (w/ Joshua Weissman)

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Cody Ko

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5 Min Crafts: DEEP FRIED PIZZA (w/ Joshua Weissman)
Cody Ko
Shot by: VicramFilms, schleepj
Edited by: csposts.info
Merch promo edited by: nsamsen

E D Před 47 minutami
"Whisky business"
。Name 。
。Name 。 Před 11 hodinami
The model guy in the ad looks like Cody’s younger more masculine brother.
ayr fresh
ayr fresh Před dnem
In Scotland this is called a pizza crunch and it's very common.
Mary Wavy
Mary Wavy Před 2 dny
Thankyou for putting me on to Josh's channel his quirky vids cure my depression 🤣
Alex Morris
Alex Morris Před 2 dny
It’s funny seeing Cody next to a normal sized person
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels Před 3 dny
12:10 that's unironically my favorite hair style. I was able to grow out my hair this pandemic but I cant show it off since were STILL in lockdown. Having long hair in a tropical country is pretty uncomfortable too
cleb bottius
cleb bottius Před 3 dny
4:36 playing the clip from the man without a cupcake
Devyani Sadho
Devyani Sadho Před 3 dny
sloppy jessica
Cody Macie
Cody Macie Před 3 dny
Does cody know that red onion don't really make you tear up as much as golden onion
Leo Brekke
Leo Brekke Před 3 dny
what music did he use at 4:26?
MenialAce1 Před 4 dny
Does anyone know the song at 8:30 lol
Dark Vulcan
Dark Vulcan Před 4 dny
10:00 Noel: welcome back to another episode of Thats Gross!
John Marco
John Marco Před 5 dny
12:18 papa without glasses is kind of terrifying
no u
no u Před 6 dny
joshua back at it again making collabs homoerotic
Just Some Guy with a Scarf
Just Some Guy with a Scarf Před 6 dny
Josh in his own channel: Mooo Murder Mode(MMM) Josh in cody ko's channel: Calm Chill Cow(CCC)
MD Abu Siyam
MD Abu Siyam Před 6 dny
This Cooking Show is better than anyother videos on CSposts. I SUBBED for more recipes!!
zachary pulling
zachary pulling Před 6 dny
there was a lot of gay innuendo in this LOL
Caden Clark
Caden Clark Před 6 dny
*Josh drops beer gadget* cody: "can you.. relax?" Josh: "Yes Chef"
Rada Před 7 dny
The amount of powerful raw sexual energy being emitted from these two is overwhelming.
Lily Angina
Lily Angina Před 8 dny
I got jacke paul drama Flashbacks when i saw that minion shot glass
Quesa Dilla
Quesa Dilla Před 9 dny
This looks like “mom: go play with your neighbours kid” meme, Cody being the neighbours kid
Palepuppet Před 9 dny
THE collab I didn't know I needed!
pastyginger Před 9 dny
When "this is a family-friendly channel, you know that!" cuts to: "that's gonna burn your dick off." 😂
Preston Duke
Preston Duke Před 10 dny
Whoever made that was 100% stoned
Liz Z
Liz Z Před 10 dny
Cody looks like his little brother
Delaney Grubbs
Delaney Grubbs Před 10 dny
Dude now I’m hungry
14_yr_old nibbi
14_yr_old nibbi Před 12 dny
Shouldn't he be off to the Josh fight???? what is he doing here???
Luis Před 12 dny
Luis Před 12 dny
Jochem van Els
Jochem van Els Před 13 dny
This vid lives in my mind rent free
Hannibal Kelil
Hannibal Kelil Před 13 dny
I want to know how to make half of this stuff if not all of it ☺️
ROEL. Před 14 dny
Wow, Kelsey has gotten glasses UPDATE: That Kelsey came in at 11:00 ruined my joke so hard
David Kulka
David Kulka Před 14 dny
Thats a sick beer bong
Stefan S
Stefan S Před 15 dny
You two know each other 😳
slimeboat 9
slimeboat 9 Před 15 dny
At 16:23 go crazy, 2 seemingly deferent gay lesbians reaction to a dog’s yelp, and really pay attention to their reactions, tells you everything, and don’t thank im sum big upcoming hater, just think it’s interesting
maggi romania
maggi romania Před 15 dny
alpha yo mama
alpha yo mama Před 16 dny
America ONLY
jou ma
jou ma Před 4 dny
Deep frying is portuguese
Babariochie /
Babariochie / Před 17 dny
Agent P
Agent P Před 17 dny
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Rugs Před 17 dny
Cody Trying to show strong he is when he literally just has contacts 😂
no_fun_mila x
no_fun_mila x Před 18 dny
why did i miss this
Leah Rianne Muscat
Leah Rianne Muscat Před 18 dny
no way you'd get salmonella from that chicken
Emil ._.
Emil ._. Před 18 dny
11:55 the cops are there, the meal was to fire
Phinn Austin
Phinn Austin Před 19 dny
In scotland, deep fried pizza is commonplace, it's called a pizza crunch 😂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Jazmine Quail
Jazmine Quail Před 19 dny
Am I the only one who thought “eww they didn’t clean the chicken”😂😭????
Jourdon Prince
Jourdon Prince Před 19 dny
I hate that they didn’t wash the chicken
Jourdon Prince
Jourdon Prince Před 19 dny
Where’d Cody get that shotgun tool thing tho
celena m jackson
celena m jackson Před 19 dny
Ngl the ponytail is hitting my sweet spot
Jeffrey Hodgson
Jeffrey Hodgson Před 20 dny
Aaron Torres
Aaron Torres Před 20 dny
J OP Před 20 dny
Cody with that shot gunning contraption: oh yeAH he went to Duke
Thad Anderson
Thad Anderson Před 20 dny
Ngl when he chugged the beer I instantly retracted any doubts I had about watching this video
Oscar Jørgensen
Oscar Jørgensen Před 21 dnem
What kind of beerbong is that
Will Egg
Will Egg Před 22 dny
This is just Spock with facial hair.
Alec Riley
Alec Riley Před 22 dny
Lucian Canales
Lucian Canales Před 22 dny
That intro was........ Weird
Rachel Před 22 dny
nica4life0 Před 23 dny
We need another collab! I love their energy together.
Zara Borg
Zara Borg Před 23 dny
the iconic duo we never asked for but completely delivered.
ZosoJuan Před 23 dny
Her: he's probably cheating on me Me and the boys: 7:00
Gone Před 24 dny
Black Friday special for premium upgrade @ 7:22
Mariella Ly Brito
Mariella Ly Brito Před 24 dny
They give me distant but close cousin energy
Star Puppie
Star Puppie Před 24 dny
15:26 “hoh fug it wants to come apart so bad 😩🥴”
Niko Spinella
Niko Spinella Před 25 dny
Where is Josh’s video with Cody?
HeihachiChaolan Před 26 dny
Ugly guy
lystelle Před 26 dny
why does cody look like a skinny legend in that apron like damn, he said body crazy curvy wavy
Peace Mullins
Peace Mullins Před 27 dny
That beer slam was far too impressive to me..
Siobhàn Pamplin
Siobhàn Pamplin Před 28 dny
the great thing about cody is that even though he doesn't subtitle his videos, you can always lipread because of how expressive he is
Siobhàn Pamplin
Siobhàn Pamplin Před 12 dny
@Pedro Silva i mean sure, but the automated captioning system is pretty mediocre. it can’t pick up slang words and it doesn’t deal with accents well. it’s alright for people who just need the visual aid, but for Deaf and HOH people, it’s not ideal.
Pedro Silva
Pedro Silva Před 13 dny
Closed captions are good enough.
Katherine Michailides
Katherine Michailides Před 28 dny
i love how this is called 5 minute crafts..................😂😂😂👀👀 riGhtyo
dave rumbear
dave rumbear Před 28 dny
where can I find that beer shotgunning attacthment thing? I need it!
SmokierSumo Před 28 dny
the ''im so sorry man''
butidontwantone Před měsícem
I've beeb a fan of Josh for a while now and just discovered you recently this is a match made in heaven lol
ED Před měsícem
I didn't think there would be such a height difference
Akasaka Sawayama
Akasaka Sawayama Před měsícem
Getting a spanish ad is so
Sam Hood
Sam Hood Před měsícem
Where does one acquire the chugging tool that Cody used?? Asking for myself
Freshy Jaws
Freshy Jaws Před měsícem
I was the 100k like I feel so special lol
John Před měsícem
comparing the grown ass dad amount of hair on cody's arms to the smooth hairlessness on joshs
Sanguine Law
Sanguine Law Před měsícem
Woah the chef from the DHAR MANN video is making YT cooking tutorials now? That's amazing!
Marc O'Malley
Marc O'Malley Před měsícem
16:35 the doggo hehe
Marc O'Malley
Marc O'Malley Před měsícem
Josh reminds me so much of Spock
Tait Carrillo
Tait Carrillo Před měsícem
I forget that Josh is only like 23 until he starts joking
John Pavlosky IV
John Pavlosky IV Před měsícem
yea it honestly looked pretty good. heavy, maybe something you share with someone. the truffle oil must have added another dimension.
Fräulein Pumuckl
Fräulein Pumuckl Před měsícem
They habe Brother Energy
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez Před měsícem
cant believe im just barely finding this
Jay Fran
Jay Fran Před měsícem
Lol this is so "bros in the kitchen"
Sacredgeometry Před měsícem
this is funnier than The Office
Sacredgeometry Před měsícem
Vansh Anekar
Vansh Anekar Před měsícem
Cody looks exactly like my mom in this video
Rama Před měsícem
Cody isn’t crying because he’s wearing contacts
Adam Dubravetz
Adam Dubravetz Před měsícem
I want a chug bud 🥺
Hannah Ashby
Hannah Ashby Před měsícem
I never saw the collar on Josh’s channel. Did I miss something?
Hermilious Před měsícem
I bet it tastes like a full day of working out
Lord Trevor
Lord Trevor Před měsícem
Was war das, bitte bring jmnd dem Boy trichtern bei 😪
sour chuck
sour chuck Před měsícem
The macabre airbus broadly trade because pet spontaneously exist sans a courageous adjustment. guarded, previous defense
Thomas Sully
Thomas Sully Před měsícem
13:31 I think josh had a stroke
Imperial dnb
Imperial dnb Před měsícem
Marcus H
Marcus H Před měsícem
11:47 my mans about to put the dog in the oven. I think u got the recipe wrong.
RAMPAGEGAGE Před měsícem
My life will be complete if cody ko and babish make a video
Nyctosparkle Před měsícem
Can we talk abt how badly the dog wants the pizza
Brandon Tackett
Brandon Tackett Před měsícem
How the hell is that supposed to be a five minute craft lol
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